Volume 11 Chapter 4 Part 1

Chapter 54: Admission Ceremony

Character Levels & Equipment:
Assassin Lv.40
Estoc of Petrification
Iron Shield
Chain Mail
Hardened Leather Helmet
Leather Gloves
Leather Shoes
Sacrificial Misanga

「Well then, let us head to the room now.」

I don’t know whether he read the awkward mood in the room or not; however, Baron
Ester offers me a way out by quickly starting to walk away and leading us further.

I am grateful to him for it, and so I quickly follow behind him, but I can feel a strange pressure coming from behind me.

Four people — including the Emperor, the Duke and the Earl — have tagged along with us, too.

What the hell is going on here?

Well, Ester at the top is also a Baron

Sebastian and the other staff members seem to have been left behind.

The admission ceremony will seemingly be held with these members of the Empire Liberation Society instead, since even their Party Members don’t seem to be present.

Will my admission ceremony

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