A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 4



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

And to be completely honest with you, as long as I know that my identity is not going to be questioned or that I am not going to be subjected to any form of extensive screening on their part, then I do not have any reasons to care about such racial conflicts. And besides, I am sure that there are actually not that many Elves living in the Duchy of Hartz, and that is why going there should be fine for me, even though I am a Human, even more so since the identity of the person that is going to be delivering the supplies is not going to be relevant just as long as they get the job done. It might have been altogether different if there was actually a lot of Elves living in the Duchy of Hartz, Elves that would definitely be antagonistic towards Humans. If that was the case and accepting the quest under such conditions meant that I would be willing placing myself in danger, I would have turned the offer down instantly because I am not that crazy, but as long as they are not going to be checking my identity and there is not going to be a lot of them…… then I think it should actually be okay for me to participate in that quest after all, even more so since my 「Warp」 is basically like an upgraded version of 「Field Walker」 which should make the delivery of the supplies even easier. Now, even though this lady is saying that no one should care about my identity as long as I will deliver the goods to them, there is always a tiny sliver of a chance that someone might actually want to see my Intelligence Card, but if I play my cards right, then it might be possible for me to just use 「Warp」 to jump in with the goods, leave them with the villagers and citizens in need and then get the hell out of there before anyone even managed to ask me to identify myself. Now that is an example of some great thinking on my part: you cannot have problems related to showing your Intelligence Card to others if you do not show your Intelligence Card to others in the first place! Besides, since this relief supplies delivery is such an urgent, last minute commissioned quest, I might end up being noticed for all the wrong reasons if I will straight-up decline it, so I think that I will be taking it after all, just to make sure that Quratar’s Adventurer’s Guild is not going to add me to some kind of blacklist.

「I understand. I will be taking on this quest then. So how should I proceed with it, exactly?」

「That is wonderful to hear, sir. As for the instructions on how to proceed with this quest, I would like you to come here to the Adventurer’s Guild building tomorrow morning. Oh, you do not have to arrive at dawn. As long as you report yourself here sometime after the usual breakfast hour, it should all be fine, and I would also recommend you to get plenty of rest today, because we would need all of the participating Adventurers to be at their best condition for this quest. The personnel required to carry all of the supplies is going to be provided by the Duchy of Hartz, and it is not required for all of your Party Members to come along with you, since according to the Guild’s recommendation, a single Adventurer should be more then enough to fulfill this task. Also, make sure that there is more than enough space available in your Item Box just in case.」

「Now, when you say 「more than enough space available in your Item Box」, just how much space are we talking about?」

I asked in order to have a clean picture of what I was getting myself into.

「Ideally, it would be best if you had enough space available in it to carry around a thousand items. If you set out in the early morning, then it is estimated that you should be able to finish the delivery process around the evening of the same day.」

Enough space to carry over a thousand items, huh? If that is the case, then it is more than likely that the Item Box capacity from just my Explorer Job alone might not be enough, meaning that I would also have to use the Cook Job, since it also has the 「Item Box Operation」 Skill available to it. At times like these, I really am glad that I have the ability to set multiple Jobs at once for myself, because if I just had to contend with a single Job, then I would definitely not have nearly enough space available to me in my Explorer Item Box.

Ahh well, as inconvenient as it will be to change the order of my set Jobs that has been working so well for me all this time, it is something that I will just have to do while sucking it up, because if it means a difference between being able to take on this quest and not being able to take on this quest, the I am definitely going to chose the option that is going to allow me to do it. Not to mention that when it comes to the mental aspect of helping people, doing it is not going to be weighting on my psyche at all in comparison to the situation in which I would refuse to help them and it would not allow me to sleep at night due to guilt and constant worrying about the repercussions of my dastardly deed.

Now that I finished talking to the receptionist lady and knew what I had to do to proceed with the quest tomorrow, all that was left for us to do was to go back home so we could have dinner while making plans at the same time.

「Just like I told the lady at the reception desk, I am going to go along with her request and deliver those supplies tomorrow. Since it looks like it is going to be a pretty big deal, then I suggest that we should take a break from going to Quratar’s Labyrinth early in the morning so that I could prepare everything that I am going to need. As for the two of you, feel free to spend that day however you like. Is there anything that you would like to do tomorrow since it is going to be your day off, Roxanne?」

「A day off, you say? Are we really allowed to have something like that, master?」

「That is exactly what I said, and since I said so, then that is what I want you to do.」

「Thank you very much for your kindness in giving us this opportunity. You were asking if there was anything that I wanted to do, right? Well…….. uhm……..」

Roxanne looked like she was thinking about the answer that she wanted to give me really, really hard. I just hope that coming up with one is not going to take her forever and a half. And since it might take her that long, I might just ask the same question to Sherry in the meantime.

「How about you, Sherry? Were you not saying that you would like to go to the Library in the Imperial City someday if you had the chance?」

「Eh? I, well. . . . I most certainly did, but…….. but what about the money?」

「You do not have to worry about that. I am going to pay both your admission fee and the deposit fee.」

「Really? You are going to do this much. . . . . . . . for me?」

She asked with a voice filled with anxiety. If I remember our earlier talk about the library in the Imperial City correctly, then the entrance fee and the deposit fee cost one gold coin each, right? Yeah, that sounds just about right. A gold coin just for the ability to enter the library and browse the books inside is actually quite a lot for something that would be pretty cheap back in my old world, but I guess that this is just how they are rolling here. The percentage of people who can read properly is pretty low and the books themselves are a pretty valuable resource, so making people pay two gold coins in total must be the library’s way of making sure that not a single book from their precious collection is going to get damaged by accident, which is actually quite a clever strategy now that I think about it.

「As long as the deposit fee is going to be returned properly, I see no problems with allowing you to go there.」



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