A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 7



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

I received the cloak from Roxanne and handed her the key to our house instead.

「All right then. I guess I will be heading out now.」

「Have a safe trip, master. And make sure that you will come back to us safe and sound.」

「Sure, I promise.」

After donning the cloak, I opened up a portal on the wall with 「Warp」 and moved to the Imperial City’s Adventurer’s Guild together with Sherry. While there, we asked for the directions to the Imperial City Library and then we were on our way.

「Ohhhhh…… talk about impressive.」

「I know, right?! It is amazing!」

The Imperial City Library was a chalk-white building made out of marble, or at least something that very closely resembled it. It was quite large, and also elegant, a very fine architectural achievement. Just from looking at it I could tell that it definitely deserves the reputation that it has among the people, and I am sure that the inside of it has to be every bit as majestic as the outside is.

「Oh yes Sherry, I can definitely agree with you. This is one hell of an amazing building.」

I agreed with Sherry, who was looking at the library building with pure admiration sparkling in her eyes which became so round that I was beginning to be afraid that they might just pop out of her head if she keeps that up. If I were to draw any comparisons between this building right here and what we had back in Japan, then I guess the closest thing to it that comes to mind would be those neat-looking public facility buildings that were being built by the local governments during the era of bubble economy. But I guess that is the least that we could expect from a public building like that. After all, we are in the Imperial City, that is to say, the capital of the entire empire, so I guess it stands to reason that the ruler of the empire would want each and every building that is meant to be used by the general public to properly convey the grandeur and capabilities of the city’s rulers. That being said, I could not help but to feel a little bit overwhelmed when looking at it, most likely because I have always found such grand buildings and structures to be difficult to be around, because they always made me feel even smaller than I already thought myself to be.

While not letting any of these emotions show on my face so that I would not worry Sherry to much, we went forward and entered the library building proper, and so we found ourselves in what looked to be a large lobby, and one of the first things that we saw were the portals on the walls out of which the people who looked like Adventurers were coming and going back and forth, so apparently this library is also one of the places where you could travel to by using 「Field Walker」, and that might be a fact well worth remembering. In the back of this lobby, there was what looked like a reception desk, and beyond it was something that might have looked like a reading room, but from this distance it was too hard to say for sure so I cannot be absolutely certain. But if there was ever a place where admission fees would be collected, then this would definitely be that place. And that means that this will also be the place where we will most likely part ways for the rest of the day, so I took out one gold coin and five silver coins and handed them off to Sherry.

「Here you go, Sherry, the money for the deposit and your allowance for today.」

「Thank you very much, master.」

「I will be coming to pick you up sometime around the evening, so feel free to spend your time until then however you want. When the sun is going to be setting, just make sure to be around here somewhere and I will be sure to find you, or if you do not feel like it, just wait for me over there.」

I said, pointing towards the reading room. The Imperial City is located to the east just like Quratar, so when it will be sunset in Quratar, then I would know that it is also sunset in the Imperial City as well.

「Yes, that is going to be the best possible thing to do. I understand, master.」

Sherry confirmed that she is going to be waiting for me in the reading room by the time it is going to be sunset, and then she saw me off all the way to the proper entrance to the library, where she paid the money for both the entrance and the deposit, and after observing as she went inside, I then left the Library by means of the warp portal which I used to go straight to the Adventurer’s Guild in Quratar.

When it comes to the procedure of delivering the relief supplies, I cannot really say that there was too much trouble with it. Like really, nothing particular happened.

First thing’s first, all of the Adventurers who have been hired to take part in this commissioned quest have been told to gather in the town of Bode, which was the center of the Duchy of Hartz. After being taken to the castle where we have been filled in on the situation about the flood and the damage that it has caused by the Duke of Hartz’s officials themselves, it was our job to travel to the surrounding villages and deliver the supplies that we have brought in with us after being guided by the Knights and other Adventurers prepared by the Duke specifically for this occasion. And so, while forming small teams consisting of us, the Adventurers from Quratar, Adventurers from the Hartz region and the Knights from the Knight Order of the Hartz Duchy, we were travelling back and forth between Bode and the villages. Honestly, this commission turned out to be much more boring than I have initially anticipated, because truth to be told, us Adventurers from Quratar really did not have all that much to do, because all of the supplies and personnel have been properly prepared by the Duke of Hartz, and there was not a single monster attacks that would happen while we were on the way to the villages, so there was no need at all for any of us to play bodyguards to the Duke’s men, because as it turned out, most of the way between villages and Bode was traversed by using 「Field Walker」, or in my case 「Warp」. So as you can see, this job turned out to be an overall easy one. In the end, I did not even need to make use of the cloak that I took with me in case of the rain continuing to fall like mad, because all of the deliveries have been conducted in accordance to one and the same scenario: grab the supplies, use 「Field Walker」 inside of Bode’s castle to open up a portal leading up to the houses of the village chief’s or the residences of the town mayors, leave the supplies there, go back through the portal, rinse and repeat. As for the amount of supplies that we had to carry, the emergency rations, which turned out to be Rabbit Meat, could be taken in our Item Boxes so that we could transport large amounts of it at once, but as for the rest, due to the restrictions on 「Field Walker」 regarding the amount and size of what can be brought through the portals, each person could only take as much as a small baggage bag would have, and that is why we had to move in groups, so that we could still take a large number of supplies with us even, thus circumventing the restrictions in at least some way. Because of that, it also went against my expectations in such a sense that before we came to Bode, I thought that the Duke and his people are going to want to be done with the supplies deliveries as soon as possible, and because of that they would force us to carry as much as we possibly could carry all at once, but instead of that, they have opted for the other option: carrying less items at once and making more frequent trips, but considering that our working conditions were as safe as they could possibly be, none of us really had anything against that, because it was certainly better than the alternative of being like that proverbial workhorse, carrying so much that our backs would soon break and our legs would give out under our own weight.



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