A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 5



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Stopping myself from doing anything remotely sexual has been hard on me throughout the day, but having a ban on sex during the night would have been too much of a blow to my mental health. So for my own sake, please let this experiment be a success!

The Escape Goat has gotten close enough for me to strike at it, so I thought about the name of 「Abstinence Attack」 in my mind and then swung down my weapon onto it, and in the moment when that hit connected, I could definitely feel that it was a pretty powerful one. Yes, if it was so powerful, then surely that has to mean that the strength of this attack must have been more powerful than usual, meaning that my period of abstinence for almost an entire day must have paid off, right? Yeah, it must have paid off, because that feeling I got from this one strike was vastly different from that first time when I used it, which could have been likened to a slap with a wet piece of cardboard. It is definitely different now, but the question is: exactly how different it is going to be?

The strike of Durandal finally connected with the neck of the Escape Goat, and the impact of it send it right into the ground, collapsing it on the spot….. and then it turned into a cloud of green smoke and disappeared.

A single blow. That strike of mine managed to obliterate that monster in a single blow! This can only mean one thing: that the power of the current 「Abstinence Attack」 must have been at least twice that of a normal attack with Durandal!

Now that the fourth monster has fallen to the ground, the remaining three Collagen Coral began to fight even more fiercely. They were no longer just standing around, waiting to be hit, but they actively tried launching counterattacks against Roxanne’s blows, trying to smack her with their limbs or slam her with their bodies. I was in a pretty great mood when I realized that a whole day of my abstinence was not for nothing after all, but since the turbulent battle was still underway, it meant that there was no time for rest and patting myself on the back just yet, so in order to help Roxanne deal with them, I rushed into the group of monsters and slashed at them with Durandal, and each of my hits not only damaged them, but also replenished a little bit of my lost MP, recovery of which was the main reason for why we came here today. Of course, I was not able to avoid every single one of the monster attacks and ended up being smacked by them quite a few times, but even then, the damage that has been inflicted upon me was nothing that a few good strikes from Durandal could not fix.

I feel pain, but at this point it is actually the pain of a refreshing kind, as if I could finally remove the little prickly bones that have been stuck in my throat, or as if I was entering the pool on a particularly hot midsummer evening.

I glanced go the side to see if the same thing was happening to Roxanne…. But of course, she was dodging practically every attack that Collagen Corals were throwing at her without having as much as a single scratch on her. It was kind of saddening to see that once again

I was the only one who was receiving damage, but that is basically how it always is with Roxanne whenever she fights, so I learned that there was no reason for me to keep on sulking about it.

A few slashes later, all of the Collagen Corals have been swiftly dealt with, collapsing to the ground and becoming the puffs of green smoke.

「Thank you for your hard work and helping me with these monsters, master.」

「Thank you for your hard work as well, Roxanne. Looks like you have not sustained a single hit in this fight as well, huh?」

「Yes. Dodging them was not a problem.」

Even though the attacks of the Collagen Coral here not that damaging, I still sustained quite a lot of them when I rushed in to Roxanne’s help. Exactly how many hits have I sustained in that short battle alone? Honestly, I do not even want to count it. Good thing that Durandal has 「HP Absorption」 Skill on it, because thanks to it my wounds were healed up pretty fast, but if I did not have it or any other method of healing on me then I would have been in quite a pickle. Thanks to that, as long as I could land a successful hit on the enemies without them blocking it, I could have get away from basically any skirmish without losing too much HP, so if there was ever such an emergency, then I probably could make a run through the eighth floor on my own, but the only remaining problem is that even if I can heal most of the wounds that have been inflicted upon me by the enemy attacks, it does not change the fact that receiving these attacks still hurts like a living hell, and I absolutely hate pain and everything that is related to it, so if at all possible, I do not want to get hurt at all.

「All right, should we go back home now?」

「Yes, let us do that.」

Thankfully, I no longer have to run through the Labyrinths alone. I can have Roxanne or Sherry accompany me whenever I need them, and so I do not have to worry about the possibility of having to trek through the higher floors of the Labyrinths by my lonesome. If there ever comes a time when such a thing is going to be needed of me, then that is when I will start worrying about it, but as long as it is not required of me.

After agreeing that it is high time to go back now that the reserves of my MP have all been replenished, we went back to the starting room of the eighth floor and we warped back home.

Now that I learn that about half a day of sexual abstinence is enough for 「Abstinence Attack」 to one-shot monsters that have Lv.8, I guess you could say that my heart and mind were finally able to calm down a bit, since there was no longer any need for me to be nervous about whether this whole experiment of mine was going to work or not. It also might have something to do with the fact that all of the urges that I have been accumulating have disappeared, resulting in me feeling as if my mind has been cleared of the fog that has been obstructing it, bestowing supreme clarity upon me.

There was no more hesitation and that strange feeling that was making me all jumpy and jittery whenever I was looking at Roxanne as well. I felt as calm and enlightened as if some kind of switch has been pressed in my mind, resetting its settings to the ones from before I equipped Sex Maniac as my First Job. I felt….. at peace, as if I had become the surface of a lake, still and undisturbed by even the smallest of ripples running along its surface. It almost feels as if….. as if I have achieved a state of Post Nut Clarity, a state unique to men who do not feel any kind of sexual thoughts whatsoever immediately after they reach sexual climax. The way I am currently feeling, I felt as if I could easily acquire the Job of a Shrine Maiden if only I put my back into it…. Oh, but wait, did Sherry not mention that a Shrine Maiden is a Job that can only be acquired by females? Yeah, I think she was saying something along those lines….. so, a priest then? Yes, right now, I feel like I could easily acquire the Job of a Priest. Actually, let me just check if I seriously got this Job real quick….. aaand of course not. I mean, why would I get it in such a scuffed way? If successfully using 「Abstinence Attack」 would be everything that would be required to get your hands on a Priest Job, then I guess all Human males would have the potential to become Priests, right?

Even after we had dinner and the time came for us to take a bath, I still felt relatively calm and that nothing could disturb my present state of being. Just like all the other times, I have made sure to wash every last corner of Roxanne’s body, but I remained calm and collected throughout the entire process, not a single dirty thought in my mind.



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