A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 8



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However, even though I managed to kill every last one of the Needlewoods, including the one who casted the spell that hit me, the water from its Water Ball did not disappear. Back on the second floor of the Vale Labyrinth, when I got hit wit the 「Thread Spit」 Skill of the Green Caterpillar, the thread itself disappeared when the monster that used it got defeated, but this time the water from the Needlewood’s Water Ball attack did not disappear, so that goes to show that my hypothesis that I came up with when testing Water Wall spell for the first time: since water from the Water Magic is just that, an ordinary water, it does not disappear when the caster of the spell is slain, hence why the water from Water Ball remained on me right now. Also, I mentioned that I was soaked from top to bottom, right? Right. So, because of that it kinda looked as if I had just pissed my pants, so I really hope that we are not going to run into any other Explorers or Adventurers in the near future. Thankfully the natural light in the Labyrinths is pretty dim, so that is my only salvation here: even if we did happen upon someone, I should be fine just as long as I do not come too close to them and they are not going to notice my soaked clothing.

Luckily for me, we did not run into any other people, most likely due to how early it still was outside, and all of my clothes managed to dry up before we started to backtrack towards the safe room to leave the Labyrinth (with just a little help from my Fire Magic). Before using Warp to crate a portal for us, I had Roxanne and Sherry pass all of the equipment and Magic Crystals to me.

The Magic Crystals are going to be worth a lot of money, so I would never risk doing something as irresponsible as leaving them in my backpack where they could easily get stolen, so I placed them in the Item Box along with the rest of the equipment that the girls handed off to me.

「It looks like my clothes have finally managed to dry for real. Good. Walking around in wet pants for much longer would have been straight up unbearable.」

「The phenomena caused by magical power seem to disappear whenever the source of the magic power that created them in the first place disappear as well. That is the common belief, but it is not entirely true, because even if the magical power disappears, the things created by it will not disappear completely. For example, the bodies of monsters in the Labyrinth come to life due to its magical power, but when they die they leave their Drop Items behind because a part of them is not made entirely of magical power alone, but with the materials gained from the material world as well.」

Sherry explained to me, but to be honest, I do not really understand it.

「Hmm. . . . . . . . . . . . . 」

「Ah. . . . . . . . . . !」

Sherry let out a silent scream as she saw me as I was about to place one of the Magic Crystals into the Item Box.

「What is it, Sherry? Is something wrong?」

「Oh, i-it is nothing serious, it is just that I was surprised at master’s Magic Crystal. Did it already change its color from Purple Magic Crystal to Blue Magic Crystal?!」

So that is what that was about? Sherry was surprised at how fast my Magic Crystals changed their colors, but to me it was nothing to be excited about, since I have already gotten used to the speed of their magic power accumulation increased by my 「Crystal Acceleration」Bonus Skill. And since my Purple Magic Crystal has turned into Blue Magic Crystal, then it must mean that it has accumulated more than one thousand units of magical power.

「Here, master, I have the purple one.」

Roxanne hands over the Purple Magic Crystal to me. This is the one that I used for the purpose of testing quite a while ago and gave it to Roxanne afterwards. So she has been using it ever since then, and now it has turned purple, huh? As for the Magic Crystal that I have given to Sherry, it has already tuned into Red Magic Crystal.

「Huh? Did we not have one Purple Magic Crystal and two Black Magic Crystals before? Then, how could this be that they have changed colors so fast?」

「R-Right? Sometimes I wonder about that myself, actually. . . . .」

「When it comes to master, things like that tend to happen around him all the time, so it would be best if you just accept it.」

Ooooh, what a nice follow-up, Roxanne!

Sherry still looked as if she was a little suspicious of that answer, but thankfully she did not look at me with those cold eyes of hers that I dislike so much.

After going back home from the Labyrinth and eating breakfast, our next stop was the Imperial City.

「Haaaa. . . . . . . . . . . . . ! So this is the Imperial City?! It is even bigger than what I have imagined!」

When we left the walls of the Adventurer’s Guild’s building and got out onto the streets of the Imperial City, Sherry was looking around at all of the buildings that surrounded us, clearly unable to hide her ever rising excitement. Yeah, when I came here for the first time I was amazed at how big the city and all of its buildings were as well, especially since no one warned me what I should be expecting, so I made sure not to tell anything to Sherry either, because I wanted her to have a similar surprise, and now I can see that my decision has definitely paid off.

「Is this your first time visiting the Imperial City, Sherry?」

I asked her while we were walking down the street.

「Yes, it is!」

I thought as much. Since she said that she originally hailed from a Dwarven village I had her figured for a country bumpkin, and now she has only confirmed it with her words.

「Well, when Roxanne and I came here for the first time our reactions were more or less the same, so we definitely can understand how you are feeling.」

「Yes, seeing the capital in all its grandeur was definitely quite a shock.」

Roxanne nodded vigorously when she turned her face back towards me and Sherry.

「But if we do not have any particular business to attend to here, there is not really any reason for us to be coming here, so we usually tend to stay in the vicinity of Quratar with the occasional trips to the town of Vale.」

「Is that so?」

I never actually thought about it before, but it would seem that this world does not have a developed tourism industry just yet, and people look like they are not at all interested in visiting new places or travelling to the lands that they have never seen before. Most of the common people would have probably never came to visit the Imperial City just to have a ganger at the sights it has to offer, only coming here if they had some business to attend to here, just like Roxanne said. It is an entirely different story when you are an Adventurer who has access to the 「Field Walker」Skill. They can go pretty much everywhere in the world they want, provided that they have been to that place before at least once and they have enough MP to last them throughout the entire journey from one teleportation portal to the next.

However. . . , . . . . . . .

Ordinary people do not have access to 「Field Walker」so if they want to go anywhere, they have to do so through the conventional means of transportation. But if that is the case, then does that mean that the commoners to not have the adventurous spirits at all?

「. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  I used to want to come here in the past, but I never got the chance to do so.」

Sherry muttered that in a small, barely audible voice.

「Hm? I am sorry, what was that? I did not hear you all that well.」

「Oh, n-no, it is nothing. Do not worry about it, master.」



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