A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 4 Part 15



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But if I had the option to buy amber here instead of in Palmasque, then I am going to take that option, but not just because it would definitely be cheaper that way, oh no. That is not what I am about here. I am about something different entirely. By bringing a certain amount of amber with me when I will go sell it in Palmasque, I would be able to show the craftsmen there that I am not just some upstart off the streets, but someone who legitimately means serious business. I do not need to sell all the of the raw amber gemstones at once, but I definitely need to bring more than just one of them with myself, otherwise I might not be treated seriously.

I do not know what is going to happen in the future or how the things are going to turn out, but just to be on the safe side, it would be better for me to buy everything that this merchant has to offer so that I would not end up regretting it later. And since Gozer said that the price of the Palmasque Mirrors can go up to twenty thousand Nars, then it means that I can make quite a nice profit by selling them to the Duke. And in the case that the cost of the eventual failure would surpass the limits of what I currently have, then I am just going to go and drop the idea altogether.

I have already earned enough profit from selling three mirrors to the duke.

If the cost of failure surpasses my limit, I’ll just drop the idea.

Even though I already finished talking to the merchant and thought that it was about time for me to be on my way, Roxanne and Sherry were still pretty much absorbed in looking at the amber necklaces. In fact, they are looking as if they were so entranced by it that they might not have even registered what the merchant was saying about the raw amber gemstones costing eight hundred Nars per piece?

Ugh, now that I think about it, bringing them both here with me might have been a mistake after all, because it seems like even Sherry does not know much more than I do when it comes to amber. Well, no use crying over spilt milk now that it is staining the floor already, right? And besides, Roxanne and Sherry might now have been that great of a help in providing me information about amber, but they certainly seem to be happy looking at it.

They are both girls after all, and what girl does not like pretty, shiny things, am I right? This seems to be true especially for Roxanne, because she is staring at the necklace that she was given earlier quite enthusiastically. It must have really stricken her fancy.

Since I had literally nothing to lose by doing so, I tried to imagine her wearing that necklace on her pretty neck…….

Oh dear. Oh damn. Oh my God!

Mind blowing. The sight that I have imagined is simply mind blowing! I just could not stop thinking about the amber-colored transparent stones resting on top of Roxanne’s rich bulges, and it was…. Definitely a stimulating sight that I would appreciate from the bottom of my heart whenever I would have had the chance to do so at every waking moment of my day.

I want to hold them. I want to rub them. I want to squeeze them in my hands and bury my face firmly in between them. I am talking about the amber necklace and its beady segments, of course. That is definitely something that I would have loved to see Roxanne wear while going to the bed with me.

Well, I guess there is no other choice for me but to go and buy it for her now. Roxanne is definitely going to be pleased with me if I will buy it for her, so I have to do it for her….. or do I now? Yeah, do I… do I really need to do it for her? No, come on now Michio, do not be rash and do not panic. For all I know, this might just be a clever trap, a cunning ruse set for me by this cat-eared merchant. Yeah, it has to be. After all, he would not be so forceful about presenting all of these necklaces to Roxanne and Sherry if his ultimate goal was not gaslighting me into buying it for them even if that was not my original intention at all. I have to keep a cool and calm head, or else I will be playing right into the enemy’s hands.

I avert my eyes.

My gaze falls upon Sherry. She is still looking at the necklace as if she wanted to make a hole through it with her sight alone, and she is even frowning a little. I can only hope that this is just my imagination and nothing else, but she definitely does not look like the usual Sherry that I know and love.

「I wonder if this one would look better on you than that one after all?」

The merchant muttered to himself loud enough so that we could all hear him loud and clear, and then he produced yet another necklace. The new one was dark-red in color, and it was made of amber gemstones that were definitely larger than the one s from which the previous necklace that Sherry was looking at was made of. Initially Sherry was a little hesitant, but eventually she took the necklace and tried it on. The entire time she was struggling with tying the string at the back of her neck her heart was beating so fast and so loud that even I could hear it from where I was sitting, and when she finally managed to tie the string and looked down on the necklace that was now resting firmly around her neck, her face became flushed and she exhaled with admiration and a beaming smile bloomed on her lips.

「Oh wow!」

「Oh wow indeed.」

Those were the simple words, but at the moment, I felt that they would be the ones to best describe how Sherry was looking right now, because the necklace shines gorgeously on her neck and chest.


I never thought that it could look as good as it did on her, but it really looks outstanding, and apparently the merchant thinks so as well

「B-But… I-I do not really… 」

Even though Sherry clearly liked the necklace, she looked as of she wanted to decline it.

「The dark-red colored amber that this necklace is made of is a favorite color among many female customers, and most importantly, it is priced at forty five thousand Nars, while the other necklace that you looked at was priced at fifty thousand Nars. The one that Mr. Customer is holding is thirty thousand Nars.」

The merchant told me the price of the necklace. I feel annoyed at the fact that the price that he stated is not something greater, which would automatically mean that I would have an excuse not to buy it…. And there is also the matter of me feeling a little bit disgusted with myself, because if I do end up buying that necklace for Sherry, then not only would I also need to buy a necklace for Roxanne as well so that she would not feel left out, but even if I did that, Sherry’s necklace would still me more pricey that the one that I would have gotten for Roxanne, even though she is my Number One Slave, which might cause her to become hurt and jealous, thinking that I no longer care about her, and such a misunderstanding is something that I have to avoid at all costs!

Is there no escape from this situation for me? Can I not do anything to have a cookie and eat the cookie at the same time?

What is going to happen if I do not buy that necklace for Sherry after all? Is she going to be mad at me? Or perhaps disappointed? God damn it, why did this merchant had to show the more expensive necklace to Sherry of all people?!

「Really? I see.」

「And I would recommend this one for the lady over there.」

When I was pondering over what I should do and how should I proceed to salvage this seemingly hopeless situation, the merchant brought out another necklace and puts it in front of Roxanne. My God, seriously, where is he keeping all of these things?!


「Although its color is faint due to high degree of refining, it’s one of the few necklaces our firm takes  genuine pride in. The large amber in the center is especially well made, because you rarely see a gemstone this big that would be this transparent at the same time.」



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