A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 3 Part 12



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It felt strange, but then a realization hit me while I was thinking about it: were all of the trees cut down? They have to be, because if there were some of them remaining, then it would have been possible to use 「Field Walker」 to get to Palmasque from the outside world. That might have been a hindrance to the city’s rulers that would invalidate their efforts of building every building in town with Shield Cement, so that is probably why they had all of the trees removed. I have no idea what was their reason for doing this, but it does not bother me in the slightest since I can use 「Warp」 even in the buildings made out of Shield Cement.

But just because I can do it does not mean that I am actually going to do it, not in the broad daylight at least. I mean, what if I get caught red-handed? If I am going to ever use 「Warp」 here, it would have to be in the dead of the night. Even if I would not have to worry about being seen by anyone during the night, it would still be a huge hassle to wait until the morning. If I do not find myself a safe point to which I could warp here in Palmasque, then I would have to wait until nightfall again.

I waited until I was completely calm again, and then I went to Vale’s labyrinth again, because I must test whether I can warp again without any problems or not.

My MP decreased considerably yet again. It will not be exaggeration to I say that it has completely run out this time. So, the consumption rate of MP is high when going westward just as much as it was while traveling eastward? In that case, I guess distance is what truly matters here.

I definitely cannot make a return trip the way that I am now. The distance between Palmasque and Vale is just too great to efficiently cover it in just one trip. And to be honest with you, I do not want to do it, and I do not even want to think about it!

I wonder whether MP goes into the negative value if it is decreased beyond its lowermost limit? It might be possible.

See? That is how much 「Warp」 is worth. Just as useless as I am. A worthless piece of trash Bonus Skill masquerading as something unique and useful, quite befitting of me, its user, who is also a worthless piece of trash of a human being who could not even live his life properly without fucking up literally everything that he touched!

No! These are not my honest thoughts! I do not think like that at all! I only think that because of the MP deficit! I have to go replenish it quickly!

I then recovered my MP in Vale’s labyrinth using Durandal. I am going to be fine. I only need to recover MP and I will go back to being fine. But it would have been disastrous if Roxanne and Sherry were here with me right now. So for my own sake, I have to make a checkpoint somewhere along the way if I do not want to continuously run out of MP and brood like I did just now.

After that, I returned to Zabir’s Adventurer’s Guild.

「Are there any Labyrinths around here?」

I asked the Adventurer who was stationed there.

「Err… what kind of Labyrinth are you looking for?」

「I have no particular preference, so I would say: whichever one happens to be the closest to here.」

「Closest one, eh? All right. If you really need to go to the nearest Labyrinth, then one should be just off a little distance from the town’s east gate. One word of advice, if I may: even if you do decide to go to that Labyrinth, you will soon find out that it is not managed by any Explorers, so there is going to be no one who would be able to take you to the higher floors, which means that you would have to start exploring if from the first floor where the weakest monsters are. Now, knowing this, are you still interested in going there?」

「I would not be asking about it if I was not interested in it, do you not think?」

「Well, that is true enough I guess. Even though it is not in the immediate vicinity of the town, there are still people who use it regularly, so the exact road should be perfectly visible and there is no way for you to get lost on your way there, but it is branching up into multiple branches somewhere along the middle. You will find the Labyrinth as long as you will take the left branch and follow it through all the way. Luckily for you and everyone else in this town, even if you do not have access to 「Field Walker」 on you or you do not have anyone whom you could pay to take you there, the Labyrinth is still in a reasonable walking distance from here.」

So it would seem that the Labyrinth of Zabir is also located pretty close to the town of Zabir, just like the Labyrinth of Vale was located a short distance away from the town of Vale. However, in terms of convenience for the Adventurers and Explorers, I guess nothing is going to beat Quratar, a city that has been literally build around the Labyrinth, with it acting as the city’s very center.

I thought that I would have no other choice but to pay one of the Adventurers in here two silver coins so that they could get me there, but if the Labyrinth is really close buy just like this guy is saying, then I guess I can entertain myself with a little walk since I have time to kill anyway. Also, I have to say that this guy right here is a pretty all right fellow.

Even though he could have withheld the information about the Labyrinth being so close to the town and instead told me that the only way for me to get there is through 「Field Walker」, thus forcing me into having to pay the two silver coins for the trip because there was no way for me to know whether he was telling the truth about the Labyrinth’s distance from the city, he ultimately did not choose to do than, and instead he decided to be perfectly honest with me. I respect that.

He is like a total opposite of that receptionist from Dohona who was trying to scam me to pay more money than I actually had to in order to go to Doburo! Ugh, thinking about that shitty scammer is still making my blood boil even now. I know that I should not be saying things like that because you should never wish misfortune upon others unless you want karma to get back at you really fucking fast….

But I wish every misfortune possible in the world upon that guy! It does not have to be anything serious or life-threatening, but I just wish that something would happen to him to make him seriously rethink all of his life choices. Go and take a page out of this guy’s book! He is not crafty, but honest! I wish that more of the people working at the receptions of various Guilds of this world could be more like this guy, even if this is just my wishful thinking that is never going to come true.

Anyway, I thanked the guy for his assistance, and then I promptly left the Zabir’s Adventurer’s Guild’s building. While I was going through the town, I could not help it but to notice that, in contrast to Palmasque, Zabir was actually quite a quaint, serene and peaceful town.

The scenery of the townscape was rich with greenery that goes quite well with the red brick that was the main element with which all of the buildings of the town were build. It had a much better, more welcoming and friendly atmosphere in comparison to Palmasque and its white, dull looking structures and a complete lack of trees and anything that was even remotely green aside from the occasional weeds. That being said, maybe I should not be so quick to make judgements. If there is anything that I have learned from my time spend here in this world so far, it is that appearances can and definitely will be deceiving.

This place may look calmer and comforting in comparison to Palmasque, but that might be nothing more but a façade meant for keeping something much more disturbing hidden from the eyes of those who are not meant to see it. But even if that is what is going on in this place, I have to say that so far I am not seeing anything out of the ordinary, and this is looking like a perfectly normal, peaceful town.



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