A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 1 Part 5



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And since I have the Job of a Monk myself, I know that this is not an advanced Job like a Paladin or a Grand Wizard. And also, because how could it be otherwise, all of the members of Gozer’s Party are Elves. Of the exceedingly beautiful, handsome variety I might add. Just looking at anyone of them is hurting both my eyes and heart, since I know perfectly well that I will never be able to reach their level of handsomeness, and it is simply driving me crazy.

「Are you leaving already, Lord Michio?」

「Yes, I am afraid that I have to be on our way now, since I came here only so that I could get a hang of how this Labyrinth looks like and what kind of monsters can be encountered here, but now that I have seen this place for myself, I will be sure to come back here together with the members of my Party.」

「I can have a member of my Party guide you if you want.」

Gozer offered me his assistance.

Is he really that caring of a person, or is there something else to it? After all, if someone like him who has such a high level and a Party that is equally as amazing as he is, then he definitely must have had a reason to come to such a low Labyrinth floor as this one.

The more I talk to him, the more suspicious he is getting, and that worries me to no end.

「Ah, thank you for your kind offer. I was thinking of going to the tenth or eleventh floor.」

However, as suspicious as he might seem to me at the current moment, there is no way that I am going to decline such a generous invitation when it is being offered to me with seemingly no strings attached. Only a complete idiot would have turned it down, and I am most definitely not an idiot. This might come at the price of exposing which floor I was intending to explore, but even if I am going to expose that bit of information about my plans, this is simply an opportunity that I cannot allow myself to miss. I was planning to challenge the eleventh floor, but now I think that it might be worth my while to actually change the slightly and take on the tenth floor as well.

「Ah, you are here. Good, you came at just the right time. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but could you take this man with you to another floor? Well, where do you want to go, exactly? Tenth floor, or eleventh floor?」

The Explorer comes of the entrance along with some Adventurers, and as soon as they did, Gozer started talking to the Explorer.

「Well then, let me confirm first.」

The Explorer takes out the map of the Labyrinth. He seems to be confirming something.

「Yes, tenth floor and the eleventh floor.」

「Please allow him to guide you. Can you add him to your Party?」

Gozer asked me to add that Adventurer to my Party. Is this Adventurer Lv.53 a member of Gozer’s Party as well? Now that I think about it, none of the overpowered members of Gozer’s Party whom I saw and appraised with 「Identify」 were actually Explorers or Adventurers, and if you do not have at least one of these two in your Party, then the said Party is going to be absolutely trash tier, because even with all of these uber strong members with advanced Jobs and a plethora of powerful Skills, they are going to be all for naught without one of the two truly useful Skills that every Party in this world simply needs to possess: Explorer’s 「Dungeon Walker」 and Adventurer’s 「Field Walker」.

While I was adding the Adventurer to my Party, the Explorer has already left.

「Just to confirm, forty-two silver coins for the forty-two floors, right?」

They really seem to have reached forty-second floor, huh? I see. Gozer said that they have already broken through the forty-first floor, and since they have broken through the forty-first floor, then it would stand to reason that their next objective is going to be an attack on the forty-second floor, and when I entered the Labyrinth, they were probably readying themselves to leave for the time being. I wonder if they have received two silver coins instead of one when they were clearing the first floor of this Labyrinth?

The Adventurer who is a Party member of Goslar’s Party and the Explorer in charge at the entrance of the Labyrinth probably went to the forty-second floor together to scout the area ahead that is still going to be waiting, while Gozer himself and the rest of his team were waiting for them in the meantime, and the Explorer has just confirmed that they have broken through the forty-one floors, so did he manage to come in and out of it in such a short time?

And if it is like than, then maybe I would also be able to go to the forty-second floor myself if only I put this guy in my Party and then think about going to the forty-second floor while thinking about it pretty intently in my mind the entire time.

Our Party of two moves to the tenth floor, and when we arrived on the tenth floor I immediately opted to go back outside of the Labyrinth where I repeated the entire process, this time by going to the eleventh floor and then going back to the overworld again, and it is all because Adventurers do not possess 「Dungeon Walker」 Skill that would allow them to swiftly travel from one floor of the Labyrinth to another. Now, just imagine how much easier their lives would be.

「Thank you very much for guiding me here.」

「It is I who should be thanking you for putting so much effort into what His Lordship requested of you, so I hope that you are going to succeed with your exploration. Now then, take care.」

Gozer and I thanked each other like a pair of gentlemen we are, and then each of us went their separate way.

I returned home through a nearby tree. In order to grab Roxanne and Sherry so that the three of us could go to Haruba Labyrinth’s eleventh floor. But before that, in order to show the Explorer at the entrance that I was back, I did not go directly into the Labyrinth, but to the trees in the nearby forest instead, and then entered the tenth floor of the Labyrinth from the outside.

「When we will be entering the Labyrinth, can we choose the floor from which we will be able to begin the exploration?」

「Adventurers and Explorers are capable of doing it, so yes.」

As we were talking, I also took a glance at Sherry’s level as an Explorer. She is now currently Explorer Lv.11. It would seem that Explorers and Adventurers can freely choose which floor of the Labyrinth they want to enter, so from that standpoint, Gozer’s actions from earlier were not suspicious at all, so at the very least that is one mystery solved, so now I can take Roxanne and Sherry to do some Haruba’s Labyrinth’s tenth floor exploration with a clear conscience.

「All right, we are going to start with the tenth floor for the time being. Sherry, can you tell us which monsters are native to the tenth floor of this Labyrinth?」

「Umm… the monsters native to the tenth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth are NT Ants.」

「Poisonous enemies yet again, huh? Well, we are exploring this Labyrinth for the first time, so starting from a slightly lower floor was bound to be a good decision, even if it means dealing with my least favorite enemies. Anyway, Roxanne, can you start searching for the nearest group of monsters please?」

If things are going to get too dicey here, we can always advance to the eleventh floor.


For now, we proceeded through the tenth floor under Roxanne’s guidance. The first enemy that we found was actually an NT Ant Lv.10, so I promptly proceeded to hit it with 「Water Balls」 until it died after eating three of them to the face. It is not our first time facing them, so we are definitely going to be all right. Even if we happen onto a group, we will be able to take them all out. But just to be on the safe side, we can hunt some more of them here for good measure.

On a side note, do you think that these NT Ants could succeed in killing a dinosaur if they were fighting it? Nah, probably not.



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