A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 1



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

『Player Name: Kaga Michio』

『Current Character Levels & Equipment』:


Explorer Lv.35

Hero Lv.33

Mage Lv.35

Monk Lv.34

Alchemist Lv.19



Leather Helmet

Leather Armor

Leather Gloves

Leather shoes

「Okay, here I go!」

Sherry declared that readily while swinging her Club around. She is the newest Party Member who joined the ranks of my Party after I bought her as a slave recently. She is short, petite and very pretty, but not because she is a child. That is because she is a member of the Dwarf race, and while they may not be a race with the most imposing stature, Dwarves are one of the races that is considered to be the strongest as far as pure physical strength is concerned.

Now that a considerable amount of time has passed since I first arrived in this strange world that seems to be based off on a game that I wanted to start playing as an alternative method to killing myself when I did not want to live anymore, but somehow, for God only knows what reason, when I finished the registration and created my character, I somehow ended up being physically transported here instead.

Now that I got more or less used to living in this world and adventuring in its Labyrinths, which can be said to be this world’s equivalent of dungeons in your typical RPG game, I decided that aside form my first slave, Roxanne, who is a member of a Wolfkin race, I would definitely need to bolster our ranks with yet another member of our Party, the one who would be specialized at fighting so that she and Roxanne could handle fighting on the frontlines while I would support them from the back with my magic, since now that we were about to begin exploring the eighth floor of the Labyrinths, the number of monsters that we would have to fight at once should jump up to four, and I was dreading that fact, which is why before we got Sherry I tried to delay the moment of advancement to the eighth floor as much as possible. But of course, fighting is not the only thing that Sherry is helping me out with. Aside from being useful as a frontline fighter in the Labyrinths, she is also useful to me in many ways other than combat. Yeah…. Many, many things.

Right now, we are in one of the Labyrinths where Sherry kept on practicing one of her newly-learned skills: striking two or more monsters at once with her Club, which most of the Dwarves tend to be using as a form of crowd control, and I have to say… she is getting better and better at it. She swung her Club towards the two monsters that were charging towards her from the front, and with just a little twist of her body she ended up sending both of them flying into the Labyrinth’s walls to her left with ease, after which she proceeded into attacking the third monster that Roxanne was fighting with, and they promptly dispatched it after Sherry staggered it and Roxanne dealt the finishing blow with her Scimitar, and when that enemy was done with, she moved to face the last Collagen Coral of the bunch. It tried to jump at her and smack her with it long, hardened limbs, but she easily evaded that attack by twisting her body to the side and then delivering a quick slashing counterattack with her weapon, leaving it wide open, and that was my cue to jump in with my magic, and so I did, I unleashed my 「Fire Storm」 spell, and the sparks of fire that it created appeared all around it and then exploded, burning that Collagen Coral to death, and exactly the same fate befallen the two Naïve Olives, the two enemies that were blown away by Sherry’s earlier strike and who now tried to jump back into the battle after recovering from being made a part of the wall. And just like that, all of the enemies that engaged us in battle have been swiftly dispatched.

「All right girls, the battle is over.」

We then collected the Drop Items left by all of the monsters, placed them all inside of my Item Box and then opted for taking a short break, just to catch our breathes after the recent skirmish.

I can fight. We can fight.

I was worried about how our excursions to the eighth floor were going to go now that the number of enemies that we would have to fight simultaneously would increase to four at once, but now that Sherry joined us and we took the time earlier on the lower floors to see how she would fare in battle so that we could adjust our own fighting styles to her, it actually turns out that we can fight the groups of up to four monsters without any major difficulties.

Now, mind you, fighting four enemies at once is not as easy as fighting just two or three of them at once, but now that there are three of us instead of just me and Roxanne it is definitely more doable than it could have been before, and it is a much better setup for myself, because ever since Sherry started fighting alongside Roxanne in the vanguard, I could just stay in the safety of the backlines from which I could focus on attacking our enemies with magic without the risk of suffering any major injuries myself. Compared to the early days of my adventuring in the Labyrinths, such a setup is a much more preferable on my part, and now that I have experienced how much easier it is to go trekking through the Labyrinths with three people, it makes me wonder why did I not thought about adding more members to my Party sooner…………

No, you know what, I know why I did not do that sooner. It was probably because up until recently I was still somewhat anxious about this new and strange world that I have found myself in and whether or not I will be able to fit in here and get my bearings enough to actually be able to live a decent enough life while earning enough money in the Labyrinths to provide food, clothing and a place to stay not only for myself, but also for my slaves, but now… now I think that I probably managed to get just a little bit used to my new life and responsibilities that come with it, or at least to an extent where I could say that I have calmed down enough not to be scared shitless by everything and everyone around me, especially when it comes to the battles in the Labyrinth. Heh, it is truly surprising what just a little bit of confidence coming from having reliable Party Members at your side at all times can do to improve your overall mood and well-being.

Now that we were done with our usual bit of exploration and killing monsters in order to obtain Drop Items from them, it was high time to leave the Labyrinth so that we could sell all of the spoils that we have obtained in the Quratar Adventurers Guild building. For the time being, this is the primary method in which we are obtaining the money with which we are paying for pretty much all of our basic expenses, such as food and clothing. Well, I realize that this is not the best thing to be considered as my 「day job」 in this world since it is, all things considered, a pretty dangerous one in which all that it takes to be unable to do it for an extended period of time is just one serious injury, but if an injury like that were to happen to me and prevent me from going to the Labyrinths together with Sherry and Roxanne, that would be pretty bad, disastrous even, since my magic and my Holy Sword Durandal are the two things that make the exploration of the Labyrinths and fighting against the monsters inside of them a relatively easy endeavor and without them Sherry and Roxanne would have probably had a much harder time with defeating enough enemies to be earning nice sums of money in a consistent manner, so as you can see , be being here with them at all times is absolutely essential for the sake of our financial stability. I mean, it would be pretty swell if there was a job that could allow me to earn large sums of money without the risk of getting myself injured and/or dead all the time, but if a job like that really existed, then having it would be a great deal of luxury to me. However, for now, it all remained in the area of nothing but my own wishful thinking.



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    Thank you for translating this., I enjoy the series. Sometimes it is hard to read with the spelling mistakes, such as ‘bale’ instead of ‘table’ or ‘on’ instead of ‘in’ or ‘of’. Still better to read a sentence or paragraph again than not have it.

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