A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 22



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

To have Sherry released from her contract as my slave after my death is a perfectly rational thing to do….. no, even more than that. It is the morally correct thing to do. And besides, the system of a slave’s will is nothing but a preventive measure for the masters who are afraid of their slaves trying to kill them the moment they let their guards down around them, but the only people who need to be afraid of that are those who abuse and mistreat their slaves and refuse to abide by the contract that they made with the Slave Merchant that they bought the slaves from that states that as a master of a slave, you are required to give them food, clothing, shelter and appropriate living conditions.

It is also a precaution against the slaves committing murder on their master while in the Labyrinths so that they could get away with the items that they obtained instead of giving them back to their master, but in Sherry’s case, I do not have to worry about any of those things happening, because I have made sure to treat her right ever since day one and she was also on her best behavior and did not do a single thing that might have caused me to think that she might be plotting something against me, so I have my full trust placed in her.

「That being said, master… are you really, truly certain that you can place your trust in me in regards to the matter of a will? Are you not the least bit afraid that I might use its arrangement against you?」

「Use it against me? And what exactly would you try to do? I know that we do not know each other for that long, but I like to think that I possess a good general understanding of what kind of person Sherry is, and according to my understanding you are not someone who would try to stab me to death while I was sound asleep in my bed just so that you could free yourself from the servitude faster. And do correct me if I am wrong about this, but such a thing would not have been the most smart thing for a slave to do, right?」

「Yes, you are absolutely correct with that assumption, master. Whenever a person that owned slaves is found dead in his or her house, the slaves that they have owned are the first people to be suspected of killing their master, and they are also the first to be interrogated on that assumption. Therefore, masters who have agreed to alter the will of the slave in such a way that the slave is to be set free in the event of their master’s death, the place better suited for any murder attempts are the Labyrinths, because without any eyewitnesses to testify against the slave, it is entirely possible that they might kill their master themselves and then tell that he or she was killed by monsters that ambushed them in case if anyone ever conducted any investigation, and they would have to take their word for it due to a lack of any kind of evidence that would point otherwise.」

「Wow, talk about scary. Should I be paying an extra amount of attention to my surroundings when we will be going to the Labyrinths from now on?」

I said with a laugh, because I knew that the possibility of Sherry trying to kill me in the Labyrinth was lower than zero. And besides, if she ever wanted to kill me there, the only occasion she would have for it would be right when we are warping to inside of them and emerge in their safe rooms, because all the other times she is together with Roxanne in the vanguard, while I am staying behind in the safety of the rear guard from which I support them both with my spell, so if there would be anyone out of the three of us who would need to have their eyes all around their head, it would have to be Roxanne and Sherry.

「No master, there is no need for you to be worried about that, because I would never do something like that. How could I, when you are the master under whose guidance I was finally able to become a Master Smith when I myself have lost all hope of that ever coming to happen? I have a debt of gratitude that I will never be able to pay in full with you, and if I ever chosen to pay you back by stabbing you in the back and killing you, then that would make me the worst kind of scum possible, even worse than Bandits and lawless criminals.」

Sherry said that with a tinge of coldness in her voice, which indicated to me that she was taking this matter extremely seriously. That being said though, if you were to really think about it in a logical and rational manner, then it is pretty obvious that the Labyrinths are the best kind of place for committing not only mastercide, but also every last crime that involves murder with it, because in the Labyrinths, the potential perpetrator is never going to have to worry themselves about the things such as disposing of the evidence or hiding the body, because the Labyrinths are going to do all of that for them. After all, it has already been stated a number of times, but Labyrinths are living creatures.

They feed on the bodies of dead Adventurers, using them to keep on growing and turning their equipment into treasure chests, so if a slave stated that his master was killed by a monster in there, then I am willing to bet there would not even be an investigation conducted to check if it was true or not.

Yeah, Labyrinths are definitely the best place for murder. However, while there, I Have Roxanne with me, and she is unfalteringly loyal to me, so if Sherry were to ever try something, she would not be able to act recklessly.

「I trust you, Sherry.」

「And I will work hard to repay master’s trust. If I may ask, what is in Miss Roxanne’s will? Will she also be released in case of your death?」


「In case of master’s death, I will not be released.」

Roxanne declares that herself, and it is better for her to talk about it than if I were to do it. If I were the one to say it, it would seem like I am just forcing her to say it.

「You will not be released? Why?」

「To protect master is my only purpose. I will protect him no matter what happens, even if I have to give my own life for him. That is why there is no need for me to be released. If master dies, I would mean that I have failed in my duty, so it is only natural to follow him in death. I would not want to live in a world without master in it.」

I’m in awe after listening to her reason, but also grateful to her for telling us.


「That’s what Roxanne feels, but you do not have to imitate her if you do not want to, Sherry. I may also die to illness at some point, I am perfectly aware of that. And if that happens, there is no point in you dying along with me because of that.」

The atmosphere became somewhat uncomfortable, and I feel like a kamikaze soldier who is about to crash his plane into the enemy’s ship in order to sink it. It was awkward to tell her about her release just like that, so I had no choice but to explain it that way. Sherry does not have to follow me in death, but ultimately this choice will be hers to make.

「Do you not have anyone to inherit your slaves?」

「No, I do not.」

「Is that so? Then I would like you to have me released.」

Oohh, amazing. She spoke her mind openly. As expected of Sherry. She is always so rational.

Soon after that I went to the Slave Merchant’s shop in Vale to pick up Sherry’s maid uniform. I was also introduced to a new slave while I was there. She is an eighteen years old young woman from the Wolfkin race. She is quite cute, but her hair is a little rough, and her skin complexion looked a little unhealthy, but there probably would not be any problems with her after she was polished for a little bit.

If this were a school, I would compare her to a student that stands out the most in the entire class. If I was still in Japan, she would be at a level where I would definitely take notice of her.

However, right now things have changed. Now that I have Roxanne and Sherry, I am not as interested in other slaves as I was used to be. You could say that I graduated and calmed down, or maybe that I have gotten used to a higher level of life in relative luxury?

Roxanne and Sherry are waiting for me when I return home, so I do not need to be greedy or impatient. A full Party consists of six people, so I should choose every member carefully. I can have more than five members in my harem, but that number cannot be increasing infinitely, because I have to keep up the guise of adding more members only to increase out battle strength.

「What do you think? She cannot speak Brahim yet, but I will be more than happy to sell her to you after she gets educated enough here.」

「I will pass this time, though she is not half bad, I will give you that.」

「Of course.」

Finishing the discussion, I turned down Alan’s offer. I don’t have enough money to buy another slave now anyway, so there is no helping it, so I changed the topic quickly.

「Can I have a change in Sherry’s will be made?」

「Of course. What kind of will?」

「For her to be released if I die.」

「The change in the will costs 300 Nars, is that okay with you?」

I will make that adjustment for her. Since I only asked for one thing this time, the thirty percent discount did not work, so I coughed up three silver coins.

「Yeah, please do it.」

「Then, your left hand please.」


It seems that the Intelligence Card is used to leave a will and make changes to it. The Slave Merchant pulled out my Intelligence Card and did something to it. Checking it after he was finished, the following changes have been made:

Kaga Michio

Age: 17 years old     Sex: Male, Freeman

Job: Explorer

Owned Slaves: Roxanne,  Sherry (release upon death).

The will seems to be displayed on the Intelligence Card itself, most likely to make it difficult to scam your slaves by saying that you would release them upon your death only for that to turn out to be a lie. Well, it should be fine just as long as I do not show my Intelligence Card to anyone.

「I will give you this as well.」

After he finished with my Intelligence Card, the Alan gave me something else. A papyrus. A folded one with a wax seal at the center of it.

「What is this?」

「A letter of introduction to the Slave Merchant in the Imperial City. They currently do not have any Master Smith slaves, but paying them a visit at least once might not be a bad idea.」

I do not need a Master Smith slave anymore, and there are no other slaves that I would want right now, so I will go there only after I amass enough money.

I then returned home with the case filled with maid clothes and then passed it on to Sherry while saying:

「These are the clothes for you, Sherry. Put them away in the closet for the time being.」

「May I at least try them on before?」

「If you want, then go right ahead.」

I nodded, and Sherry glanced at me before going to the corner of the room and began to undress herself. What, you are going to be changing right here? Well, I guess our relationship is at such a point where it is no longer needed for her to be embarrassed about such things. After all, I already saw her naked quite a few times, so it is nothing new to me. Well, to be blunt, I have not gotten a chance to watch that many people change, so being able to look at it is nice in its own right, and Sherry’s bashfulness about it is a nice addition too….. damn, I think I might get addicted to this!

「Uhm, can I wear my uniform as well?」

While I was enjoying the sight, Roxanne asked me that as well. When I approved it, she promptly left the room.

「Master, while you were out, we received a message from Mr. Luke. He said he made a successful bid on a Green Caterpillar Skill Crystal.」

Sherry spoke to me while she changed her clothes.

「Ah, the Green Caterpillar Skill Crystal, you say?」

「Yes, with that, I will be able to make a Sacrificial Misanga.」

So the time has finally come? Well, I did say that I will be fine even if the price will be a little high, so it is natural that he has obtained it so soon.

「That is all we need for a Sacrificial Misanga?」

「Yes, since a Green Caterpillar Skill Crystal cannot be fused with a weapon, or with a Kobold Skill Crystal.」

「So it can only be used to make Sacrificial Misangas, huh?」

「Yes. The winning bid was forty three hundred Nars. The previous time it went for thirty nine hundred Nars, so the difference is not that big.」

Sherry explains as she puts on the maid clothes.

She opens the buttons from the bottom. The buttons on the maid outfit go up the back.

「That is good. I would have to complain if the price was too high.」

I moved around behind Sherry to help out with doing them.

「Thank you for the help, master. Anyway, that is pretty sly of him, raising the price like that to the limit, but not enough to cause you to complain.」

Well, unless Luke did that, it would not be profitable for him to sell that Skill Crystal to me. But even so, Sherry’s opinion on him and all the middleman is still unchanged, huh?

Roxanne comes back with her maid uniform and placed it on the table before she started undressing herself here as well. Why is she doing that here too?

Since there are no bras in this world, Roxanne’s boobs got completely exposed the moment she started undressing.


They jiggle and bounce like a wave, probably because of the momentum. They are soft and elastic, like a pair of white fruits. S-Such a powerful move! But unfortunately, now they are covered again by her maid uniform.

「…Miss Roxanne is big after all.」

「R-Roxanne, do you need help with the buttons as well?」

「Yes, and thank you, Master.」

Roxanne turned her back to me. Maybe I should comment on Sherry as well?

「Sherry, you look good in it as well. Your small stature is really cute.」

「Thank you, master.」

Sherry is as beautiful like a doll in maid outfit, while the charm of Roxanne’s maid clothes is of a more sensual womanly variety, but I love them both!

The maid uniforms are truly the best, because they never fail to emphasize the feminine charms of whoever is wearing them!


After I did all of the buttons, Roxanne turned around.

「Yes, what is it?」

「What do you think about my clothes?」

「That you look lovely in them.」

「Thank you very much. Ah, uhm…」

She then looked away a from me awkwardly.

「Can you carry me like this?」

I do not even need to respond. I lift Roxanne in my arms immediately. Her body is light, and has a soft and warm feeling to it. And as for where I am going to carry her, well, the answer to that should be pretty obvious.

「Wait here for a moment, Sherry. I will carry you as well.」

Our destination is the bedroom.



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