A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 4 Part 8

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By the way, whenever I decide to switch from fighting with the magic from my Rod of Offerings to fighting with Durandal, I’m joining Roxanne on the frontlines while having Miria support us by occasionally attacking the enemies with her Steel Spear whenever an opportunity for doing so presents itself to her, and depending on the number of monsters and their types, Sherry is switching between going to the frontlines and falling towards the backlines as needed.

When I’m fighting on the frontlines along with Roxanne, the battles that we’re fighting take that much longer to finish when compared to the times when Miria is in the front and I’m providing support with my magic, but that is to be expected and it cannot be helped due to the inevitable thing that comes into play when fighting on the frontlines: receiving damage from enemies.

Before, I never even thought about it that much, but now I realize that Roxanne needs to deal with this much pressure all the time since I always order her to fight in the frontlines all the time.

And today was also the day when Roxanne received an attack from an enemy as well. I guess this moment was bound to happen sooner or later since whenever you’re fighting on the frontlines at the key figure of an entire formation in the Party, it should be obvious that you’re going to get hurt eventually just from the sheer number of attacks that you’re going to be forced to endure.

However, this is a good lesson for me, or perhaps a good reminder, I should say: that whenever I’m fighting with Durandal in my hand, the centered position on the frontlines is definitely not a place for someone like me, who just cannot help being attacked by the monsters due to my inability to dodge the attacks that are coming towards me even if my life would depend on it.

I just cannot help it, no matter how hard Id try to improve myself, but it’s like the harder I’m trying to get better, the harder I get bodied by the harsh reality around me.

It wasn’t long after that when Miria ended up getting attacked by a Grass Bee as well. Once again, it was totally to be expected, since we happened upon a group of enemies consisting of four Grass Bees and the battle got quite hectic. Since Grass Bees are capable of using ranged attacks, then even when we were trying to be careful not to let them reach us with them, it still ended up happening anyway.

Roxanne was in the front battling two Grass Bees at once so she had her hands full with them, and even though Sherry and I managed to defeat the third grass Bee without it attacking anyone, we ended up being too late to come to Miria’s aid when the fourth Grass Bee suddenly came up to her after moving around between the four of us rather frantically.

That is exactly the thing that I hate the most when we battle groups of four enemies, because it’s exactly like that one time when I was attacked by the one NT Ant that managed to poison me because it was moving out of my line of sight and managed to flank me because of it. The only saving grace here was that apparently that Grass Bee didn’t use its poison-inflicting attack against Miria, but just a regular body slam instead, which made me breathe a sigh of relief in my heart.

I defeated the final Grass Bee with a shot of 「Breeze Storm」, and then I immediately went over to Miria and used 「Medical Treatment」 and 「Plating on her.」

「Are you okay, Miria?」

「Yes, desu. I’m okay, desu.」

That so? Well then, I guess she’s gotten tough enough that even the attacks from a Grass Bee Lv.12 are not enough cause serious problems for her? That’s good to hear. As long as I continue to cast 「Plating」 on her whenever it gets broken or its duration runs out, then as long as we’ll not fight against an opponent that can kill her with a single attack, then I’ll always have the means to bring her back to full health whenever she’d need it.

It’s also great to see that being attacked by an enemy didn’t do anything to decrease the amount of Miria’s motivation. I was afraid that after sustaining damage Miria might start saying that she doesn’t want to be fighting in the Labyrinths anymore, but thankfully nothing like that ended up happening, and she was just as raring to continue exploring with us as she was when we just entered the Labyrinth today, and I’m grateful to her for her willingness to continue fighting alongside us. If It was not for her, then we would’ve gone back to the state of affairs from before when I bought her, taking us back to the square one I terms of battle potential and the speed of clearing the floors of the Labyrinths up.

But with Miria being the way she is, I felt quite reassured. Not only she is capable of fighting on her own in the frontlines already, but once she gains just a few more levels, it might be possible for her to start fighting without me using 「Plating」 to support her all the time.

I just cannot wait to see how much of a capable fighter she’s going to become once she gets completely accustomed to fighting in various roles and positions within our Party, because my gut feeling is telling me that it’s going to be quite a sight to see.

After that troublesome encounter where she got hurt, Miria was able to participate in the battles that came after that without any more issues or incidents happening, and after finishing today’s round if hunting on a positive note, we then warped to the sixth floor of the Vale Labyrinth, where we ended up staying until the evening defeating Naïve Olives and collecting their Drop Item: Olive Oil.

「Uhm, master? This might sound like a strange thing to ask, but…. Why are we gathering so much Olive Oil? Do you need it in order to make some kinda dish or something?」

Roxanne asked me those questions when we were in the middle of the Olive Oil gathering after the most recent battle against the group of Naïve Olives.

I guess it would make sense for her to be asking about it, since I told them to gather the Olive Oil from every single enemy that’s going to drop it, and we already managed to get quite a large number of them. I guess she might be thinking that I wanted to replenish our Olive Oil reserves in order to have more for the purpose of cooking and then sell the rest of it at the Adventurer’s Guild, but if she really thinks like that then she’s only half-correct, because we’re going to be using all of the Olive Oil gathered today for the purposes of cooking. All of them.

「Yes, that’s right. I do need it to make a certain dish, but as to exactly what kind of dish I’ll be making, I want that to remain a surprise for now.」

「Okay master, I understand.」

And just like that, we continued to hunt Naïve Olives some more after I satisfied Roxanne’s curiosity. The hunt continued until one slot of my Item Box was completely filled to the brim with nothing but Olive Oil, and that was a signal for me that we managed to obtain enough of them to last for my culinary needs for the next few days, so I gave everyone a signal that it’s time to finally call it a day and go back to our house by warping from the Labyrinth to Quratar’s Adventurer’s Guild.

When we got back and emerged from the warp portal, Miria jumped in front of us and walked forward with quite a spring to her step, and I cannot blame her for it, because she obviously hasn’t forgotten what day it is today.

That’s right. Today is the day when Miria will be able to eat her promised fish.

「Fish~~fish~~ fish~~desu! Tasty~~ tasty~~ fish desu!」

Yeah, that little song of hers couldn’t have been more of an obvious indication that she hasn’t forgotten about what we’ll be eating for dinner today even if she tried, so without any delays along the way we made a beeline for the fishmonger’s store.

Of course, there are other things I want to buy in order to prepare today’s dinner, but as long as Miria is acting the way she is, I really don’t think that she’d allow us to go anywhere else that wasn’t the fishmongers. In Miria’s eyes, the fish is of the highest priority today and everything else can wait.

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