A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 1 Part 9



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So many questions, and it does not look like the answers to them are going to be anywhere near in sight.

「The monster from the twelfth floor is Pig Hog.」

「Do you know about it?」

「Just that. I do not know any other details.」

「The Pig Hog is an earth attribute monster. It has resistance to Earth Magic, and can use Earth Magic itself. Water Magic is its weak point.」

Sherry gives us an explanation.

I only knew the name of it because of 「Identify」, I do not know anything else about it, so I guess it was a stroke of luck that I was able to defeat it the way I did, because it saved me from looking like a complete fool in front of Roxanne and Sherry again.

Also, its Drop Item is Pork Ribs. The ingredients for tonight’s dinner have officially been decided. I need to recover a bit of MP with Durandal, so we went to the eleventh floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth to do that.

While there, I slaughtered some Minos and recovered MP, but I was doing that, a certain thought popped into my mind: if Pig Hogs leave Pork Ribs when they are killed, then why are Minos not dropping Beef Ribs, or any kind of food item that has something to do with beef? If they did that, then we might have sold them at a butcher’s shop.

I calm down after recovering some MP. Beef Ribs would be nice. I want to eat them so badly now that I started thinking about them. Where would they come from? Where can I get them from….

I can fight on the thirteenth floor with 「Meteor Crash」 and Durandal, and as a general rule, I should fight stronger monsters to improve myself and increase the levels of my Jobs. In that case, should I make the thirteenth floor of Tare’s Labyrinth my permanent hunting ground?

But in my case, I need to consider my EXP and skills. If I want to keep on using Durandal, Alchemist’s 「Plating」, and Warrior’s 「Rush」, then I am definitely going to be forced to sacrifice some of my EXP increasing Skills in order to continue doing so. Overusing 「Meteor Crash」 also does not seem like that good of an idea, because there is always a chance that I might end up being seen by someone, and if I will be busted like that, then it is going to be all over for me.

With my Mage Job it is going to be a little bit safer, because Mages can use Spells like 「Fireball」 and 「Water Storm」, so if anyone sees me casting those Spells, at worst they are just going to think that I am my Party’s Magic user.

Unfortunately, since 「Meteor Crash」 is a Bonus Skill, there is a good probability that it does not normally exist in this world, so using it is basically like a cheat, and even if I tried to come up with a cover story for it and for why am I able of using it, such deceptions would definitely be seen right through.

So then, would it actually be better for me to stay on the eleventh floor? It might still be too early to go to the thirteenth floor after all. The eleventh floor is a better hunting ground.

Since I have already collected some planks, I continued hunting on eleventh floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth for the reminder of the day. We finished exploring, then sold all of our items that we gathered today and returned home.

We got a lot of planks from the Rub Shrubs today, and Sherry is going to need as much of them as she can get her hands on in order to make new equipment out of them.

According to the to-do list of Master Smith training regimen, the next item on her to-do list should be a Club or a Hammer. Sherry’s skills in creating weapons and equipment are quickly catching up with our equipment…. Or maybe not. Maybe I should look at it the other way around?

It just means that our current equipment is made only of cheap materials that can be obtained on the lower layers of the Labyrinths, and while that is good for Sherry who became a Master Smith only recently and she needs as much training as possible, it is actually bad for us, since we are going to need some quality weapons and equipment if we want our Labyrinth exploration to proceed smoothly?

The strength of monsters from the twelfth floor and up is doubled in comparison to the monsters from the eleventh floor. Currently, seven spells are required to defeat a monster on the eleventh floor, so it would actually take fourteen regular shots of magic to defeat them. Fourteen Spells for a single monster is just too much.

At this rate, even the Skills of something as basic as the Green Caterpillars are going to be more efficient than my magic. Fire Magic is the Rub Shrub’s weakness, so I would only need half the spells to defeat it if I were to be using only Fire Magic on it. If other monsters are mixed in, it will not be as good.

Defeating monsters on the twelfth floor and up seems to be quite difficult. We can do it, but it is not going to be as easy as it was on the lower floors, so I think it is high time to increase our power, especially upgrade my wand. I wonder how other Parties are capable of clearing the Labyrinth floors without magic users in their ranks?

Do they just get more people? If they have someone on recovery job, like a Priest or a Monk, then they can probably do it even if the battles are going to get prolonged. As for my Party, I am currently fulfilling the role of a healer.

There is no problem with recovering after the fight has ended. The problem is recovering during a fight. Defeating monsters also depends on my magic. If I recover during combat, it delays defeating monsters. Taking longer in a fight against something like a Green Caterpillar would be bad.

Should I switch Roxanne or Sherry to recovery duty? When I take out Durandal, I have a Monk Job on just in case, but a full-blown Priest could respond to any health-related emergencies immediately. Yeah, things would be a bit easier for us with a priest.

Is it bad to make a recovery position if I don’t have enough vanguards? The number of people is not enough.

「Master……. Master!」

Roxanne’s voice fades in as I think about it. I had not noticed it.

「Sorry. What is the matter?」

「There was a message on the door. It is from Luke. He seems to have made a successful bid on a Rabbit Skill Crystal.」

While we were in the labyrinth, a messenger seems to have come from the broker, Luke.

「Oh. Rabbit? Rabbit Skill Crystal gives 「Chant Delay」, right?」

「Yes, that’s right.」

Sherry confirms it. It can become 「Chant Interruption」 if fused together with the Kobold Skill Crystal. If I put 「Chant Interruption」 on Sherry’s weapon, it will help my strategy. She will be able to cancel the spell from the Green Caterpillar Lv.11 as well. The long-distance attack from the Rub Shrubs can’t be prevented though. There’s nothing we can do about long distance attacks. The skills and magic can be prevented after we get close, so even that much would be good.

This is going to increase our battle potential even further, and I absolutely cannot wait for it!

However, we still have a number of things to do before we go get that Skill Crystal. First, I had Sherry make some equipment using the planks that we have obtained, then we had dinner, after which I washed every part of Sherry and Roxanne’s bodies quite thoroughly during our bath, then I had them inspect my body to see if it has been properly washed, and after that we had some fun in the bed that ended up with us feeling exhausted, but satisfied, so all three of us fell asleep rather quickly.

On the next morning, we followed up our daily routine of waking up, going to the Labyrinth to do some grinding and exploring, then I was off to deliver yet another mirror from Palmasque to the Duke in Bode, and when I went back home and we had breakfast, I had Sherry make some equipment again. See, that was a lot of things to do, and it is just the morning, and there are still more of them to do.

Now that we finished eating dinner and Sherry is about to do another round of her Master Smith training, I will have to go to the Merchant’s Guild in Quratar.

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