A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 5 Part 6

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That is because it has a one million monster’s worth of magic power stored within it, which also means that it is going to fetch the best possible price if I were to sell it at the Adventurer’s Guild. I already have a Green Magic Crystal on me – which has ten thousand monsters’ worth of magic power stored inside of it.

Now, one of the things I could do is to fuse the Yellow Magic Crystal that the Bandits had on them, but if I assume that their Yellow Magic Crystal has around nine hundred thousand magic power units and my own Green Magic Crystal has close to one hundred thousand units of magic power in it, then that would lead to some waste of potential magic power if I merged these two together.

So instead of doing that, I decided to merge just the Magic Crystals that Bandits had on them together. However, when I finished doing that, the Yellow Magic Crystal did not turn into White Magic Crystal. This is a bit of a shame, but nothing worth wailing over for too long. I’ll just keep the Green Magic Crystal in my Item Box and I’ll fight while having the Yellow Magic Crystal on me to turn it into a White Magic Crystal as soon as possible.

The one in my Item Box is the one that I’m going to be using; and any ready to sell ones are going to be kept in Sherry’s Item Box. As for any of the extras of the items that we have, like this old Copper Spear that Sherry used at one point – it’s off to the storeroom with them.

While being alone in the storeroom, I performed a 「Character Reset」 on myself, allocating some of my Bonus Points into 「Bonus Equipment」, and 「Second Accessory」. Then I equipped the Ring of Determination on myself. It’s the first accessory I saw when I came to this world; but now that I think about it, I never actually bothered to check what it does.

When I finished the 「Character Reset」, the ring appeared on the forefinger of my left hand.

Accessory: Ring of Determination

Skills: 「Attack Power Increase」, 「Personal Enhancement」

And there it is: The Ring of Determination.

I had been curious since I used 「Identify」 on the one that I got from one of the defeated Bandits, and looking at it now, the accessory granted to me by the 「Bonus Equipment」 Bonus Skill and the one that Sherry was wearing on her hand are one and the same thing. The same name, the same look, and most likely the same two Skills. Now it just makes me wonder, are there people other than me that can use 「Character Reset」 in this world?

The Ring of Determination I made is brand new, while that other one was dull and filled with scratches. Those are the key differences between them that I can tell from having just a single glance at it.

I used 「Character Reset」 again, putting away the Ring of Determination that I got from my 「Bonus Equipment」 and then I put on the ring from the Bandit. Sadly, the 「Second Accessory」 Skill didn’t light up. If it had, I could have gotten my hands on five whole Bonus Points, but since that’s impossible then let’s just leave it at that. Now, on to a different experiment.

I used 「Character Reset」 to activate 「Second Accessory」 Bonus Skill and then swap my own Ring of Determination with the Ring of Determination left behind by the Bandit. It seems I can disable it, so I did it without any kind of hesitation or second guessing.

The Ring of Determination disappears, and there’s no abnormalities showing in my Bonus Points. When I activate 「Second Accessory」 again, the ring re-appears, but this time, it looks brand new as well. All of the traces of any wear and tear that it once bore are gone. It’s almost as if 「Character Reset」 just took the old one and replaced it with an entirely new item, essentially giving me another copy of The Ring of Determination that is pretty much indistinguishable from the one that I gave to Sherry.

Happy with how this experiment turned out, I cancel 「Second Accessory」 and return to the lounge with the new ring in tow.

「Sherry, do you know if Master Smiths can make something like this? And if so, does it require any kind of special Skills or rare materials?」

I asked Sherry about the Ring of Determination.

「It’s the Ring of Determination from earlier?」

「Yes, the very same one.」

「Then it needs to be obtained through a Fixation.」

「A…. Fixation?」

So there seems to be a method of obtaining it after all.

「That’s right, but you’ll not be able to do it if you’re not a part of a Guild.」


Well, shit.

「The blessing of Fixation can be received at the Guild temple, but if you receive the blessing, you won’t be able to change your Job anymore. But even so, it is believed that you become stronger thanks to it because the blessing that you receive comes directly from the guardian deity of the Guild.」

So that’s what a Fixation is. Also, there are guardian deities in the Guild temples?

「Are there really guardian deities in the Guild temples?」

「Nobody has actually met one before, so I don’t know if they’re real or not.」

As usual, Sherry maintained her rational view of the world.

「So, Fixation is essentially the same as locking in a Job for yourself?」

「Yes. When going through that process, an accessory might appear on the person, and it’s assumed to be a gift from the Guilds guardian deity.」

「Like this ring here?」

「I’m not certain, but I think it is highly likely that it came from a Fixation.」

I don’t know what Sherry thinks when I take out Durandal the way I usually do it. Maybe she thinks that I’m taking it out from my Item Box every time? That would make sense since I can use the Item Box without the incantation, meaning that I can take things out of it pretty much instantaneously.

Is there anyone else in this world that can take out their items like I do? Or maybe it’s actually that Fixation might be related to 「Character Reset」 and Bonus Points?

There is already a connection that points to that.

When you take out an accessory and put it on, it becomes impossible to change your Job.

And since you get Bonus Points from each level up, it becomes impossible to switch to a lower-level Job while you’re using that particular accessory. But that’s not all.

Supposedly, you become stronger with Fixation, and Bonus Points can also be used to increase the value of your Stats.

「Do you know what kind of equipment appears when Fixation occurs?」

「It seems to vary for each person. There are Mages and Wizards who get swords, and sword users who get canes. Fixation always creates equipment with a Skill added to it, but very rarely something amazing appears.」

It’s a little different from me then. I only use Durandal as a Bonus Weapon.

「What kind of people can perform Fixation?」

It’s quite easy to get the blessing if you’ve been doing the Job for a number of years, and the increased strength and bonus equipment are always good to have. But since you can’t change your Job after Fixation, it’s normally done by people who are already thinking about retirement. If a good piece of equipment comes out it can be passed down to your descendants as a family heirloom though.」

It’s not quite what I was asking, but it doesn’t matter. So the process is random? Is there no rules to it at all?

The armor that I get from 「Bonus Equipment」 is equipment meant for men. If a woman gets 「Bonus Equipment」, it would not be strange if something different appeared for them.

If the Ring of Determination came from Fixation, then I guess you could really think of it as something related to the Bonus Equipment, and since the total amount of Bonus Points that you can have on you is based on your level, then it is going to be much more profitable for you if you raise your level as far as you can to have as much of them as possible, and that leads me to the following hypothesis: that if a person who has been actively using their Job for many years is going to get the access to the Fixation’s blessing more easily, then that seems like enough evidence that Fixation really requires Bonus Points to me.

However, these are just my own thoughts on the matter, and in order to truly determine whether or not Fixation and Bonus Points are truly related to one another, some additional investigation will have to be carried out.

After hearing the story about Fixation from Sherry, I checked the Intelligence Cards again. There were eight of them in total. For now, even though they are taking some of the space in my Item Box, I think that I’ll hold onto them for just a little while longer.

To be continued in 『A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 7』.〉


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