A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 3 Part 8 BONUS CHAPTER

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Is it impossible for me to expect to find someone who is going to be on the same level of beauty as Roxanne and Sherry? Am I really going to have to lower my own standards and expectations in order to compromise on it so that this trip here would not turn out to be one huge waste of my time?

「What about that room over here?」

I asked the Slave Shop owner when we reached the room at the far end of the corridor.

「The following room contains the slaves without any experience with men. They are a bit expensive for a Combat Slaves, but if it is your wish to browse though them as well, then by all means, we can go ahead and do it.」

「That is all right with me. I do not mind if they are going to be a bit inexperienced, so you can go ahead and take me to see them as well.」

「Very well, as you wish.」

So they even had a category for slaves like that, huh? Well, since there are all kinds of people out there with various tastes, then I guess there are people who enjoy inexperienced slaves as well, and hence the market for them, even if they might be a little niche. I just hope that one of them turn out to be too muscular, because while I do like women to be fit, I am not too big of a fan of them having too much muscle mass than strictly necessary.

Anyway, once we entered the room, the female slaves who know Brahim arranged themselves in a row in front of all the others, just like the owner had told them to do all those times before. There was one woman whom I could describe as beautiful here, but she was so blatantly unmotivated and did not even try to look at me that I knew that I am not going to be able to find what I am looking for in here.

I see, so that is how it is going to be, huh?

It might be because this is the Slave Shop in the Imperial City, so the standards and the expectations of its slaves might be a bit heightened, but this is probably what Sherry described to me before: the case where the female slaves are going to be aiming to snatch the most wealthy client possible for themselves, and because of that they are not even going to be giving a passing glance to those whom they deem to be not wealthy enough.

The biggest issue with these types of women is that they are perfectly aware that they are beautiful, and because of that they can allow themselves to be selective as hell when choosing to which client they want to appeal, and that beauty is also going to allow them to completely lead their potential masters by the nose, having them on their every beck and call.

They are probably going to think that it is going to be too bothersome and dangerous to be entering the Labyrinths only to have their beauty endangered, and would likely search for every possible excuse to not go there as much as possible, so in a way, I guess it can be said that it is the same as back in my old world, right?

There are women who want nothing more from life than to strike it rich and live a comfortable life where they would not have to do absolutely anything for the rest of their lives, relying on their husband/boyfriend/partner to continue to provide for their comfy lifestyle. If such women are here in this world as well, then it is pretty much self-explanatory that they would not want to have anything to do with the typical activities of a Combat Slave, even if they have been purchased for that exact reason. Such women are truly the worst. In contrast, take a look at Roxanne and Sherry. They are both beautiful, but even so, they have still decided that they want to accompany me on my trips to the Labyrinths so that we could continue to explore them and grow stronger together.

So I guess now I have yet another thing to consider before I make my purchase here: if I still decide to aim for a beautiful slave, are they even going to be willing to go to the Labyrinth along with the three of us? Would they be willing to risk their life for their master and fellow slaves, or would they just laze around in the house while claiming that battling in the Labyrinth is too much of a hussle for them? I have no way of knowing that for sure, but as far as my intuition goes, pretty much everything is possible at the moment, so I have to be even more careful in order not to make a choice that I am just going to end up regretting later.

I need someone who would be brave enough to jump head-first into danger with us if need be, someone who would make a meaningful contribution to our battle potential. If that someone is going to turn out to be a coward, then I have no use of such people.

「Let us just move on to the next room.」

「All right, as you wish.」

I do not know if the owner caught on to the fact that I was beginning to get just a little bit annoyed by the lack of any slave candidates that would suit my needs, but I am not going to go out of my way to inform him about it. Let him figure it out and fix it himself.

We enter the next room, and once more, the female slaves received the command to line up after sorting which ones among them knew Brahim and which ones did not and followed it up without complaining about it out loud. Out of all of them, the one that immediately caught my attention was the cat girl that was standing at the very end of the line in the back

Ah, looking at her now, she is quite the cutie.

「X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X .」

I do not know why, but when she stood up as the last one, she was told something by the shop’s owner and then sent away. Aww man, what a shame! I really thought that she was genuinely cute!

Miria   Female, 15 years old

Job: Diver Lv.2

According to my 「Identify」 Bonus Skill, the cat-girl’s name was Miria. I see, Miria, huh? I wonder why did she stand up as the very last one? Did she do it because she was not willing to? Or maybe because out of all the slaves in that room she was the one that was the least suited for combat in the Labyrinth? I am going to ask about it and see what I can learn.

「Why was that girl sent away?」

「Because what she spoke just now was the Bana language.」

Roxanne explained when I asked her about it in hushed whisper.

「Bana language?」

「Yes. It is the language spoken by Beastkin tribes inhabiting middle- eastern parts of the Empire.」

「I see. So she was driven away because she does not understand the Brahim language?」

「Most likely.」

Yeah, I guess that would make sense. After all, I told the Slave Merchant that I was looking for a female slave that would accompany me in the Labyrinths and knew how to speak Brahim, so that is what he was doing this entire time: he was telling the females slaves who know Brahim to line up in front of all the others so that I could pick from among them, because the Slave Merchant assumed that I am not going to be interested in the female slaves that either cannot engage in combat or do not know Brahim. Because of that, Miria, who apparently cannot speak Brahim and does not understand it stood up and went into the front row simply because she saw other people doing so, so she just copied what the others were doing. She might have not understood the words that the Slave Merchant has spoken, but if nothing else, she managed to read the mood in the room perfectly.

As a Japanese, I believe that being able to read the mood in the room and react to the changes in it accordingly is one of the most important skills that a person should possess, but up until now there was no need for Alan-san to segregate the slaves in his Slave Shop in such a way.

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