A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 5



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

「Ah…… y-yes, of course! Thank you very much, master!」

Sherry bowed her head and thanked me with an elated voice, even though personally I do not think that I have done anything that I should be thanked for, since I only spoke my honest mind about approving of her desire to go to the library, and I did that because she said herself that she wanted to go there and because I knew that providing her with such an opportunity would definitely make her happy. Now, I only regret that I will not be able to go there together with her like I promised, but as long as she gets to go and fulfill another one from a series of lifelong dreams of hers, then I will be well and truly glad.

「Roxanne, have you made up your mind yet? If not, then do not worry about it, since it is nothing urgent or something that requires you giving me an immediate answer. Just think about I carefully and decide about it even tomorrow after I will depart to do the quest. And really, whatever it is that you would want to do, I am going to be fine with it.」

「Ah, yes, master. Just like Sherry, I also want to be as useful to you as I can and as fast as possible, so I think that tomorrow I will go to the Labyrinth and do some training on my own……. If that is okay with you of course.」

「No, no, no, there is no need for you to be going that far, Roxanne. Really, I mean it. You are already plenty useful to me when it comes to battling monsters in the Labyrinths, so if at all possible then I would like you to have a little break from our usual routine, okay?」

「Yes. Thank you for your kind words, master.」

「No problem. Now, I realize that this might be a pretty tall order, especially while coming from me, but I would like you to just take tomorrow as an opportunity to relax and not do anything dangerous, okay?」

I know that Roxanne is always serious and that she always wants to be as useful to me as possible, but really, going into the Labyrinth on her own just so that she could do a little bit more of training that would not be nearly as effective without me and my Bonus Skills around as it possibly could have been is just her taking things way too seriously than she needs to. Whenever I am with her and Sherry as our Party’s leader, all of the members of my Party receive up to twenty times more EXP than they would normally be getting not to mention that it would be a height of stupidity if she tried to advance into the higher floors by herself. She has her godly dodging abilities and is definitely capable of holding her own in a battle with multiple enemies at once, but something like that would have been too tall of an order, even for someone like her, and I would have never forgiven myself if she did ended up going to the Labyrinth alone only to jump head-first into some kinda sticky situation that would result in her getting seriously hurt.

「Is that so? Well, if that is what master wishes for me, then I will comply with your wish and refrain from going to the Labyrinth to train myself. Instead, I am probably going to be staying here at home to do some cleaning that I would normally not have any chances of doing.」

「Yeah, that sounds like a much better idea, so do be sure to do just that…… oh yeah! While you are at it, then how about I leave you some money so that you could go do some shopping?」

If there is one thing that I have now learned to perceive as a unchangeable constant, then it would have to be the fact that Roxanne loves shopping and she would never miss any opportunity to do some more of it, so she is definitely going to enjoy herself tomorrow if she does that, even more so when I will give them some of mine to be spent however they see fit.

「You are going to leave us money, master? So it is going to be our allowance, or something like a pocket change?」

「Sherry, do correct me if I am wrong, but how much was the library admission fee costing? Is five silver coins going to be enough for it?」

「Yes, definitely! Last time when I checked, the admission fee was around one hundred Nars.」

「Okay, good. In that case, each one of you is going to receive five hundred Nars from me tomorrow, and you are free to spend all of them on whatever you might possibly want.」

In total, Sherry and Roxanne’s allowance tomorrow is going to be ten silver coins. Ten coins. At first glance it does not seem to be much, however, it is, in fact, quite a lot, and if the luck will be on the girl’s side, then perhaps this situation with the flooding of the Duchy of Hartz is going to have an impact on the prices on the market being a little bit better than usual? That would certainly be nice for my wallet, especially since it was not that long ago since I purchased a specialist slave like Sherry, and while I did manage to negotiate quite a drop in price for her, t would still be nice to get back the entirety of the sum that I spent on her as soon as possible and the start making more money in the Labyrinths from the Drop Items, because it never hurts to have more money on you, especially when some unforeseen expenses with come our way.

「A-Are you really sure about that, master? We are your slaves, after all, so there really is no need for you to be going to such lengths just to cater to our selfish desires……」

「I know that. I am perfectly aware of that fact…. But I still want to do it anyway. Besides, your desires are definitely not selfish, Roxanne. You have been doing such a good job ever since we met each other, so you definitely deserve a chance to just wind down and spread your wings for a little bit, do you not think?」

「Thank you, master.」

I think that five silver coins for Sherry and five silver coins for Roxanne is a reasonable amount of money to give them. If I gave them any more than that they would probably not know what to do with it, and if I gave them any less than that, then it is entirely possible that they would not have enough money to buy the things she wanted, but with the amount that I am going to give them, it will be possible for them to buy themselves either something more pricey, or a smaller amount of cheaper things, depending on what would strike their fancy at any given moment, so I believe that this is going to be the best decision possible that is not going to be too big of a blow to my financial situation.

That night, Sherry and Roxanne were talking to one another way into the late-night hours until they have fallen asleep before they could realize it. All that time, their eyes have been sparkling like diamonds, which means that they must have been pretty excited for tomorrow. Heh, good for them. Seeing them all happy like that makes me happy for them as well.

In the morning, as per the usual, I have been awakened by Roxanne’s sweet kiss, and I made sure to enjoy every last centimeter of her soft lips and warm, slimy tongue.

「Good morning, Roxanne. I see you are as much of an early bird as always, huh?」

「Yes, good morning to you as well, master. I always have to make sure to wake up earlier than you, because waking you up with a kiss is the most important part of my duties as your slave.」

The most important part of her duties as my slave she says? I would argue that having sex with me and helping me out in the Labyrinths are more important than a wake-up kiss, but as long as that is what Roxanne herself seems to be firmly believing, then who am I to try and correct her world view, especially since it is not an entirely wrong one? Yeah, exactly, so there is nothing for me to feel bad about, not at all, especially since Sherry soon followed Roxanne’s example and also gave me a good morning kiss when she woke up.



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