A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 5 Part 6 **BONUS CHAPTER**



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If I were to liken her to something, then it would most likely have to be a combination of a sculpture of a Greek Goddess, while Roxanne is 「just」 a bisque doll. So, the pretty boy who became the Duke of Hartz got himself a beautiful wife to match him, huh? If I were to be in his shoes, would I be able to do the same thing? Is that the benefit of being someone who holds a position of power in his hands? Is that really how it is: that political power and influence can give you not only money and status, but also all the beautiful women that you could have ever dream of as well?

I hate him for being a pretty boy so much. I hate him, and I am jealous of him. And so incredibly envious that I might start melting any minute now. This is all the fault of this world and its social hierarchy system that is rotten to the core! It is exactly that which causes the difference in social standing to create rifts between people, and those rifts only serve to deepen the inequality between those at the top of the social hierarchy and those who are below them, especially the bottom feeders who are getting shat on by everyone who is above them. This is a straight-up example of crippling inequality, and yet nobody seems to care and try to do anything about it! Is this really how it should be? Should such an exploitation really be allowed?! Are we really going to allow these social atrocities to continue while closing our eyes, ears and hearts to it, pretending that everything is fine and dandy while we go on about our daily lives as per the fucking usual?! Are we going to allow such blatant injustice to go unpunished and continue to spread its absurdity?! No! What we need to do is to have a revolution! We should make the ruling class tremble and cower in fear of us! The proletariat has nothing to lose, and the world to win! Members of the working class, UNITE!!! (From 『The Communist Manifesto』.) (TL Note: Is Michio secretly a commie?)

From today onwards, let us all live as the red warriors! Let us live and dedicate our lives to the glorious cause of fighting against those who would dare to oppress and exploit us! Let us deliver the noble scum to justice, and usher in the new era of freedom and equality for all! And next, we have to dethrone the emperor and give the power to rule back where it rightfully belongs: in the hands of the people!

「Nice to meet you. My name is Kaga Michio.」

However, in front of Cassia, I bow respectfully. After all, you have to act respectfully in front of a lady.

「The Duke has told me that you are quite an excellent Adventurer, Lord Michio.」

Cassia said to me. Oh wow, did the Duke really say something like that to her about me? I mean, I do feel kinda flattered, but I really would have liked him not to spread his own misunderstandings to other people who might take him too seriously, thus spreading the misunderstandings even further. Nevertheless, it makes me happy to see that the Duke is such a good person who praises those who deserve praise, like me for everything that I have done for him, so maybe we are not going to be in need of a revolution after all?

「No, no, no. Whatever your husband told you about me, I assure you that I am nowhere near as amazing as the Duke was probably making me out to be.」

While I was acting humble towards Cassia and the Duke, I used 「Identify」 on Cassia to see her exact Stats.

Cassia, Female, 29 years old

Job: Mage Lv41

Equipment: Sacrificial Misanga

She is only twenty nine years old? Oh my God so she is basically still so young that she can basically be called a sweet, glossy fruit dripping with water that is about to ripen into its most delicious state! And moreover if I did not have 「Identify」 on me, and checked to see that she almost approaching her thirties, then I would have definitely said that she could not have been more than twenty years of age, and that would check itself out with the general saying that when it comes to elves, you cannot really determine their true age by something so simple as looking at them with your naked eye alone. But you know what? It does not matter if Cassia is twenty or thirty years old, because in my book she is only one thing: a beautiful woman. I feel like I want to just stare at her and feast my eyes upon her beauty, but I know that I have to keep myself in check, because if I do that for too long, it will be entirely possible that the Duke might start suspecting something. And on top of being exceptionally beautiful, Cassia is also a high-levelled Mage, which adds a whole another level of amazingness to her! And by the way, when I checked him with 「Identify」 earlier, I saw that Gozer was definitely not a Mage himself, so if Cassia has that Job, and at such a high level at that, then could this perhaps mean that….?

「And this here is…?」

「This is one of the Palmasque Mirrors that Michio bought for us.」

「Oh, is that so? Allow me to see it then.」

Cassia said while approaching the desk upon which the mirror that I brought in with me has been laid out. Her appearance when she was walking was so elegant and beautiful that I just could not stop myself from admiring her every motion. Is this how all of the women from the aristocratic class are, or is being so elegant while doing something so mundane a quality that was unique to her only, because I never saw anyone else walk so elegantly like that before. As I was already saying, she looked absolutely beautiful.

Then she leaned down and looked at the mirror, examining it very closely.

Such a wonderful profile. And her eyelashes are so long and beautiful as well.

「Well? How is it?」

「Yes, this is a beautiful mirror, beyond a shadow of a doubt.」

After looking at the mirror for a good while, Cassia replied to my inquiry.

She did not say that what was beautiful was her own face in the mirror, nor the reflection that the mirror was showing. She said that about the mirror itself as a whole, which means that she must have been wondering whether it was a genuine article or just a really well-done forgery. But now that she has a closer look at it, there was no longer any doubt in her mind that what she had in front of her was a Genuine Palmasque Mirror.

Does that mean that a revolution is still necessary after all?

Well, it is not like I can do anything about it now. I am pretty sure that there are numerous fake items called Palmasque Mirror available for purchase on the black market, and if these forgeries are popular enough to be able to be sold in substantial number for a much lower price than that of the original Palmasque Mirror, then I cannot blame the members of the aristocracy for running thorough checks to see if the potential seller is not trying to scam them from their money by selling them a fake mirror advertised as a genuine article. But since Cassia was able to tell that this mirror is a real deal after only a short glance at it, then does that mean that she already has experience in appraising mirrors, or perhaps it is that she also possesses the 「Identify」 Skill? Well, it would probably be best not to think about it too much, so let me just think positively and revel in the thought that the Palmasque Mirror that I bought got Cassia’s endorsement.

「Now then, what about the price?」

Now that it has been confirmed that the mirror that I delivered was a genuine article and not a fake, Gozer talked to me about the price that they would have to pay for it.

The matter of price, huh? Well, certainly, Gozer himself said that a single Palmasque Mirror should be between ten thousand Nars and twenty thousand Nars, and even though Sherry and Roxanne managed to get a discount for themselves, the craftsmen at the workshop originally wanted to ask for the price of thirty five silver coins. Now, if we were to buy this mirror at one of the Imperial City luxury goods shops, that price was essentially going to get tripled, ending up at around fifteen thousand and five hundred Nars.



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