A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 7 Chapter 1 Part 14

Yeah, judging by our previous experiences with Bandits and their ambushes, I can definitely say that they went for the 「ambush the unsuspecting Parties in the Labyrinths」 option.

「Assuming that they are hiding in the Labyrinths, do you have any idea in which of the Labyrinth they might be hiding?」

「Right now we don’t have any leads, but since there are only three Labyrinths in the territories belonging to Hartz Duchy, so we have to consider the possibility of them hiding in any of them.」

「And what about the casualties? Have there been any damages done so far?」

「No obvious damages have been done thus far, but given their notoriety, it is just a matter of time before they start appearing.」

So it seems that no damage done by these two Bandits has been confirmed yet. Good. This probably means that we must’ve encountered Heinz and Simon shortly after they arrived in the Hartz Duchy and only had the time to prepare that trap in Haruba’s Labyrinth. If they have tried to attack some village, then the Duke or Gozer would definitely caught wind of such a plot brewing in their territory, but the question here is: would they be able to react in time if something like that really happened?

But nevertheless, if they know so much about these two already, then I guess this just goes to show that the information network of the Duke of Hartz and his Knight Order of Hartz Duchy is not to be underestimated. Either that, or perhaps they managed to hear something from observing the movements of the remnants of these Bandit’s band after they were scattered to the four wind once their leaders have been overthrown?

「And that is basically what’s going on right now. With that being the case, we’d like you to remain cautious while exploring the Labyrinths of the Hartz Duchy, Lord Michio.」

「And you went out of your way to contact me just so that you could let me know about it? Thank you for that.」

It is indeed nice of them to let me know about the danger lurking in the Labyrinths of the Hartz Duchy…. But their information are slow and outdated, because the danger that they’re speaking off is no more because I already took care of it and defeated those Bandits all on my own.

However, even if I wanted to, cannot reveal to them that I have already defeated them. If I do that, they might want me to show their Intelligence Cards as proof of the deed being actually done, and once they request me to show their Intelligence Cards, it’s only going to be a matter of time before they request me to show my own intelligence Card, and until I become an Adventurer, that is something that I absolutely cannot allow myself to do.

Whether I like it or not, I simply have no choice but to withhold that information from them for a little while longer. Normally I would say that staying vigilant all the time is the commendable thing to do, but in this particular case I wouldn’t really mind it if the guys from the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy were just a teensy-weensy little bit less vigilant.

「If we might offer you another piece of advice, then we would advise you to be especially careful when going to the Labyrinth of Bode.」

「Labyrinth of Bode, huh? I see. I will make sure to take your advice to heart.」

「Also, here’s something that might help you identify Heinz should you ever ran into Bandits during your travels through the Labyrinths after all: Although Heinz himself is an Elf, he seems to have many human subordinates on his side, but that’s all the information that we have on him right now.」

「Any idea for why Bode’s Labyrinth might be the place where he’s most likely to be?」

「Because if he were to go to the Labyrinths of Tare or Haruba, he would end up drawing too much unwanted attention to himself because there are not as many Elves there, so he would definitely stand out, but in Bode, where there are relatively many Elves, he wouldn’t be anything unusual to anyone who doesn’t know his name or face, and that is why we think the he might’ve chosen Bode as his hiding spot.」

Yeah, that sounds like a pretty sound and probable logic…. If it wasn’t for the fact that Heinz the Bandit was hiding in Haruba’s Labyrinth, which means that he somehow managed to outsmart both the Duke and his Knight Order.

「So if you think he’s in Bode, then what is the course of action that you recommend in response to it?」

「Yes, since we think that there is a high possibility of Heinz being in Bode’s Labyrinth, then we recommend entering the Labyrinths located elsewhere for a while if you wish.」

「We will also be conducting our own search through all of the Labyrinths in the Duchy’s territories, so there might be a possibility that some of the Knights from the Knight Order are going to be conducting spontaneous Intelligence Card checks, so if one of these checks happens to be conducted on Lord Michio and the members of his Party, so if that happens, then I ask you for your full cooperation and patience.」

They’re going to be conducting Intelligence Card checks? Oh boy, that’s definitely bad. If that is how things are going to be developing, then maybe I shouldn’t be keeping quiet about me defeating the Bandits after all?

Then again, the Duke and Gozer said that they recommend me going to other Labyrinths for a while, so maybe I should do exactly what they are suggesting and avoid the Labyrinths of the Hartz Duchy for the time being and focus on advancing through the Labyrinths of Vale and Quratar? At this point, I feel like everything is going to be better than risking having my Intelligence Card randomly checked.
「All right, I understand. If you think that avoiding the Labyrinths of Hartz Duchy is the best possible thing to do here, then that is what I’m going to do.」

「Thank you for your understanding, and sorry for all the trouble that this unforeseen development might cause you.」

Even though I said the words that I said, it wasn’t like I had that much of a choice here, so I just agreed with the Duke and Gozer and then left the Duke’s office. After that, since I had no other business here in Bode, all that was left for me to do was to go back home and eat breakfast, during which I explained the situation to the girls.

「The Duke wanted to talk to me about the Bandits that have recently appeared in the Labyrinths of Hartz Duchy. He said that it would be pretty dangerous to be going to the Bandit-infested Labyrinths for the time being, so until the situation calms down, we have been given a green light to go to the other Labyrinths for a while, and since we cannot inform him that we have defeated the Bandits that he’s so worried about just yet, I think we might take this opportunity to do exactly what he suggested and advance our progress in other Labyrinths, especially in the one here in Quratar.」


「So we’re going to be going to Quratar’s Labyrinth for now instead of the Labyrinths of the Hartz Duchy?」
「Yes, that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing.」

「Yes, desu!」

All three of the girls gave me simple replies that expressed their support of my decision to make more progress in the Quratar’s Labyrinth. Well, it’s not like I expected any of them to actually go against my decision, because let’s be honest, do they even have any reason to not want to go to Quratar’s Labyrinth? But regardless of whether they agree with me or not, I might as well give them a small justification of my decision, just in case.

「You might be wondering why do I want to go to Quratar’s Labyrinth of all places. Well, it’s because Quratar’s Labyrinth is the one to which we happen to be possessing a map for, and because we have the maps of all of its currently available floors, we’ll be able to progress through the Quratar’s Labyrinth’s floors at a much faster rate than with other Labyrinths.

「I think the thirteenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth is going to be a relatively good floor for us to keep earning good Drop Items that can be then sold for money and grow stronger by fighting the monsters there.」

Oh, do you now? Well, it is good to know that you realize that.

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