A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 16



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「Yes master, absolutely.」

And just like that, it has been decided that we are going to go to Palmasque not by making one big trip with my 「Warp」, but by doing a number of smaller ones instead, and honestly, such a plan of action is really to my liking, because while it might not eliminate the possibility of me running out of MP in the middle of warping, at the very least we’ll get further.

After we finished eating our yaki macaroni breakfast, I had Sherry create another set of Misangas as part of her Master Smith training.

The number of Misangas that she can make in one sitting is also progressively increasing, to the point where now she can make a few of them without running low on MP. And as for the results of today’s training:

Misanga, Accessory

Skill: Empty

Together with the one that she has created just now, we now have a total of three Misangas with an Empty Skill Slot. I wonder if this is going to be enough for Shery’s Misanga-making training for the time being? In any case, with that third Misanga with Empty Skill Slot, we can now make three Sacrificial Misangas, one for each of us. When that happens, we are going to have a safety measure that is going to save us from death one time, but if it does happen and the used Misanga breaks as a result, then we would have to go and create yet another one to compensate for the one that has been lost, and in order to do that we would have to get our hands on another Green Caterpillar Skill Crystal, which might take us some time, but if it means that our safety while exploring the Labyrinths would be secured, then I think it is going to be well worth it.

「Tell me, Sherry: when a Master Smith gets proficient enough in creating Misangas, what is the next piece if equipment that they are supposed to be creating after that?」

「Once a Master Smith has trained themselves in creating Misangas, the next step of their training is leaning how to create a Dagger, after which they proceed with it in the exact same manner as with the Misanga creation training.」

「A Dagger? I see. So instead of making another accessory, this time it is going to be a weapon.」

So, the next thing that Sherry will be training to create is going to be a Dagger, huh? It is certainly nice that she is going to be moving on to creating weapons, but at the same time a part of me cannot help it but to feel just a little bit disappointed that the thing she will be creating is not going to be a sword. And I was soo looking forward to her making me one! I know that this cannot be helped, but in my private opinion, a Master Smith, or perhaps it would be better to say blacksmith, cannot call themselves a true blacksmith if they do not start making swords, and the same logic of mine applies to the process of creating Misangas. While she was making all of them, Sherry was more like a handicraft maker that a genuine Master Smith. But hey, since she is going to be moving on from Misangas to Daggers, then that has to mean that she is going to be moving on to eventually start creating swords, right?

However, here I am thinking of what Sherry is going to be making in the future, but I did not even ask her is she is feeling comfortable enough with the Misangas that she created to move on to making Daggers.

「So Sherry, are you ready to graduate from making Misangas and move on to creating Daggers?」

「Uhm…… I am not so sure about that. Normally, Misanga-making training requires a minimum of six months to up to a year of continuous morning-evening practice, but depending on the individual and their talent and the level of their skills, this process can be extended up to two years.」

「Yeah, I hear you louds and clear…. But did you not say that such procedures only apply to those Master Smiths who are unable to create more than one Misanga in the morning and more than one Misanga in the evening during the period of their regular training?」

「Y-Yes, that is right. I believe that is what I told master about it when we were last talking about the matters related to the smithing training.」

「But right now, you can make more than one Misanga in the morning and more than one Misanga in the evening, so does that not mean that you should finally be able to move on to creating the next pieces of equipment on your Master Smithing agenda?」

「Y-Yes, I guess I should do that.」

Looks like Sherry is still not ready to completely let go of her worries and of the stigma that being unable to become a Master Smith along with all the other kids from her village has left upon her, as well as that whole matter of sticking to the Dwarven training regimen. That, and she probably still thinks that her Level as a Master Smith is locked at Lv.1, and that mental block is causing her to think that it might still be too early for her to start Creating Daggers. I know that I may not be the best person to be saying this, but she has to let go of that way of thinking and finally fully embrace her talents.

And that is where I need to step in, all clad in white. As her master, I know better than anyone else that her Level as a Master Smith has grown exponentially ever since she first obtained it and it keeps getting higher and higher with every passing day, so at the current point in time, she should be able to easily create not only a Dagger, but probably every piece of equipment that she would want. So the thing that I say to her now is…

「It is alright, Sherry. I know you can do it. And even if you cannot, that is not going to be any reason to beat yourself up over it, you hear me? If at first you do not succeed, then all you have to do is to keep on trying until you eventually do.」

「I know, master. I realize that all to well. However, when moving onto creating Daggers from creating Misangas, the stakes are getting much higher than they were before. With Misangas, you do not really need to be worrying about wasting resources, because even in the case of failure, the only thing that you would be losing are two pieces of cheap strings. However, one of the materials needed in the process of creating a Dagger is Needlewood’s branch, but if the process of fusion ends up being a failure, then the branches used in the process will be lost as well, same as with any other fusion materials.」

I see. So her current set of worries is about the costs of her potential failure. Personally, I think that as long as the lost item is only going to be a branch, which is a pretty common drop from the Needlewoods that they tend to be leaving behind them when they die all the time, so even if some of their branches were to be indeed lost in the unlikely event of Sherry failing a fusion, the losses on our side would have been minimal, since Needlewoods’ branches are actually so cheap that you have sell them in really large batches to the Adventurer’s Guild if you even want to think about making a profit out of it, so I would not even mind to sacrifice some of them for the purpose of 「Item Fusion」, just as long as it would mean that Sherry would continue to grow as a Master Smith.

「Is there anything else that is going to happen when the fusion ends up failing, or is that that the only thing?」

「No, there’s nothing else. The repercussion of losing all of the materials that have been involved in the fusion process is the only penalty.」

「Okay. So that means that if the Dagger fusion fails, we are only going to lose materials like branches and the like that we might as well replenish easily by killing more monsters that give us those materials, right? In that case, I see no problems with it, even if you fail. Whatever ends up happening, I am sure that it will be fine.」

「I -Is that so? I, I understand. 」

「Yes, that is the spirit. So, what exactly are you going to need in order to fuse a Dagger?」



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