A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 15



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「That is some good thinking, Miss Roxanne, but unfortunately it is not that simple. You see, Palmasque is located so far away from the Empire that it is actually impossible to go there directly from within the Empire’s borders, and that is exactly why the prices of not only glass mirrors, but also everything that is being made there are so expensive.」

「I see. That certainly makes sense.」

Roxanne nodded her head when Sherry pointed that fact out to her. And honestly, I was expecting something along those lines as well. If Adventurers could go pretty much anywhere without any kind of restrictions by using their 「Field Walker」 Skill, then the price of any local specialties or imported goods would not be so high because of the relative ease of obtaining them. Large objects aside, things such as hand mirrors or even medium sized stand mirrors can be carried with you while using 「Field Walker」 without any issues, so if you could continuously travel between Palmasque and the Empire in order to buy their products at a cheaper price only to then sell it in the Empire for a small fortune under the guise of having to 「set the price so high in order to cover the costs of the transport」 than that would have been an almost cheat-level way to making a quick profit and easy money.

But since Sherry said that Palmasque is located quite far away from the empire, it probably means that the distance is so great that Adventurers cannot go there by using their 「Field Walker」, then it probably means that not even my 「Warp」 would be enough to get me there, and I do not even want to think about how much of my MP such a journey would sap away, or would I even have enough of it to make such a journey, because the last thing that I would have wanted for myself would be to end up thrown into some God-forsaken shithole or in the middle of the ocean or whatever simply because I had ran out of MP halfway across the process of warping.

「Master, would it really be impossible for you to go directly to Palmasque? You are so amazing and can do so many amazing things that is should be easy for you, right?」

Roxanne, it makes me immensely happy to see that you are thinking of me as someone amazing who can do pretty much everything, but I am nowhere near as amazing as she thinks I am, because all of that can be attributed not to me personally, but to the Bonus Skills in my possession that allowed me to have all of these OP Bonus Spells and Bonus Weapon like Durandal. However, this particular situation that I am in right now can be said to be the result of the lie that I made about hailing from a country in the far east, way farther beyond Kassim, so by that logic, I should be able to warp directly to Kassim because I must have been there as a part of my journey from my 「homeland」 to the empire, so if I would now go and said that I actually cannot do that, that is definitely going to make me look sus as hell in Roxanne and Sherry’s eyes…… man, I know that I have just said that, but I really need to stop making such random shit up. If I did not tell Roxanne that I hail from a country in the far east (which ironically is not a lie, aside from the fact that this country in the far east is in another world), I would not have ended up in such a sticky mess of my own making.

「I-I guess? I never really tried it before, so I have no idea if it is going to work or not. 」

「Miss Roxanne, I know that master is definitely an amazing person, but there is just no way for him to be able to cover such a great distance like the one from the Empire to Palmasque is a single use of 「Field Walker」, and frankly, while that would definitely be convenient for us, it is not entirely necessary, because we can always cover that distance in a few smaller trips.」

Sherry advises to cover the distance in parts. Yes, it is exactly like she says. There is no need for us to go to Palmasque in one go, doing it with a few stops in between is a perfectly viable strategy. And also, even though I told Roxanne that I came to the Empire from way beyond Kassim, I sure as hell am happy that I did not specify exactly how did I managed to do that, because now I will not have to make any additional excuses that might as well turn into landmines that I could have stepped on and spectacularly blow myself up. Right now, in order to back Sherry’s words up I can say that I did not come to the Empire is a single day, but had to make a lengthy journey, and if it just so happens that this Kassim land is connected to the rest of the empire by land, then it might be possible to reach it while travelling on foot, in which case it would not even matter if it took me days, weeks, months or even years to do so.

「Well, if anything, I guess that this is an option that is certainly worth giving it a try.」

I then asked Sherry to tell me what are the cities located located between the Imperial City and Palmasque that we would have to travel through in order to get there.

「The nearest city located a little farther away to the east from the Imperial City is a city called Dohona. Do you know about it, master?」

「No, I do not.」

「After Dohona there is Dobur, then the next one after Dobur is Saboja, after which is Aiena, and then…..」

Sherry continued to list a number of town and cities one after another in rapid succession. Of course, I had completely no idea what any of these cities were and where exactly were they located, because I have never been outside of the Empire ever since I got transported here to this world.

But then again, it will definitely sound strange for someone who supposedly came from beyond Kassim, to not know any of these towns, and if Sherry or Roxanne catch wind of that contradiction, then my reputation with them and their trust in me is definitely going to be placed in jeopardy, and that would be all sorts of bad for me, which is why I need to come up with some kind of excuse as to why I do not know any of those cities, but what is going to sound conveniently enough without immediately ratting me out?

Hmm…… well then, since I will probably not come up with anything more believable on such a short notice, then I will just have to say that I came here from Kassim directly, without stopping at any of these other towns.

「Unfortunately, I do not know any of these cities, so…..」

「Oh, is that so? Well, it was to be expected. After all, the route to Palmasque that I have listed is not the only one, so it would not be at all surprising if you have arrived in the Empire while taking a different route.」

Yeah, that is right, another route! Of course I have taken another route to get from beyond Kassim to the Empire! Uh-huh, totally, I am not making any of this up!

Now that I think about it, it is exactly as Sherry says: there is no place in the world that has only a singular route leading up to it, so there are bound to be other routes by which you can go from Kassim and Beyond to the Empire, and all that I have to say to diverge all suspicions at not knowing any major cities that are in between these two from myself is saying that I took one of those alternative routes to get here!

「That’s right. I took me quite a long while as a result, but that is exactly what I did.」

「All right. So, when it comes to travelling to Palmasque, I would generally not recommend going straight to Palmasque’s Adventurers Guild. It would be much better for us if we went there by first going through the Adventurers Guilds of all the cities that I listed.」

「Okay, since this is what Sherry is recommending, then I have no reason to go against your recommendation if you think that this is what is going to be the best course of action for us. Is that not right, Roxanne?」



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