A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 1



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CHAPTER 22: Abstinence Attack

『Player Name: Kaga Michio』

『Current Character Levels & Equipment』:


Explorer Lv.35

Hero Lv.33

Mage Lv.35

Monk Lv.35

Cook Lv.6



Leather Helmet

Leather Armor

Leather Gloves

Leather shoes

When Sherry was added to my Party as the second slave and the third Party Member, it resulted in not only the bolstering of our ranks and our effective battle power, but also in me obtaining a new Job after the first night where I had a threesome sex with Roxanne and Sherry one right after the other.

Yes, I am talking about a Sex Maniac Job of course, the Job that is seemingly exclusive to Humans, who are said to be the race with the highest sex drive out of all the races that inhabit the world of this game. And I think that now would be a good time for me to verify that Job and how it and its Skills fares in general combat in the Labyrinths. But how exactly would I go about verifying it, you ask? The method of verification is going to be very simple, and essentially the same as with all the other things that I have been trying out during my many experiments with other Jobs and their Skills so far.

The first Skill granted to me by the Sex Maniac Job is 「Enhanced Vigor」, which is essentially a very fancy and roundabout name for a Skill that increases your sexual stamina, so in order to see exactly how this work and what are its exact, measured, benefits, I would have to get freaky with Roxanne and Sherry of course, to the point where I could actually feel myself getting legitimately tired.

First off, I tried doing it with Roxanne and Sherry at the same time without equipping Sex Maniac Job and going as hard as I could on them. Then after finishing them off once in such a manner, I would take a quick break to equip Sex Maniac as my First Job, and I would go and repeat the process of doing it with them again, but this time under changed conditions. You might think that I am doing that simply to have an excuse to have as much sex with them as I want, but I assure you, it is not about that. Yup, not in the slightest. Definitely, positively that is not my main aim here. Verification, just verification. In total, I enjoyed four sessions of intense Skill verification while taking my work extremely seriously, ensuring that there will be no cut corners or shortcuts on my part.

And what was the result of my extensive testing?

That both Sherry and Roxanne were extremely delicious, and I would not mind gobbling them up all the time if only I could.

No, I am kidding. That is not the only thing that I was focusing on the entire time, seriously. In fact when the fourth round of testing was over, I still felt like I could go on for yet another round, so that definitely means that my 「Vigor」 must have been increased even further, but other than that, I cannot really say that I was able to notice any kind of other significant differences between the time when I had Sex Maniac equipped and when I did not have it equipped, and as a result of that, I do not know exactly what the effect of 「Enhanced Vigor」 is supposed to be outside of increasing my sexual stamina. Maybe that is really all that it is supposed to be doing, and I am just the one who is thinking more about it than I should be thinking? Or maybe it is because that I still have plenty of energy left, so I do not know what my actual limit of it is?

In this case, should this verification be considered a failure? Or maybe I should not be so fast to label it as such because this is only the first day of testing? Whatever the case may be, it is more than abundantly clear that the verification process needs to continue so that I could explore the nuances of Sex Maniac’s Skill in even greater detail.

But come to think of it now, I cannot say that I have ever truly reached my limit, be it with or without Sex Maniac being equipped, so if I want to confirm the exact extent to which 「Enhanced Vigor」 is working on me, then maybe I should conduct the testing in a following manner: challenge myself by going to my utmost limits without Sex Maniac equipped and then do the same thing but while having Sex Maniac equipped? Yes, I think that would certainly be better for me right now, but at the current moment something is telling me that going so far just so that I could verify the effects of a single Skill…. Or rather, I think that if I would try going to my utmost limit, then I would just end up breaking myself without really intending to.

After everything that we have done today, Roxanne and Sherry have fallen fast asleep without even talking to one another, but honestly, I cannot say that I really blame them for it. After all, so much sex in such a short time must have been quite tiresome for them, since they do not have their sexual stamina enhanced in the way that I do. In that regard, I have to admit that Sex Maniac is a really useful Job, but this is also another thing that is going to make it quite difficult to measure the effects of 「Enhanced Vigor」: just because I can go on without stopping or feeling tired for prolonged periods of time, it definitely does not mean that my partners can actually do the same.

The next morning, I woke up while hugging onto Roxanne, as per my usual morning routine. And even though I have fallen asleep with the Sex Maniac Job still equipped as my First Job, it looks like I did not end up shooting any wasted bullets, if you know what I mean. Anyway, as usual, seeing Roxanne as the first thing that would be right before my eyes from the moment that I first opened my eyes in the morning always sets my heart at ease and makes me feel all warm and bubbly inside. I am well and truly relieved to have someone like her as my slave.

Man, if only I could, then I definitely would have stared at her beautiful body for hours without stopping, and the sensation of being embraced by her beautiful limbs and having her perfect tits pressing against my own body is an experience that I can never get enough of ever since I have experienced it for the first time, and a mere sight of this impossibly perfect body of hers is making me feel like I want to drown her in the entirety of my desire….

Haaa….. haaaaa….. haaaa….

No, no, no, no, no. What the hell do you think you are doing, Michio? What are you thinking the first thing in the morning? You cannot allow your perverted desires to take control over you. You have to demonstrate to everyone else around you, but mostly to yourself, that you have a will of absolute iron that can withstand such temptations, no matter how inviting they might seem. And that is because aside from testing the limitations of 「Enhanced Vigor」, you are going to have one other, very important Job to do, and that Job is to test the other Skill Granted to you by the Sex Maniac Job: 「Abstinence Attack」.

Just as the name implies, 「Abstinence Attack」, which is an Active Skill of the Sex Maniac Job is an offensive Skill that is becoming more and more powerful the more its user refrains from engaging in any kind of sexual acts. If the abstinence period is ten days or longer, then supposedly this Skill can become so powerful that it would make it possible to kill even Floor Bosses with ease, clapping their cheeks with a single attack or something extremely close to it.

Naturally, there is no way in hell that someone like me, a possessor of two beautiful female slaves who are ready and willing to do it with me whenever I am going to ask them to would be able to survive ten whole days without sex. Hell, I think that lasing only three days without it would have been out of the question for me. But then… what about if it was not ten or three days, but half a day instead? I wonder how high the damage of 「Abstinence Attack」 would have been then.



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