A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 2 Part 12

Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist Editor: Weasalopes

So I guess that the general rule here is that if you do not go out of your way to specifically cut away the wrists of the people whose Intelligence Cards you wish to confiscate, then they are going to be sucked in by the Labyrinth along with the bodies of the deceased, never to be recovered again.

「So you want to obtain their Intelligence Cards before they disappear to exchange them for money, huh?」

「Yes, and keeping the cut hands in a cloth like that is the best way to ensure that the Intelligence Cards will not be lost anywhere after the get naturally extracted from them.」

Well, if you say so, then I guess that is how it is going to be. And honestly, I thought that I was going to get used to how brutal and violent this world was at times, but apparently I was wrong, because seeing them actually cut someone’s hand and then toss it into an improvised cloth bag like that has still made me feel a little bit sick in my stomach. Is this what is considered to be common sense in this world?

Is this procedure a widely accepted one when it comes to handling the remains of Bandits and Thieves? Because if so, then this is definitely one of these moments where I feel genuinely happy about the fact that the common sense of this world did not become a part of my mind, which is still largely intact and the same as it was in the time when I was still living my sad, depressing life back in Japan.

「Okay, not that this little distraction is done with, I am going to defeat the next group of monsters that we are going to encounter with my sword, but after that, I will switch back to using magic again, but utill then, the three of us are going to be fighting together in the vanguard.」

「「Yes, thank you very much, master!」」

My MP still has not fully recovered after I used that 「Equivalent Exchange」 and the killed two of the Bandits to replenish some of it, so I would like to use Durandal throughout one more fight in order to replenish it completely, and after that, it is going to be back to using magic, after all, my original goal of coming here was to test how comfortable my new Rod of Offerings was going to be to use.

Defeating those Bandits, while ultimately profitable because we claimed all of the gear and the items that they had in their possession, was nothing but a distraction from my original intention, and we have already lost enough of our time because of that. If I am going to go back to using magic, then it should be entirely okay for me to have a cloth around my wrist.

「I think it would be best if we aimed for a small number of monsters, so do you think we could go to the room at the opposite end of the crossroad that we passed through in order to get here?」

「No, that is not going to be a good idea, because there are too many monsters out there. This way.」

Ahh, so Roxanne is still going to ultimately consider my safety to be the top priority, and so she is not going to take me to a place that might have too many monsters in it. How thoughtful of her. But on the other hand, it might come across as just a tad bit too overprotective, because in this particular situation I want to be all warlike and face many enemies in order to recover the rest of my MP, and I will not be able to do it if I will not have the opportunity to fight many monsters simply because Roxanne is on high alert all the time, but there is nothing much that I can do about it now, so I just have to put up with it for now as I placed all of the items and Magic Crystals that we managed to pillage off of them.

At the very least, we should be able to make some good money. Then again, the owners of the shops are probably going to notice that it was the equipment belonging to Bandits right away and will decline buying it from us under the claims that they do not want to have anything to do with all things that are related to Bandits.

If that is how it is really going to be, then the only thing that is going to be left for us to contend with is going to be the money from the bounty for killing them.

After slaughtering the next group of enemies in what I can only describe as Durandal’s blood festival, I managed to recover my MP in its entirety, which enabled me to effortlessly defeat the groups of enemies that consisted of Rub Shrubs and Pig Hogs.

Well, maybe not effortlessly, because taking them out still took some time, but now that I knew exactly how I should be fighting them and had more than enough MP to afford it, it was at least easier in comparison to the first times that I fought with these enemies, where I was basically shooting in the dark the entire time, and the thing that makes it both easier and harder on me are the elemental weaknesses of the enemies.

If I want to defeat Rub Shrub as fast as possible, then the best way to do it is to use Fire Magic, because Rub Shrubs are weak against it, but if I do that in a mixed group with Pig Hogs, it is going to take longer to kill Pig Hogs, because they are not weak to Fire Magic, but to Water Magic instead.

The thirteenth floor of the Labyrinths is definitely an undeniable jump in both the difficulty and the length of the fights that we are waging here, but Roxanne still managed to avoid the attacks that were directed towards her with such ease as if she was doing just a bit of morning exercises before a meal…. But wait, are you supposed to do your exercises before, or after you eat breakfast in the morning?

Is it not that one of these two is supposed to make you feel hungrier so that the food would taste better, while other is supposed to help you burn all of the calories you might have accumulated from your meal? No matter. The most important thing to know here is that Roxanne was doing just as fine as she usually did.

 「The battles have really gotten slightly longer than usual, do you not think, master?」

Roxanne remarked about the exact same thing that I have already observed.

「Yeah, but even so, we should not have any problems with cleaning up the enemies here, especially since I can defeat most of them with my magic.」

「Yes, most definitely. That is exactly why I am so grateful to master for having mastered so many magical abilities, because thanks to them a portion of the burden that would normally be placed on mine and Sherry’s shoulders can now be lifted, meaning that do not have to be on alert as much as we would have to be if master was not supporting us with his magic. Thanks to that, if I only have one enemy to deal with thanks to master disposing of all the others, I know that I am going to be able to dodge their attacks and defeat them even with my eyes closed!」

「Uhm, yes, I agree with what Miss Roxanne is saying wholeheartedly. If master did not have access to magic, then we would definitely have shared the same problems like all the other Parties that did not have a Mage among their ranks, meaning that the battles that can be concluded relatively quickly under our current circumstances would have dragged on for much longer than it is actually necessary…. So as I was saying, master’s magic is really a huge help as long as concluding battles in a quick fashion is concerned.」

Concluding battles in a quick fashion, huh? It would have been much better if I could wrap the battles with the lesser monsters up as soon as they are starting, but at my current level and with my current MP pool I guess there is nothing much that I can really do about it, huh? Also, for that same reason, I would not really call myself all that strong. I mean, with magic, and Durandal and all of my Jobs and their combined bonuses I guess you could call me pretty OP in my own right, but I still think that Roxanne is much more amazing than I am because of how she can avoid the attacks of all the enemies that we have encountered so far without breaking as much as a sweat.

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