A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 4 Part 7 **BONUS CHAPTER**

Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist Editor: Weasalopes

Considering the kind of things that we are going to be doing after dinner from now on, because I am never going to let go of doing naughty things to my girls.

No, what I am doing to them every night is not a naughty act at all. It is my expression of love towards them. And one of the proofs that they love me back, is that Miria greeted me when I woke up the next morning.

After I did it with them yesterday, I somehow feel unusually refreshed upon waking up just now. Going to sleep after getting pleasurably tired the day before is the best feeling ever, no two ways about it. But that should be understandable. Once you’ve got a good night’s sleep, it should be a give that you would feel pleasantly refreshed on the next day.

Actually, I never felt tired when I was doing it with just Roxanne and Sherry, but now that the number of my slaves have increased to three, with the addition of Miria, I have to admit that I do feel slightly fatigued after the fact. However, this doesn’t mean in any way that I have expended all of my stamina. If push comes to shove, I can always resort to using Sex Maniac. I’m quite surprised at how high my own vigor had risen.

After kissing Roxanne, Sherry and Miria good morning, I got up from the bed. Miria is still a little bit clumsy at kissing, but it feels good in its own way.

The way Roxanne aggressively squirms her tongue in my mouth feels better, and so does the way Sherry gently entwines her tongue with mine. I’m lucky to be able to enjoy such a degree of variety every single day when it comes to kissing.

After changing into our equipment, we move to the twelfth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth.

「Because we have already advanced through the floors in order, Miria should be familiar with how we fight and how to deal with the most of the monsters now, so I want you to try fighting in the frontlines now. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it, okay?」

I pull a Steel Spear out and hand it over to Miria. Yes, from today, she is going to be fighting in the front together with Roxanne and Sherry. She has already reached Lv.10 as a Diver, so it is about time for her to try out some new things now that her level jumped to the one with double digits.

Three of them line up in the front of me, ready to take on any monster that might come our way. Roxanne positions herself in the center, with Sherry and Miria on her left and right respectively. With this formation, we start our daily dosage of hunting and looting.

Right now, with my current level and stats I am capable of defeating all of the monsters that are roaming around the twelfth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth in about four Spells. Thanks to that, all of the battles that we are currently waging here are not the lengthiest ones, and I am capable of killing all of the opponent’s way before they manage to come even remotely closer to us and even think about attacking Miria directly.

And speaking of Miria, as we continue to trek through the corridors of the twelfth floor and slay more monsters, I continue to observe Miria and monitor the state that she’s in. Right now, she seems to be doing just fine on her own, and she has yet to receive a single direct hit. Ironically speaking, the one who received a first direct attack from the monsters in the Labyrinth was actually me.

It happened when I was swinging Durandal at a Grass Bee when it came close enough to me to find itself within my melee range. It took a step back right before Durandal’s blade managed to reach it, and once it successfully dodged my attack, it then counterattacked by slamming its body into me.

It was regrettable, but unfortunately, this is the risk of using Durandal to fight. Whenever I’m using it to fight, it’s inevitable that I’ll have to allow the enemies to come closer to me and engage in an increasingly lengthy dogfights where I cannot help it but to receive some of the blows aimed at me.

Or at least that is the excuse that I have come up with in order to justify the times when I was hit in case if Roxanne, Miria or Sherry ever started to question why is it happening to me so often.

As for the Jobs that I am currently using, Miria is still in the process of levelling her Diver Job up so she still needs 「Plating」 to protect her from the occasional damage that she might receive, which means that I cannot get rid of the Alchemist’s Job just yet.

Judging by the other Skills that I currently possess, I decided that the most obsolete Job that I can probably make do without is Warrior. Its 「Rush」 Skill was definitely helpful in dispatching the enemies a little bit faster, but without it defeating the monsters on the twelfth floor takes about four normal strikes of Durandal, which takes a little bit of time, but not enough to say that it actually takes too long.

It took a while to get the proper rhythm and movements down, but eventually I managed to find a way to effectively dispatch the Grass Bees with four attacks from Durandal. I also think that one of the reasons for why it is so relatively easy for me to do so is also the fact that Miria continues to Level Up and grow stronger.

In the beginning, every time I fought against the enemies on this floor while using Durandal, the amount of strikes that were actually needed for me to kill one enemy was five strikes, sometimes a little bit more if one of my attacks actually ended up missing its mark, but right now, after we’ve already been here for some time, the number of needed strikes has been reduced to just four, and that allowed my battles to be that much faster and more consistent.

As much as I would’ve liked it to be otherwise, even in the game world there is no method that would allow me to become the strongest being in this entire game overnight. If I want that to happen, then I have to work hard in order to make that happen, as well as accept that fact that this process is going to take a while, and that the best and safest approach is to take it one small step at a time instead of trying to force it while making big leaps.

Now that Miria has become a member of my Party, the more she’s going to be levelling up and the stronger she’s going to be getting, it’s going to translate directly to my own self becoming that much stronger along with her, all because of the Skill that Miria’s Diver Job possesses: 「Increase STR (Small)」, and the fact that the passive effects of the Jobs possessed by the individual members of the Party seem to be shared among all of the Party Members, resulting in not only Miria, but also myself, Roxanne and Sherry getting slightly stronger because of it.

I cannot feel it physically, but if all of my observations are to be believed, this is precisely what’s happening. The effect of Miria’s Passive Skill is shared between all four of us, and the exact extent of the increase to the STR stat that it is providing seems to be dependent on Miria’s level. Thanks to that, even though Miria’s level is much smaller than the effects of my, Roxanne and Sherry’s Jobs, the bonus effects from our own Passive Skills, the Skills of relatively high-levelled characters are allowing Miria, a low-levelled character, to fight on more or less equal ground as us without any trouble.

With that, I think it is safe to say that the first experiment that I’ve managed to conduct has been concluded successfully, and I think its time to move on to the second experiment that I want to carry out.

I have my fair share of doubts and worries about this one, but now is as good of a time to be doing it as any, so I open the Party Job Settings menu and change Miria’s Job from Diver to Villager Lv.5 and promptly ordered her to go back to the rear of the formation behind me for a bit. And just as I’ve expected, after changing her Job, the number of strikes needed to bring down a Grass Bee on this floor went back to five instead of four, meaning that it was Miria’s Job that made it possible to defeat monsters in four strikes after all.

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