A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 5 Part 15 **BONUS CHAPTER**



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

It would be nice if we could improve all of our armor all at once, but is there really a need for us to be doing that right now? I mean, we definitely could go down this route, but if we do that too soon, then I would just end up getting worried in advance over what kind of armor should we be taking next if the hardened leather ones stopped being enough when it comes to providing us with protection from the many dangers of the Labyrinths.

So for now, I think it would be best for us to just focus on getting the better pieces of armor for our torsos and see if that is going to be enough for us to handle the Green Caterpillars Lv.11 just a little bit better. If we are going to be able to handle them without much difficulty then hooray for us, and if we are still going to be struggling with them, then that is just going to mean that we are simply not ready to face them properly yet, and that we just have to do some more grinding, gain more levels and then try again.

After much deliberation, searching and discussions between them, Roxanne and Sherry finally managed to choose their equipment. I bought it all with the help of my thirty percent discount, and then we were ready to leave the Armor Shop.

Unfortunately, even with my discount active, the total cost of our shopping trip still ended up costing two whole gold coins, so whether I like it or not, I had no choice but to kiss those gold coins goodbye. That is the ugly truth of this world, which stays exactly the same as its equivalent in my old world: the better quality the equipment that you want to buy, the more expensive it is going to be, and there is no way around it.

We then returned back home, where Roxanne and Sherry immediately proceeded to change themselves into their new outfits. Wearing her new chainmail, Sherry looked like she was as ready as she could be to take on the battlefield by storm, but if I am to be completely honest with you, then I have to say that I am pretty disappointed by this armor.

I know that I should not think about it and look at it as a simple article of clothing but a thing worn for the purpose of combat and combat only, but a part of me just could not stand it to see that it was completely covering Sherry’s body, and because it was made out of metal mesh, it did not emphasize the outline of Sherry’s chest at all.

Hell, forget about the outline of her chest, now that she has the chainmail on, I can barely even see her regular clothing from beneath that armor. I mean…. I can kind of see the color of her clothing beneath it, but I think that we all know full well that this is not what we are about here, right? Yeah, most definitely. I know that this armor is supposed to be first and foremost protect Sherry from suffering damage from the attacks of the monsters from the Labyrinths, but can it not do it while looking just a little bit sexier?

Is that really so much to ask? It would have been another thing entirely if Sherry had to wear it while being naked without literally anything underneath, but since this is not that type of armor and the reasons for why I bought them for Sherry and Roxanne were not perverted, but as practical as could be, so I guess there is nothing that I can possibly do about it now.

I touched the chainmail of Sherry’s shoulder to confirm if that was really metal or not, and sure as hell, this is metal all right, so cold and unfriendly to touch. Yup, it is metal all right. But maybe, just maybe…. Maybe I could ask Sherry to wear the chainmail for me while she would be wearing nothing else underneath, even if only for a short while?

I wonder if she would be against such an idea, or would she be all for it since I was the one who requested her to do it? Of course, I would never ask her to do something like that while we were in the Labyrinth, since that would go against everything I ever said about safety being my number one priority and we cannot afford to have one of the two of our vanguard members to just run around the treacherous halls of a living dungeon while being semi-naked simply because her master ordered her to do it.

Come on guys, I might be horny most of the time, but I would never allow horniness to cloud my mind and actively work against my better judgement.

「Is it possible to wear a chainmail over a leather jacket? Or the other way around?」

「It would have been possible if only items such as armors sold for Adventurers were perfectly normal items, but adventuring equipment is most definitely not a normal type of items, because it is equipped with the spell that automatically reads all of the information about the person who is wearing it, and that is the reason why armor can fit anyone perfectly regardless of their mass, figure or size of their bodies. That is also why doing something like the thing that you just described: equipping one piece of Adventuring gear over the other would be counterproductive, because if more than one piece of armor is being worn on a single body part, then the magic of both equipped pieces of armor would end up getting in conflict with one another, causing the conflicting pieces of equipment to break down.」

Sherry explained to me why putting a hardened leather jacket over a chainmail would not have been a very good idea. So, the general rule of thumb here seems to be that there can only be one piece of equipment on a single part of the body, and equipping more than one piece of equipment on a single body part is possible, but only if you are fine with your equipment getting destroyed because of it.

「Is it also not good to have both sword and wand equipped at the same time?」

「As long as you do not hold one in each of your hand, there should be no problem. If you equip them only one at a time, you should be perfectly fine.」

So I should be all right if I just keep switching between the weapons, huh? Duly noted? But then… what is going to happen if Durandal ends up breaking? What am I going to do if that happens?! Durandal is literally my best weapon here, and I cannot afford myself to lose it, so I definitely need to be more careful with switching between weapons.

「I would definitely like to see the effect of changing equipment in the Labyrinth of Quratar, but maybe we should go there tomorrow morning?」

「The eleventh floor of Quratar is not very popular because it has strong opponents on it, so because of that it should not be all that crowded even now.」

「So what you are saying is that it should be okay for us to go to Quratar’s Labyrinth in order to test that out?」


After receiving Sherry’s confirmation, we then went to the eleventh floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth, but even if I said that I wanted to test the effects of having new equipment on us, then the entire point of this visit right now is to allow ourselves to be attacked by the enemies in a controlled environment.

In the eleventh floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth, Sherry is the one who is most likely to be caught in the Green Caterpillar’s 「Thread Spit」 Skill and have her movements slowed down, so that is why I think that Sherry should be the one to conduct the tests, because being a damage sponge, even if done for the noble cause of an experiment with the new armor, then that is definitely not something that I would like to be doing myself.

And what is more, I am not the best suited candidate for this experiment, because all of the damage that I would have sustained would have been healed over the course of the battle, meaning that the testing period would have just dragged on forever, but since Sherry does not have any healing Skills on her, she is the perfect specimen for the job this time.

「Let us fight here for a while. Ah, that is if you really have no qualms about being deliberately attacked by the monsters here of course. The choice is yours, Sherry, and I will not force you to do anything that you do not want to do.」



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