A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 4 Part 4



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I do not know what the clerk behind the counter thought about me since I left so fast while looking quite shocked, and to be honest, I do not care about it. He could even sprinkle the entire floor of the shop with salt to avoid getting it contaminated with poverty for all that I care, but that was the only thing that I could have done in this situation, because the prices there were at least three to four times higher than what was supposedly set up as the standard price for the mirrors in Palmasque!

「How was it, master?」

Sherry checked in with me after I went back home.

「The mirrors in Imperial City were no different than the ones in Palmasque. I think it might be more than possible that the people in the Imperial City bought these mirrors at lower prices and elevated them up even further when they moved the mirrors from Palmasque to their shops, because they were way higher than what you told me the standard prices were.」

「I thought that might be the case, because increasing the price of something that you have bought at a lower price is a standard business strategy.」

「Uhm… certainly, this might be true if you only look at the price, but in truth, the transportation of the mirrors between cities, even when using the methods available for the Adventurers, is relatively difficult.」

Transporting the mirrors is actually difficult, huh? Well, thinking about it now, there is no way for it to not be difficult, since if you wanted to do this by using 「Field Walker」, then you would have no choice but to do it by transferring the mirror through a number of different Adventurer Guilds in a row, and if you are not an Adventurer who has access to the 「Field Walker」 Skill, then such a trip is definitely going to be a costly one, and it is going to be extremely difficult to close such a trip within one day of time, since the teleports from Zabir to Palmasque are only carried out three times a day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

So depending on your luck, circumstances and the road that you are intending to take, the total costs of such a trip are going to be oscillating from fifteen hundred to three thousand Nars to seven thousand Nars if we add the costs of staying the night at an inn and eating meals in cases when you will be unable to wrap everything up in a single day. And to top it all off, we cannot forget that 「Field Walker」 is only able to transport objects that are not too big, so if you bought the mirror that is too big to fit into that category, then you would have a whole other cost, the cost of transportation that would bump the final price up to such a degree that it would not be worth it anymore in my opinion. But on the other hand, those who would plan to only buy the mirror to sell it for a profit would have a perfect argument to set the price astronomically high.

「If you think about it that way, then it might become quite a business opportunity.」

「Yes. No matter the circumstances and the road that has been chosen, if the transportation of the mirror from Palmasque to other cities is going to be successful, it is going to be a very big chance for the merchant who is going to be acquiring it….. but even so, the acquisition of a mirror from Palmasque is still going to be difficult. Yes, very difficult indeed.」

Why did you have to say that last thing twice though?

The next morning, we made plans to move onto Quratar’s tenth floor as well to explore it, but first, we are going to start things up by having a little warm-up in the form of fighting against the Floor Boss of Quratar Labyrinth’s ninth floor.

「The Floor Boss of the ninth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth, in other words, the higher form of the NT Ant is called Hunt Ant. It is similar in strength to the regular NT Ant, but its poison spit Skill is stronger, and the chances of inflicting poison with its every attack are quite high, so we have to be careful and not allow even a single attack to hit us.」

Sherry gives us a short briefing. Yeah, of course it is going to be stronger and much more troublesome than a regular NT Ant. It would not be a Floor Boss at all if its strength remained exactly the same as that of the regular monsters on the floor where it resides. That being said, since the name of the game here is not to let ourselves be hit by its attacks at all, it means that this is going to be another perfect opponent for Roxanne to fight against, since the encounters with the enemies who rely on fighting mainly through physical attacks have only those who are meant against a single target instead of multiple targets at once are the ones in which she excels the most, so she should be able to focus the Floor Boss’s attention on herself without sustaining even a single injury while Sherry and I are going to focus on inflicting as much damage as possible onto it for as long as it is going to remain distracted.

With the plan of action firmly formulated in my mind, we entered the Floor Boss’s Boss Room. Immediately upon the Hunt Ant appearing from within the vortex of green smoke, Roxanne took position in front of me and Sherry, ready to evade all of its attacks at a moment’s notice, and in the meantime I was making my way towards the Hunt Ant’s backside, where I continued to slash and whack it across its oversized ass for as long as it took it to finally fall to the ground and die while disappearing in yet another cloud of green smoke.

Good. Even though we are on the tenth floor of the Labyrinth, it looks like the good old strategy of 「have Roxanne occupy the Floor Boss’s attention while you continue to go towards its back where you continue to molest it until the Floor Boss drops dead」 is still one that can be utilized effectively.

「What monsters are going to be waiting for us on the tenth floor?」

「I believe they are going to be Escape Goats.」

「Ahh, I see.」

Escape Goats, my absolutely favorite enemy to fight that does not have any bullshit mechanics that it is going to be abusing whatsoever. So yeah, as you can clearly tell from my very enthusiastic description, I love fighting against them and how troublesome they are with their escape mechanic once their health drops down sufficiently low. And now that they are going to be Lv.10, I am sure that they are going to become an even greater nuisance than ever before.

The first Escape goat that we happened upon was hit with three shots of my magic, and, surprising absolutely nobody, it immediately tried to turn around and make its escape. Those three spells that I fired against it should have done the damage of roughly around half of its total HP

It seems to still run away after it’s lost half it’s health, so three more spells, six of them in total, should be enough to bring it down and defeat it. But now that it has already started to run away, I would have to aim my spells perfectly without allowing even a single one of them to miss their mark. If I am going to be even one millimeter off with my aim, the Escape Goat is going to escape, taking the EXP points and potential Drop Items with it.

Now that we are on the tenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth and the NT Ants were on the ninth floor, it is going to mean that they are going to be appearing more often, and if they are going to be paired up with Escape Goats, it is going to be the worst possible combination for us, since we will have to mix up being cautious not to allow NT Ants to poison us with the need to chase after the Escape Goats that are going to try and flee from the battlefield constantly. Damn it, this is exactly why I was so afraid of fighting against mixed groups of more and more enemies. Right now, we should still be more or less fine, but what are we going to do if we ever encounter more enemies that are going to have escape as their main gimmick?



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