A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 2 Part 14

Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist Editor: Weasalopes

I cannot simply count on them skipping the check procedure just because their leader knows me personally.

If my Intelligence Card gets check and my real occupation gets exposed, it’ll only bring a landslide of questions with it, like how can I use 「Field walker」 if I’m not an Adventurer, or how did I managed to come to Bode so fast upon receiving the commission in the first place? So, if I’m going to risk all of my other secrets getting exposed, then I really think that we should not be handing the Intelligence Cards off to the Knights of Hartz Duchy.

Then again, at some point the news of the Bandit’s demise are sure to reach the Duke and Gozer’s ears, and once that happens, they might start to question me about why didn’t I bring the Intelligence Cards to the Knights immediately, and them snooping around that matter would be just as bad for me, so it would seem that the only possible choice for me here is to hold onto the Bandit’s Intelligence Cards without handing them over.

Should I bring the Cards to the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy only after I will become an Adventurer in a legal manner? To be honest, that seems like the safest thing to do, but then again, if I choose to do that, then I am going to lock myself out of the possibility of claiming the reward until I’ll actually become an Adventurer, and since the Job of an Adventurer cannot be acquired before you increase your Explorer Job to Lv.50, which is the lowest requirement, it means that it’d still take some considerable time, but considering my own safety, that might actually be the best course of action for me right now.

「Sherry, can you tell when someone died just from reading the information from their Intelligence Card?」

「I haven’t heard anything about the possibility of doing anything like that. However, the Intelligence Card is going to contain the information of how old the owner of the Intelligence Card was at the moment of their death, so if you really wanted to check exactly when they died, you could try narrowing it down with that to some degree.」

So the Intelligence Card is not going to show me exactly when someone died, but it is going to show me how old that person was at the moment of their death? I don’t know about you, but to me, that function seems to be….. kinda pointless, actually, because if I understand what Sherry just said correctly, then if the Bandit’s birthday was tomorrow and that would cause his age to increase, then that would mean that he didn’t die yesterday, or today, but over a year ago!

But maybe there’s a way of knowing when the Bandit’s birthdays are in this world?

「Are people able to tell when the Bandit’s actual birthday was?」

「Uhm, I think it can be done only by every season when the age on the Intelligence Card increases.」

So it’s like that in this world? They base years not on the passage of the set number of days, but instead they base their years on seasons?

It should be fine if I start the count from each spring. And if it takes too much time for me to become an Adventurer, I can just take the Card somewhere else to avoid suspicion.

Yeah, given all of the information that I’ve learned just now, this seems like the best possible way of handling the matter with the Bandit’s Intelligence Cards.

I am going to keep them in my Item Box for the time being, and if I happen to acquire the Job of an Adventurer for myself across the changing seasons, then I am going to go to the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy and claim the Bandit’s bounty in a legitimate way, without having to worry about the possibility of being discovered and thrown into jail for hiding the truth about my Job.

And besides, it’s not like we are in dire need of getting more money for ourselves right now. What we currently have on us is perfectly enough for us to afford both the food and the clothing, and if we’re ever going to need more, we can always go to the Labyrinths and get it from hunting monsters from the lower floors and selling their Drop Items. We’re also in the middle of the process of bringing the Palmasque Mirrors to Gozer and selling them to him for the price of one gold coin per mirror, so when that task is going to be finished, we’re going to have quite a nice amount of money available to us from it.

On the next day, even though we should be doing our best to clear the eleventh floor of the Labyrinth of Tare, we decided to go to the eleventh floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth instead, where we managed to break through the entire floor all the way to the Boss Room with relatively little resistance from the regular monsters that were unable to hinder our progress.

Since the regular enemies of the eleventh floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth were Green Caterpillars, that means that the Floor Boss that we’re going to be facing is going to be White Caterpillar. Its size was certainly imposing and needed to remain vigilant since it was trying to use its Skills much more frequently than its equivalents from the lower floors, but other than that, our usual strategy of defeating the Floor Bosses worked on it like a charm this time as well.

Roxanne positioned herself right in front of the White Caterpillar and was focusing all of its attention on herself, and while she was doing that, Sherry and I were whacking at it from the side and the back, with my strikes from Durandal serving both as the primary source of damage and the interruption for when the magic circle was appearing below its body, indicating that it was about to use a Skill. Overall, it was yet another easy victory for us.

After the battle was finished and we gathered up the Drop Item that the White Caterpillar Lv.11 left behind, we were clear to advance to Quratar’s twelfth floor.

「Okay Sherry, what can you tell us about the main monsters that we’re going to find here?」

「The monster native to the twelfth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth is called Saracenia. It is a plant-like monster that is also capable of using ranged attacks, and its Skill involves it violently regurgitating its digestive juices so that it could use them as projectiles to fling towards its prey. Its ranged attacks are capable of inflicting poison upon those struck by them, but luckily for us, the attack with its digestive juices cannot poison you. As for its strengths and weaknesses, it is not resistant to any type of magic, and Fire Magic is supposed to be its weakness.」

Upon arriving at the twelfth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth, Sherry provided us with a briefing on the peculiarities of the monster native to this floor upon my request. So this Saracenia is a plant-based monster capable of not only poisoning its targets with its ranged attacks, but it also possesses a Skill where it quite literally can vomit its digestive juices at us? Talk about a truly frightening enemy.

「Well, I have to admit that from the way that you’ve described it, this Saracenia fellow sounds like a sort of monster that we should be definitely avoiding at all costs, but since we’re already here and it’s the main monster of this floor then we’re bound to happen upon it sooner or later, so we might as well use this chance to find the one that’s going to be alone so that we could see how it fights and check how we’re going to be faring against it.」

This is the twelfth floor of the Labyrinth, which means that the enemies are going to be stronger than the ones that we’ve encountered on the tenth and eleventh floors, but as long as the monsters that we’re going to be fighting here won’t be totally immune to magic, then we should be able to pull through just fine.

On top of that, this Saracenia is supposed to be weak against Fire Magic, so if only I keep on using it against it, then the encounters with it shouldn’t be all that different from how I was able to handle the Grass Bees with Wind Magic before. If only I keep doing that and not let overconfidence get the better of me, I should have no problem with dispatching Saracenias on my own, reducing the possibility of Roxanne and Sherry being targeted by it and injured from one of its attacks.

「All right, is there anything else that I should know about this floor?」

I asked Sherry for any additional info before setting of onto the twelfth floor of Qutatar’s Labyrinth for good.

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