A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 8



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Girl, do you have to be so hung up on that particular thing?! Because right now you are just making it look like you are simply paranoid when it comes to the size of your tits!

Aside from all the equipment, upon closer inspection of our surroundings we have also found six Magic Crystals lying around: One Blue Magic Crystal, one Red Magic Crystal, one Purple Magic Crystal, and the last three of them Black. Looks like the three of the members of that Party did not even defeat enough monsters for their Magic Crystals to turn Red, or perhaps they sold the other Magic Crystals they had on them and just got themselves the new ones. I placed all of the items into my Item Box, and like that, we were finally ready to leave the Boss Room behind and advance to the eighth floor. However. . . .

「You know what? It is not like there is any need for us to do it, but since this was essentially not even half of the Floor Boss battle. . . . . would either of you have something against us attempting this battle one more time, but properly this time? The three of us, fighting Pan from start to finish?」

「Personally, I do not think there are going to be any downsides to experiencing this Floor Boss battle fully. Moreover, that way we will be able to see how strong Pan really is, and getting more experienced with fighting against strong opponents is always a good thing.」

「Since I did not have the chance to properly participate in the battle against Pan this time, I would like to have another go at it as well so that I could get a hang of its attack patterns. That is, if that is okay with master as well.」

I guess it would have been better if I did not say anything, but now that I have opened my mouth, I guess I have to go through with what I said from start to finish. Ah well, we already know what the Boss’ weaknesses are, so we should be okay.

Unfortunately, the Boss Rooms are designed in such a way that once you clear them, the only way you can go is forward, not back, so after we got to the eighth floor, I used Dungeon Walker to move us back to the small room before the seventh floor’s Boss Room’s waiting room, because as much as I wanted to get us to the waiting room directly, it looks like that is impossible as well, at least with Dungeon Walker. I have a lingering suspicion that it could have been possible if I decided to use Warp to get us there, but since there is a possibility that other people might already be gathered there, it would be bad if they saw us doing something that technically should not be possible, so for our own safety, it would be better to do everything the 「normal」 way.

「Master, if I may, there is something that I would like to discuss with you.」

Roxanne pulled on my sleeve when we got out of the Dungeon Walker’s portal.

「Sure thing, Roxanne. What is it?」

It must have been something serious, because Roxanne was looking me right in the eyes with a look of stern determination on her face.

「Since Pan is a type of monster whose magic attacks can be stopped by master’s sword and its physical attacks are simplistic and easy to avoid, then. . . . would it be all right if I tried using my racial Skill during the next battle?」

By her racial Skill she must mean. . .  Beast Warrior’s 「Beast Attack」? Since you have no choice but to remain completely stationary throughout the chanting process, I guess she really did not have any chance to actually use it, since I always asked her to take position at the front of the battle so that she could focus the monsters aggro on herself with her superb dodging skills.

「Hmm, let me see. . . . Sherry, can I entrust Pan’s front to you? You should be okay since you wanted to get a hang of his attack patterns, right? Then for that next battle with it, you are going to be occupying its attention while Roxanne will be using her Skill. Once Pan starts chanting spells of its own, simply leave it to me to take care of that, okay?」

「Roger that, master. I will do my best to meet your expectations!」

Sherry exclaimed while giving me an affirmative nod. But I have to wonder. . . . . . . .  is she really going to be all right, or was she only saying that so that I would not get disappointed with her?

「Okay, that is settled then. Roxanne, as soon as you get the chance to do so, feel free to go ahead and try using your Skill.」

「Yes, thank you very much!」

Now that I have given Roxanne my permission to try her Skill, she was in such a good mood that she actually started wagging her tail left and right. Wow, she must have really been dying to try it out. And in this particular situation, there was no reason whatsoever for me to forbid her from using 「Beast Attack」. If she has that Skill available and she is sure that she will be able to use it, then allowing her to use it was hands down the only option here. Who knows, once I see how that Skill of hers actually looks, maybe it will turn out that it is going to be a good one to be used in case of emergencies or the most dire of situations? We have nothing to lose here, and if it is to be Roxanne’s trump card, then it will be better to have it tested in an actual battle that we know we can win instead of using it in desperation after being driven into a corner with no other alternatives. And since Pan is primarily using AoE magic attacks that take a good moment to fully chant, then we will not have any better chances to conduct a fully controlled test like that.

「Well then, let us be on our way.」

When we moved into the waiting room, it was conveniently empty, so with no one there to interrupt us, we went ahead and approached the door to the Boss Room, which opened on their own, inviting us to go inside.

This time, Sherry and I stood in front and Roxanne was in the back, and our plan was to surround Pan from three sides so that Sherry and I would keep on distracting it with our attacks, giving Roxanne a chance to chant her Skill and use「 Beast Attack」. Sherry was the first one to attack him with her Club from the front, while I slashed him diagonally across the back with Durandal. And since it did not look like those two attacks of ours have inflicted any kind of major damage upon it, it would seem that our assumption about Pan here on the seventh floor must have been correct: it is not so weak as to be defeated with a single blow, so that previous Party truly must have been this close to defeating it before it killed all of them. While we were busy keeping Pan off of Roxanne, she began reciting the chant for her Skill.

「As a. . . . . warrior? As a warrior of X X beasts. . . . . . . 」


「. . . . . . . . . .  unleash my X X power.」


「Mortal Blow. . . . .  Beast Attack! ! ! ! ! !」

Roxanne chanted. . . . . . . . if we can even call that a chant, the incantation for her Skill and then swung her Scimitar down on Pan. Did it work? No, no, no, of course it did not work, since the chant was so poorly done that parts of it were not even properly translated, meaning that Roxanne must have botched them horribly. Her attack still connected with the enemy, but it did not look any different from her usual attacks, so it obviously did not work, no two ways about it.

「Hmm. . . . . . . . it failed, huh? Brahim sure is a difficult language to use in the heat of battle.」

「Even if you failed now, it is still okay. What is important is for the words to be appearing in your mind on their own so that you could recite them naturally. So try one more time, but slowly, and try to speak each word loudly and clearly without worrying about the speed of your chanting. Sherry and I have you covered, so take as much time as you need!」



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