A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 3 Part 4



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If it was not for the two of them, then I would not be able to deal with that poison at all on my own, probably because it was my first time dealing with something like that and I was taken by surprise. That is why the thought that I might have been poisoned never even crossed my head and I ended up not taking the antidote, thinking that what was happening to me was just an aftereffect of a regular attack from the NT Ant. If I was alone in here and the same thing happened to me, then I definitely would have been done for, that is how dangerous of a status ailment Poison is. Well, I guess this is just one more reminder for me that the Labyrinths are truly dangerous placed that have to be taken seriously at all times unless you want to end up dead like I would have been if it was not for Roxanne’s ability to stall the last two enemies and Sherry’s timely intervention.

「Thank you, master, but there is no need for you to thank us. After all, we only did what was natural for loyal slaves to do: save our master al all costs!」

「Y-Yes, exactly what Miss Roxanne says!」

Roxanne puffs up her chest with pride, while Sherry turned her face away from me in embarrassment. Honestly, I cannot blame her for doing that, not at all. I mean, she basically had to administer the Anti Poison Medicine to with a mouth-to-mouth method, which is a wholly different source of embarrassment than the one coming from your regular kissing.

「But, I wanted to do it as well, and Sherry got to do this twice now.」

Roxanne muttered in a quiet, barely audible voice. At first I did not know what she was talking about, but then it clicked with me. She was talking about that one time when Sherry was all out of MP after she fused a Copper Sword of Obstruction for me as the very first item in her Master Smith career and I had no other choice but to feed her the MP Recovery Medicine via mouth-to-mouth method because otherwise she might have ended up hurting herself in her depressed state caused by the MP deficit. So if we count that as the first time, then I guess that this really is our second time doing something like this.

「Do you want to drink some water while we take a little break? I think we all deserve it, so get your cups out.」

「Of course!」

I take a small tub out from my backpack, and fill it with water with my 「Water Wall」 Spell.


「Yes, master?」

「I am still a bit sore from that earlier battle and I cannot move around as much as I would want to, so can you give me some water mouth-to-mouth?」

I asked Roxanne, and she happily nodded while holding her cup of water close to her chest.

Later, after we left the Labyrinth, I made my way to the Adventurer’s Guild on my own. The poison is all gone from my body now, my mind is crystal clear and there are no uncomfortable feelings hindering my functioning whatsoever, so I guess that goes to show that these Medicine Pills really do work and they are not just an advert aimed at novice Adventurers to buy them from the Guilds in large quantities only to discover that they are pretty lackluster, all things considered. Also, thanks to Durandal’s 「HP Absorption」 Skill I have fully recovered all of my lost health as well, so I was completely healed, both in my body and my spirit. The time has come to resume my trip to prepare us for going to Palmasque, so I warped and visited more Adventurer’s Guilds in other cities.

Today, I reached the town of Zabir.

According to what Sherry said, this town is supposed to be situated on the very border of the Empire, and it is from here that we would be going to Palmasque next, so I went to the Notice board in Zabir’s Adventurer’s Guild in order to compare ads and posters with the notes that Sherry prepared for me.

However, nothing that was written and posted on the entire message board looked even remotely like the letters that should spell the word 「Palmasque」.

「Excuse me! I want to go to Palmasque from here. Can you tell me how can I do that?」

「We go to Palmasque three times a day: In the morning, at noon and in the evening. The price is five silver coins per person. The morning transfer has already departed, so the next one is scheduled for noon, which means that there are still four more hours before it becomes available.」

I asked one of the Adventurers, who was stationed in a place where usually all the other Adventurers responsible for teleportation in other Guilds were standing, and that is what he told me in response. However, since there was no clock in the Adventurer’s Guild, it would be difficult for me to tell if there was really morning, noon or evening and I will be in trouble if there is going to be no one outside to confirm the time from the position of the sun for me, so seeing as there was nothing else for me to do here, I returned back home.

And when I did that, I immediately went outside to check on the position of the sun in the sky.

Since Quratar was more to the west than Zabir was, the sun has just barely began to emerge from beyond the horizon here, meaning that it was definitely earlier than in Zabir. Judging by the exact position that the sun was in, I would say that it must have been around six o’clock in the morning here, and since the Adventurer back at Zabir’s Adventurer’s Guild told me that there was four more hours until noon, it has to mean that in Zabir it was around eight o’clock, which would make the exact time difference between Quratar and Zabir the one of approximately two hours.

Considering that there is a time difference even between Quratar and the Imperial City, it looks the distance between them is not that big as I have initially thought, and also that it might be a little more to the north or the south instead of the east.

In any case, the difference of two hours means they are most probably about 30 degrees in longitude apart, which is roughly one-twelfth of the total circumference of the planet, assuming that the planet that this world is located in has exactly the same characteristics that earth had. As for the cost of MP that had to be expended so that I could move from Zabir to Quratar, it was so much that the amount of my total MP has decreased considerably.

If so much of it has been expended for the trip to a town that was on the border of the Empire, then I have to wonder if it is going to be possible for me to travel directly between Quratar and Palmasque at this rate, because honestly, I highly doubt it.

But in that case, what is going to happen if it runs out in the middle teleportation? Will it go into the negative value, resulting in an even stronger mental backlash than in the case of it simply getting to zero? But if it is going to be like that, do I want to take a risk and do so anyway, hoping that nothing too bad is going to happen to me? No, definitely not.

Something like that would have been too much of a gamble even for me to risk. If my current amount of MP is not going to be enough, then it is not going to be enough, and that is that. There is no need for me to needlessly inflict unnecessary damage upon myself if I can just try searching for some other way if it is going to be at all possible.

「Oh, you are back already, master? Have you taken care of everything that you wanted to do? Or perhaps you forgot something and came back to pick it up?」

Roxanne talked to me when I went back to the house while feeling more then a little depressed and dejected.

「No, I did not forget anything, and no, unfortunately I was not able to do anything that I wanted to do just yet, because as it turns out I have to wait for another four hours to do it, so I just came back here to confirm exactly what time it is and wait.」

「Four hours? Then I will definitely let you know when that time passes, so you can leave that up to me, master!」



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