A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 7 Chapter 1 Part 13

Instead, you would have to go higher for fifty five hundred Nars. There also seem to be some difficult bargaining involved here.

「Therefore, I had to bid the maximum authorized price this time in order to be successful.」

I don’t know if I should be pleased about it or not because I don’t know exactly how bidding on the auctions works, but I do know that now that the other parties that participate in the auctions know that our pre-authorized price is at least fifty four hundred Nars, it is going to be very unlikely that we’ll be able to keep that price as it is. I think that from now on we’ll have to bid at least fifty five hundred Nars if not more in order to be successful, but that is something that we’re going to be worried about in the future.

「Well, that price might do just fine for the Kobold Skill Crystal, al least for the time being.」

「All right, I’ll make sure to make a note of that. As for the other reason for why I wanted to see you today, it is because I have received a message from the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy. It would seem that their leader, Gozer, would like you to come to Bode to speak to him immediately.」

The leader of the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy wants me to come to Bode immediately? I wonder what’s that going to be about? Is it going to be something related to the process of the selling of the Palmasque Mirrors that I bought for them, or is it going to be something else entirely?

「The leader of the Knight Order of Harz Duchy wants to see me, huh? All right, I understand. Is there anything else that you wanted to tell me?」

「No that was all. I’ve finished passing the message on to you like it was asked of me, and for the time being I have no other matters to discuss with you.」

Since Luke the broker had nothing else to discuss with me, I received the Kobold Skill Crystal from him and then immediately left the Merchants Guild building and went back home, where I told Sherry that if she finished doing her part of the breakfast preparation, then I want her to fuse that Skill Crystal right now.

Now that I have both the Kobold Skill Crystal and the Rabbit Skill Crystal in my possession, that means that I can add another useful Skill to one of our weapons, so I ended up choosing Sherry’s Steel Spear to add the 「Chant Interruption」 onto it. That Skill is going to be of use to us, if not immediately, then definitely somewhere further down the road.

In fact, I don’t think that there are any places or floors where 「Chant Interruption」 could come into play because so far there are no enemies that tend to spam their Skills with such frequency for it to become a genuine nuisance, or at the very least we shouldn’t be coming to any such places immediately or when we’ll go to the Labyrinths on the next morning, but there is no doubt in my mind that there will definitely come a time when that Skill is going to be of use to us, or perhaps even save our asses in a pinch.

In the morning of the next day, I asked the girls to prepare breakfast, while in the meantime I went to Bode on my own, appearing inside of the Bode’s castle from the wall of its lobby.

「Are the Duke of Hartz or the leader of the Knight Order here?」

「Yes, I think that the Duke should be in his study right now.」

I asked for the Duke’s whereabouts from the Knight who was stationed in the lobby, and then enter the Bode’s castle proper, since one of the last times when I was here the Duke himself told me that it might be better for me to navigate the castle myself rather than having the Knights from the lobby guide me to the Duke’s study every single time.

And thinking about it, it should be rather obvious that the Duke should be in his study right now. After all, this castle is his house, and since it was still relatively early in the morning, then of course he would be here rather than anywhere else, so I headed down the path that I’m already quite familiar with and then arrive in front of the door to his study and knock on them a few time in order to announce my arrival.


When I knocked at the door, a voice gave me the clearance to enter the study, but it was not the Duke’s voice. It was the voice that belonged to Gozer, the leader of the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy.

「It’s Michio, I heard you wanted to see me as soon as possible?」

「Oh, Lord Michio? It’s good that you came as soon as you could indeed.」

When I entered the study, the Duke speaks as well while sitting in the chair.

「No, forgive me for not arriving any sooner than I did. So, may I ask why you wanted to see me so urgently?」

「Yes, of course. Actually, we called you here because there might be some trouble brewing on the horizon.」

「Trouble? What kind of trouble, exactly?」

「We’re going to fill you in on the specifics, but first of all, please, sit down.」

As usual, the Duke appeared to be pretty hasty to get to the heart of the matter as soon as possible. Following Gozer’s instructions, I sat on the sofa and waited to hear what they had to say.

「Now we can tell you about the kind of a troublesome thing that has emerged recently.」

「A troublesome thing?」

「Yes, exactly. Tell me, Lord Michio, do know about an outlaw that goes by the name Heinz the Bandit?」

Gozer sits in front of me and asks me if I know the man whose name he just revealed to me.

「No, I can’t say that I know anyone like that.」

「Just like his name implies, he is a Bandit, and one of the more dangerous and brutal ones at that, since he revels in the sight of the spilled blood of his victims. I heard that he obtained the Job of a Bandit by praying at the Temple of Ellen, but we have no way of conforming whether that information is true or false at the current moment. In any case, our intel tells us that he is an extremely dangerous individual, one that is better to steer clear of if you have the chance to do so.」

Is he perhaps talking about one of the Bandits that I have defeated during the latest ambush that we ended up being roped into? I cannot be exactly sure if the name of one of the defeated bandits was Heinz or not, but there is a very high probability that he was indeed one of the ones that I have wasted. Is that what it’s really all about?

「So there are even Bandits like that, huh?」

「Originally, Heinz the Bandit was a Bandit hailing from the territory of Selmar, where he gained notoriety after he killed a number of the members of Selmar’s Knight Order. He also has a right-hand man who’s a Pirate by the name of Simon who uses a one-handed sword in combat, and just like Heinz, he caused no small amount of headaches for the members of Selmar’s Knight Order. These two are the kind of dangerous outlaws who’re capable of opposing the Knight Order without the use of magic or other underhanded tricks.」

The man named Simon who also had a Job of a Pirate? Then I guess that would be the Pirate Lv.67 whom I have killed by turning him into bloody paste with my 「Equivalent Exchange」. Yup, now that I’m recalling the details of the ambush, everything checks itself out. Job of a Pirate, check. Used a sword, check. So dangerous that even I could tell that by simply glancing at him, definite check.

「So what you’re trying to say is that such dangerous outlaws have now entered your territory?」

「It has not been confirmed yet, but the information provided to us by our sources do seem to be indicating that there is a pretty high possibility of that being the case, and now that they’re here, they might end attacking a village or trying to ambush unsuspecting Parties in the Labyrinths. After all, no corpses remain in the Labyrinths, so murderers like Heinz and Simon favor them as their hunting grounds.」

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