A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 19 **BONUS CHAPTER**



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

I see. So does that mean that the difficulty level is not going to increase if these items require only one piece of leather in order to make them?

「Well, we should have plenty of leather and animal hides on us, so would you like to give creating one of those a try?」

「Yes, definitely! Since neither of the leather items requires a branch in order to make them, then it should be fine for me to fuse them, because even if the fusion ends up failing, it will not be any kind of loss at all!」

Sherry answered me with a really energetic voice, most likely because she was fired up to have a stab at something that would have no cost of eventual failure at all.

The next morning, I decided to go to Vale’s Adventurers’ Guild while Roxanne was doing the laundry, and Sherry was preparing breakfast. My target? To make preparations for our eventual journey to Palmasque.

Quratar, the city in which we are renting our current home, is the farthest city located away from Palmasque, since it is to the west of the Imperial City, and Imperial City is located to the west of Vale, so it is going to be perfectly rational for us to start our journey from Vale, the farthest city to the east that I have currently been to. And since Vale is more to the east than Quratar and Imperial City, it was well into the morning hours here.

Before I left, I had Sherry write me a list with the names of all the towns and cities that are a part of the route from Imperial City to Palmasque, and now, with that list firmly I my hand, I was comparing it with the myriad of papers that have been posted on the wall of the Adventurers’ Guild.

There are many Adventurers who are stationed here for the sole purpose of making money from teleporting people to other locations, and just like that one time when I was taken to the Imperial City for the first time, the charge for such a service is two silver coins per person. That is why I have decided to come here alone without Roxanne and Sherry, even though unlike me, they are the ones who can read the letters of this world’s written language much more fluently. If I make this trip alone, it is only going to cost me two silver coins, and if I took the two of them along with me, the price would be bumped to six silver coins, so if there is a chance for me to save those coins, no matter how miniscule the amount would be, then you can bet your ass that I am going to take that chance!

Aside from going to a desired location myself, the alternative is to post a commission with the name of the place to which you want to be teleported to, but the price for such a specific request would be much higher than the one you would have to pay while talking to the teleporting people in the Guild directly, not to mention that if I ended up posting a commission that I want to go to Palmasque, which is located pretty far from Vale, I might have ended up attracting all sorts of unnecessary attention to myself, and I think we all know how much I would hate that to happen, right?

I have no reason to be hasty with this, so I might as well take a slower, but much safer way of going about it.

When I was searching through the ads on the Guild wall, I found an ad that had the same letters as one of the cities that Sherry put on my list. Let me see now… I think it is the ad mentioning Dohona, if I read this correctly. Yeah, I definitely remember it from yesterday’s conversation with Sherry, so this might be a good place to start.

「Is the person who is taking people to Dohona here?」

I asked a woman who was standing at the counter of Vale’s Adventurers’ Guild, and she pointed me to the person that I was looking for, a female Adventurer standing near one of the Guild’s walls, and showed her the paper with the ad from which I read the name of Dohona. She gave me a short nod, and after I paid the price of two silver coins to her, she activated her 「Field Walker」 on the wall behind her and took me through it to Dohona’s Adventurers’ Guild.

Now, this is my first time being in Dohona’s Adventurers’ Guild so I was initially pretty confused as to where I should go, but upon locating the large wooden board that looked almost exactly the same as the one in Vale’s Adventurers’ Guild, I determined that the best course of action would be to walk up to it and look for another poster with letters similar to the ones on Sherry’s list of cities. Of course, there was always a possibility that this is not really Dohona’s Adventurers’ Guild but some other, strange place, but I quickly threw that thought out of my head, because I thought to myself that there is absolutely no way that people who would try to kidnap others by teleporting them to some strange places would be sitting in the Adventurers’ Guild, right?

In any case, according to Sherry’s list, the next name that I should be looking for is for the city of Doburo, but no matter how hard I looked for it I just could not find it anywhere.

And there is no other poster that matches with the cities mentioned on Sherry’s memo either!

「Excuse me. I want to go to Doburo, but there seems to be no ad for such a journey being possible from here.」

I asked the middle aged man who was standing behind the counter for information.

「I am afraid you will not be able to go to Doburo from here because it is too far from here.」

「Too far away?」

「To be more precise, It is too far away for the cost of two silver coins. I have been to Doburo before, so I can take if you want, but I would have to charge you eight silver coins for such a trip.」

So apparently, the posters on the wall mention only those towns and cities that are not too far away from the city in which the Adventurers’ Guild is located. Also, I wonder if that price can be negotiated, because eight silver coins for one teleportation is like four times the price of a regular teleportation!

「Eight silver coins, huh? And where could you take me for the price of two silver coins?」

「Not to Doburo, that is for sure. For that price, the closest city I could take you to is Shuboir. But even if you go there, I cannot guarantee that you will be able to go to Doburo from there.」

That seems reasonable…. Is what I would say if I did not know that I was being taken advantage of! Is this way of business, which borders heavily on extortion, considered normal in this world?

「Then can you take me to Doburo from Shuboir for four silver coins?」

I guess it is time to haggle then.

「Let me see… how about six silver coins?」

You cannot go directly to a place that is too far off, because the MP consumption is your main constraint here. I do not know what happens if you run out of MP in the middle of teleportation, but once you run out of, then your only choice is to wait for it to recover or use MP Recovery Pill. Is that why this guy wants to charge me extra for such a trip?

「I will take you there for five silver coins then. I cannot go any lower than that.」

As time went on, the guy was steadily reducing the price.

There is a possibility that I will not be able to go Doburo from Shuboir. Do I have no other choice but to spend those five silver coins then? Maybe, but that being said, does this guy even know if it is possible to go from Shuboir to Doburo or not? If he knows that and agreed to reduce the price, then I guess that means that such a trip is definitely possible, because if it was outright impossible, then I am sure that he would have outright told me so.

He also might not know if that is possible or not but cut the price to six silver coins in order to lure not only me, but also other customers into a clever trap where he would still have to get paid that six silver coins, because you have to pay upfront for the teleportation services.



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