A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 4 Part 7



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In that case, I have no choice here but to answer honestly, even though I would have loved to use this opportunity to make the price of the Palmasque mirror slightly higher than it actually is in order to make a profit out of it for myself, but since there is a possibility that Gozer might run a thorough check of the market prices of Palmasque Mirrors in order to verify if what I said was indeed true or not, any attempts at deceiving them might do me more bad then good in the long run, so I am going to give them straight facts about the matter.

「Like I already informed the Duke, in order to even start thinking about getting a Palmasque Mirror without a decorative frame, it would have to be done through a special order commissioned by a noble or a member of royalty.」

「I see. So, have you come here today in order to have the Duke write an official commission for such an item to be made?」

「You do not have to worry about it, because I finished writing the necessary paperwork just now. This should be enough to do the trick, right?」

The Duke lifted the piece of paper that he has been scribbling on for some time now and then shook it playfully beside his face. I thought that he was simply catching up on the administrative work that he was behind on because of my sudden visit, but he was actually writing the undecorated Palmasque Mirror commission paperwork this entire time?! Just how far ahead is this guy, actually?! But hey, if there is a possibility of me obtaining the commission papers from him so fast and without any additional explanation, then that would be all the better for me.

「As for the price of the undecorated mirror itself, the lowest would probably be something around ten thousand Nars, but I am afraid that a mirror of a better quality can cost up to even twenty thousand Nars, so I could technically buy it just as long as the price will not go beyond those sums that I just mentioned. As for the number of the frames, I think that enough wood should be supplied to the craftsmen to make at least one test frame to see how the finished product is going to look like, but other than that, I think it would be reasonable to have at least ten of them to be made for the time being. I would also like to have all of them in different size variations, just to see which ones would be the best for the purpose of our gift. If there was a need for them to be transported, would you be willing to do this for us?」

「Yes, I could transport them, but not all of them at once.」

「It does not have to be all within a single day. As long as all of them are going to be delivered safely, I do not care how many days this is going to take.」

「I understand.」

And thus, the business talk with Gozer and the Duke was concluded. Now that I am going to have the papers with the commission from the Duke of Hartz, it will finally be possible for me to obtain the Palmasque Mirror since I have all the pieces of the puzzle that Sherry mentioned that I was going to need. I thought that the biggest problem to overcome was going to be the price, but as far as I can say after my visit to the luxury goods store in the Imperial City, the prices should be pretty acceptable as long as I will remember to keep my expectations in check.

In any case, buying the Palmasque Mirror in Palmasque is going to be much cheaper than buying from any of the stores in Imperial City that might be offering them, and the price of their undecorated mirrors should not exceed ten thousand Nars. Man, now I am glad that I actually took the time to go to that store in the Imperial City and had a look around.

「If you plan on visiting Palmasque often from now on, then I think it would be a good idea for you to consider selling amber there.」

Gozer gave me some advice on doing business in Palmasque.


「Yes. It is one of our regional specialties, and although amber is quite small in and out of itself, it is still considered as a jewel, which means that there is going to be quite a high demand for it in Palmasque since any kind of jewel can be used as a material in mirror decoration. Unfortunately, I do not know what is its current market price in Palmasque, but at the very least I can tell you that it is not going to be a small amount, of that I do not have any doubt.」

「Ooooh, I see. Well, in that case, I humbly thank you for sharing that information with me. I will be sure to put it to good use.」

With that information now in my possession, I can seemingly double my earnings if I ever go sell something in Palmasque when I go there to buy mirrors, so this is going to be like killing to birds with one stone while actually having someone else do the picking up and throwing for you so that you will not have to do literally anything! This is definitely going to come in useful for us! Also, since it was translated properly from this world’s language, I also received a confirmation that Amber does exist in this world. And since it is not as bulky and expensive as diamonds, it can easily be carried by Adventurers who would want to use it for commercial purposes.

「Oh, I am sure that someone as excellent as you is going to put that information to good use. To that end, allow me to introduce you to to a merchant who deals in amber here in Bode. He is a reliable fellow as well as a long-time business partner of ours who singlehandedly takes care of almost all of the amber related dealings and transactions here in Bode. His store is situated right next door to the Bode’s Adventurer’s Guild. I will also write a letter of recommendation for you. As long as you are going to have it with you, you can be sure that he will not try to sell you any items that would be of substandard value.」

The Duke picked the quill up from the table and started writing something on another piece of paper. He then folded the paper and dropped some wax from the candle on top of it, while stamping it with the seal with his emblem engraved upon it.

Is this how a letter of introduction is actually made? By doing something so simple as writing the introduction of a particular client on an ordinary piece of paper and then sealing it up with a wax seal? I do not know what I actually expected, but definitely not something so… plain and ordinary, I guess. Well, just as long as it allows me to obtain the Palmasque Mirror without the ornamental frames by virtue of having the commission for it from a noble, then I guess what form the letter of introduction takes is of no consequence to me.

「Here you go. Show this to the store’s owner and he is bound to do business with you in the same way as if he was doing it with me.」

Gozer took the sealed letter of introduction from the Duke’s hands and placed it, along with the written commission for the ornamentaless Palmasque Mirrors and the Hartz Duchy Emblem on the table before me. The emblem is exactly the same one that I gave to the Knight at the lobby when I came here. Does this mean that he does not need it anymore? And more importantly, do I need it anymore? Because I do not think that I need it anymore…

No, upon careful consideration, I do not think that this is going to be the case at all. I think that this emblem is definitely going to come in handy when I will be buying and eventually selling mirrors in Palmasque, so for the time being I should just hold onto it and wait until the right opportunity to use it is going to present itself to me.

I then took a look at the paper where the details of the Duke’s commission for the Palmasque Mirrors were written down. It was written not on papyrus, but on a legitimate sheet of parchment, same as with the letter of introduction, the only difference being that the parchment with the commission’s details was not sealed with a wax seal or anything else similar to it.



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