A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 5 Part 4 **BONUS CHAPTER**



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

But because I am too afraid of my Intelligence Card getting inspected and the Knights at the checkpoint finding out that I am not an Adventurer but just a lowly Explorer, we are now missing out on so much money, so maybe I should actually go with them the next time we will come to Palmasque to buy mirrors….

No Michio, just because you are missing out on money, it does not justify you getting unnecessarily greedy. And besides, there is no telling if my thirty percent discount would work during the buying of the mirrors and selling of the raw amber anyway.

「However, the merchant at the place where we were selling the raw amber said that such a price would be only a one-time thing due to Miss Roxanne’s necklace, so I am afraid that if we come to sell the amber to the same merchant next time, the money that we are going to get will not be as good as the ones that we negotiated today.」

「Is that so?」

So Roxanne was dealing directly with the owner of one of the workshops, huh? Well, I did instruct them to go directly to the workshops to make sure that they will be able to buy a simple plain mirror, so it should be obvious that in that case they are going to be dealing with the owners of such establishments themselves. But in that case, the owners should possess the Job of a Merchant, which mean that my thirty percent discount Bonus Skill should still be effective.

But what was that thing about Roxanne’s necklace?

「…He should just go and perish on the spot. I am sure that nobody would miss him if he did that.」

Sherry spit out the words that definitely sounded like a curse.

I… I see. I think I get it. Was the owner a man? Yeah, if Sherry reacts in such a way, then the owner definitely must have been a man. If the owner was a woman, she would not have used such strong words. Judging from Sherry’s reaction, the guy must have been ogling Roxanne’s necklace…. But wait, if he was looking at the necklace, then that definitely means that he was also staring at her…….

Damn him! How dare he laid his filthy eyes on my Roxanne? The audacity of this prick!

「Yeah, if it was like that, then the guy should definitely perish.」

「Thinking about it now, I should have just sold that necklace to his wife for twenty five gold coins. That would have been a nice punishment for him.」

So the owner of the workshop had a wife? And despite that, he was still looking at my dear Roxanne with such filthy eyes?!

Such transgression is worthy of the worst kind of punishment indeed!

Oh well, I am sure that the merchant’s wife would be easily able to put two and two together and is going to find out about her husband’s indecent intentions as soon as she notices that he bought amber from Roxanne at such unusually high price.

「Way to go Sherry, you did good once again.」

「Thank you for your kind words, master, but I was only doing exactly what you wanted me to do. Also, we managed to buy the mirrors at a discounted price of twenty silver coins per mirror, and because of that, we have decided to pay for the next two mirrors in advance already. Considering the amount paid in advance and the amount already bought, we will receive a total of fourteen mirrors. After deducting this amount, the rest is the remaining ten mirrors including the amount to have the stand attached to the biggest one. So as you can see, the numbers have increased a little.」

Since I handed over three gold coins. Or sixty silver coins, as a prepayment, so twenty silver coins should be an equivalent of fifteen Palmasque Mirrors, but the two I have already purchased are calculated as thirty silver coins, and the remaining two hundred and forty silver coins are the equivalent of twelve mirrors. In other words, did they buy it by calculating the price as twenty silver coins? And although they paid all sixty silver coins, they still had enough left to pay for two mirrors in advance. In other words….

The price dropped too much, but I think that it is because they also negotiated various other things including that, so it was still a great achievement.

「You do not have to worry yourselves with the extra numbers. Even so, that is quite a drop from the regular price. I wonder if that workshop is going to be all right?」

「It’s better if the workshop of such an owner does not make any kind of profit. His wife did not know much about sales either, so she could not lower it anymore. This was the lowest and best price we could get.」

「I-I see.」

It would seem that he was forced to give it up. Well, it was already two thirds anyway, so it is not like he had any other choice to make. Anyway, this just proves that Sherry is an especially ruthless and merciless negotiator.

「He was not lowering the price, of course, so we talked to his wife about it instead, causing the great evil to perish.」

So, the owner first incurred loss when he bought amber and was then exposed to his wife  for his scheming as well. Talk about a one-two punch straight to the gut without holding anything back. But even if they had not exposed him, his wife would have definitely found out that he bought amber from Roxanne at such a high price, so he would have gotten his rightful comeuppance anyway.

Oh man, Sherry really is unbelievably ruthless and unforgiving. I would not have expected that from her just from her appearance alone. I guess that really proves that you cannot judge a book by its cover.

「The world is a beautiful place, so evil absolutely cannot be allowed to flourish in it. It needs to be weeded out at all costs before it can contaminate the world with its filth.」

「Yes. Also, we have received four gold coins in total. Here you go, master.」


Twenty amber gemstones for four gold coins in total. It might have been better, but overall that is not a bad catch by a long shot.

Sherry nodded reassuringly, opened her Item Box and took the gold coins out. I opened my Item Box as well, receiving the gold coins from her and putting them away safely in my own Item Box. As for gold coins, we have a total of twenty-one of them now, and if we ever needed more money, then in addition to selling the Palmasque Mirrors to Gozer, we can also sell the Amber Necklaces to that workshop owner’s wife. Overall, I have to say that we are managing to accumulate quite a nice sum of money again, and once the business with selling the Palmasque Mirrors to Gozer is going to be concluded, I am definitely going to have enough money on me to go to the Imperial City and visit the slave merchant to whom Alan-san has written me a letter of introduction. Also, on a side note: usually, we are making the money for our living mainly by selling the Drop Items that we obtain from killing monsters in the Labyrinths to the Adventurer’s Guild, but if you think about it carefully, is doing that really all that profitable? And looking at how much Sherry and Roxanne managed to earn in a single day, maybe I should consider seriously switching my main way of getting money from dungeon crawling to trading?

However, I absolutely cannot forget that the only reason why I was able to go to Palmasque in the first place was because I was going to the Labyrinths and earned so many levels fighting the monsters there, which in turn allowed me to increase my overall MP pool to such a degree that traveling from Quratar to Palmasque, even if needed to be done with a few stops in between. And if I had not started my journey at Vale’s Labyrinth back there, I probably would not have been able warp to Palmasque in the first place. That, and I also needed the money so that I could buy mirrors and amber. If I did not earn all the money that I did in the Labyrinth first, then it would not have been possible for me to buy them at all.

I then recovered my MP in the Labyrinth, and from there, I warped back to the Adventurer’s Guild. On the way home we stopped to pick up ingredients for breakfast.



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