A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 19



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

All that matters with it is whether or not you have Skill Crystals and a weapon, armor or accessory with an Empty Skill Slot where that Skill Crystal can then be placed. Unfortunately, since the Misanga created by Sherry just now was made with plain ordinary Silk Thread, it meant that it did not come together with any Empty Skill Slots, not even one. In other words, no matter how hard I would have wanted it, it cannot be made into a 「Sacrificial Misanga」.

Also, is it just me, or is that myth one hell of an unfair one? I mean, what the hell man? A Master Smith who manages to create a 「Sacrificial Misanga」 is going to be a successful one and the one that does not manage to create it as their first fusion is not going to be a successful one? If that is not hellishly biased and RNG based, then I do not know what is, because it all depends on whether or not a Master Smith manages to obtain a piece of equipment with an empty Skill Slot in it or not. If he or she got lucky and got their hands on such an item, then hooray for them, they are going to be locked on a surefire express towards success according to the people and their myth. But if they did not have so much luck as to get their hands on something with Empty Skill Slots, they are going to end up the same way that Sherry did: being called a failure, a loser and being made an outcast.

However, Sherry proved that she is not a loser. Since she managed to become a Master Smith in the end, it should be enough of a proof to anyone who has ever doubted her that she is not a failure. There is absolutely no way that someone as cute as her could ever be a failure. She is and will be an amazing Master Smith, there are no doubts in my mind about that.

「It does not matter whether you are a skilled Master Smith or not. In practice that has nothing to do with the success rate of the Skill Crystal Fusion, and the same rule applies to the odds of creating a 「Sacrificial Misanga」. Your own skills have nothing to do with it, all that it boils down to is blind luck, nothing more.」

That is right. Now that I have cracked the code with how does the fusion process work, Sherry will no longer have to worry herself with the odds of her fusions succeeding or failing, because as long as she follows my guidance, all of her fusions are going to have a one hundred percent success rate. The only unknown factor we have to be concerned about is the probability of creating the equipment that is going to have Empty Skill Slots in it. If I could just figure out how to make it so that each and every one of the items created by Sherry came up with Empty Skill Slots, then that combined with her hundred percent fusion success rate would have to make her one of the best Master Smiths in the empire, id not the best, most reliable Master Smiths in the entire world.

The best Master Smith, huh? Would that not be a thing to behold: being able to stick it to the ones who mocked and ridiculed you through nothing more but your honest work and its results, unlike all those other Master Smiths out there. Maybe thinking that if they can get an item with Empty Skill Slots through fusion is a way for the Master Smiths to psyche themselves up, because thinking like that makes them think that they are among the very few ones who are better than all the others? It might also be possible that different Master Smiths might have different odds of obtaining Empty Skill Slots on the equipment that they are making, but for the time being I should not worry myself with that.

「I see. Well, this is the first piece of equipment that you have made since you officially became a Master Smith, so I am going to be wearing this Misanga with pride, Sherry.」

「Are. . . . . . . are you sure about this, master? I mean, this is just an ordinary Misanga, without any Skills or additional effects, so it is literally not going to do anything to improve your defenses.」

「Maybe, but what of it? Does that make it useless, or something that you do not want me to wear?」

「No, I. . . . . . . . . uhm, n-no, of course not. If you want to wear it even though it does nothing special, then. . . . . . .. then that makes me very happy, master. Thank you so very much.」

Sherry bowed her head down to me as if I had done something monumental or worthy of praise, while in truth I felt like I did no such thing.

Even though Sherry told me that the thing with being a skilled Master Smith having effect on your probability of successful fusion was nothing but a myth and I know it to be true. . . . . . it still makes me just a little bit curious, because the way I see it, it is kinda like with ghost stories. Even though you know that there are no ghosts and that they are not real, a part of you is still getting worried and frightened whenever you hear about them, and tells you that it would be good for you to avoid being alone near pitch-black spaces. . . . . . but instead of worrying about that, we should be focusing on two other things right now: getting more Skill Crystals for Sherry’s future fusion, and before that, pray that she is going to create a Misanga that is actually going to have an Empty Skill Slot on it. Only when that happens will the things be able to truly kick off, enabling Sherry to start turning her dream of being a legitimate Master Smith into a reality. I just hope that from now it is going to be a smooth sailing for her, and that reality is not going to make her go through any more brutal reality checks like it did with me. I would absolutely hate it to see her dreams get shattered when they are so pure and genuine.

I took the Misanga created by Sherry and wrapped it neatly around my right ankle. Just hard enough for it not to fall off when I would move around a lot, but also just light enough for it not to feel uncomfortable and then tied it with a simple butterfly knot for the ease of taking it off in the evenings or during baths. That way, replacing it if it gets damaged is going to be easy as pie, and maybe I could even add some more decorations to it whenever I felt like it.

With that matter out of our way, we could finally proceed to making dinner, which is going to be a Genghis Khan hot pot. That is right, you heard it correctly. Not just your any other ordinary hot pot, but a Genghis Khan hot pot.

A Genghis Khan hot pot without any special tare sauce to pour on it, but a Genghis Khan hot pot nonetheless.

A Genghis Khan hot pot without regular barbequed lamb meat, but with a Goat Meat obtained from our battles with Pan on the seventh floor of the Vale’s Labyrinth.

Overall, this is going to be a truly unorthodox Genghis Khan hot pot, but since this world does not have all the necessary ingredients needed in order to cook its modern-day iteration, I have no choice other than to somehow deal with this conundrum by substituting the ingredients from Earth with what we have available here.

Beginning the preparation process, I prepared a simple, disposable wooden stand and a pair of two iron plates. I placed one of the iron plates on top of the wood, put four moderately sized stones into the corners of that plate and then placed another iron plate on top of those stones, and filled the rest of the empty space between the two iron plates with charcoal. With that, my makeshift grill has been assembled. All that is left to do now is to light up the charcoal with a little bit of fire (I would not dare to use Fireball for it in fear of burning down the entire kitchen) and I slowly grilled all of the Goat Meat and selected vegetables on the upper plate until the meat was dripping juices and the vegetables were getting soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.



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