Volume 7 Chapter 3 Part 14

I think that there was also a method where the accused had to drink a bottle of poison, and would be deemed innocent only if they managed to survive it. And as for being considered guilty…. Well, since the poison was involved, then I think you can put two and two together to figure out what was happening to those who were apparently 「guilty」.

The trial by combat is a little bit simpler. In that trial, the accused has to face the accuser, the witnesses and everyone else who has testified against him. Alternatively, the accuser and the accused can both select their champions who would conduct the trial by combat in their name.

Winning is going to prove that the accused has been innocent all along, whereas losing is going to mean that the accusers were right and the accused was indeed guilty of the things that he has been charged with. This method is also cost-efficient in such a way that it is going to save the authorities the trouble of executing those who are indeed found guilty, so in a sense its like killing two birds with one stone.

As for me, I would never want to be a part of such a trial, ever, but I do understand that this is the only way for the people of this world to deal with such cases because their technology meant to be used for the purpose of investigating crimes is still way too underdeveloped in comparison to modern-day Japan, so they do not know any other way of determining who is innocent and who is actually a criminal.

Even an alibis can be uncertain in this world, all because of the existence of「Field Walker」, which makes me think that oftentimes the most common thing to do here is to decide who is the culprit and who is innocent by means of a lottery.

Suppose for a second that a person was killed in a certain residence, and there are no traces of anyone breaking into said residence from the outside whatsoever, and the list of the potential suspects responsible for the murder includes all six people who lived in the residence together with the victim.

If this was a modern-world TV crime drama, then that would be the perfect moment for the genius detective who would then proceed to crack the case to appear, but in the case of this world, instead of a detective we would have a dice appearing instead of a detective.

On the outside it might look like a perfectly ordinary dice, literally indistinguishable from the other dices used in boardgames or for gambling purposes, but on the inside that dice would turn out to be a representative of the Gods themselves!

Then, after making its appearance, that dice would then proceed to determine which of the six suspects is the real culprit while acting in accordance with the intentions of the Gods themselves.

Of course, if the testimonies of the other five suspects are going to match in designating the one remaining suspect as the culprit responsible for the murder, then he is going to be rightfully branded as the criminal behind the crime here.

At that moment, it all would have devolved into nothing more but a five-against one battle for the five innocent suspects to prove that the sixth one is guilty, and a one-against-five battle of the sixth suspect to prove his innocence and that the other five are trying to frame him.
Because such a situation is only disadvantageous for the accused and not those who testified against him, the difference in the number of people involved at each side would not be considered a problem in the slightest.

I have three female slaves who are all unquestionable beauties, so it is more than likely that I have already caught other people’s attention because of that. And yet, every single day I am trying to do my very best to live my new life in a prime and proper manner while being as discreet about it as possible, all for the sake of blending in with the rest of this world’s society so that they would think that I am just another regular guy like all of them.

For someone like me, who’s a new arrival in this world, I feel like such a Skill is even more important to have than the ones that grant me godlike abilities or uber OP weapons.

「Master, a message sent by Mr. Luke has arrived. It says that he has managed to successfully win another bid and get a hold of a Slime Skill Crystal.」

Immediately after having Miria sent off to work with the other people on fixing the sewage, we noticed that a messenger with a note from Luke the Broker must have come to visit our house again, because we found another note pinned to our door. I guess he must have come by when we were out bringing Miria to the area where the repair works are being held.

「What kind of Skill can be acquired from the Slime Skill Card, Sherry?」

「When you apply the Slime Skill Crystal to armor and other kinds of protective gear, you are going to get 「Physical Damage Reduction」Skill. It is also possible to fuse that Skill Crystal with the Kobold Skill Crystal to increase the Slime Skill Crystal’s effects, but to be honest, it is not necessary to go that far with it.」

So it’s possible to reduce physical damage taken thanks to a Slime Skill Crystal, huh? Well, that sounds like a pretty useful Skill to have around if you ask me. I guess that just means that no matter the genre of a game or its setting, Slimes are always going to be Slimes: hard to kill with physical attacks, with magic attacks being their only weakness.

「If we were to acquire it, then what would be the best piece of equipment to put this Skill on? Something that we have on us or in the house? Or should we go to the Armor Shop in order to do some shopping for the gear that’s going to be the best suite for it?」

「If that is what you want, then we might do it, master.」

And so, since Sherry approved of the idea to go look at the equipment in the Armor Shop, we headed to the center of Quratar to do just that while also doing some vegetable shopping for later and going to the Merchants Guild in order to buy the Slime Skill Crystal from Luke.

As for the Slime Skill Crystal and what kind of equipment to put it into, if we were to fuse it together with the Hardened Leather Armor, then it would become something that would be for my own, personal use. But since I already have Waterproof Leather Mittens on me, then maybe I should put in on my legwear instead?

On second thought, maybe I should not be the one to wear the equipment with Physical Damage Reduction on it. After all, since I now mainly sit in the backline where I support Roxanne and the others with my Spells, I am in not that big of a need to have the physical damage that I am going to be sustaining reduced. If anything, then one of the girls is going to benefit from that Skill much more than I would.

Things would be much simpler with it if parts of the armor could be switched on the fly like in the real video games, but unfortunately that is not the case here. And honestly, I do not really see myself, or any other person for that matter, taking out a new pair of shoes or boots and trying to change them from the ones that they are currently wearing in the middle of heated combat. If anybody tried to do something like that, then something would have to be wrong with their brains.

The only piece of equipment that would possibly be able to be switched on the fly would be the gloves, but even they could not be handled without going through some difficulties first, so I guess that leaves only the helmet/hat as the piece of equipment that could be changed to another rather easily, and since the Hardened Leather Helmet which I bought at the Armor Shop comes along with two Empty Skill Slots, that is all the more reason for me to be using it.

Finally deciding on which piece of equipment I would like to infuse, I handed the Hardened Leather Helmet and the Slime Skill Crystal to Sherry, and as soon as she receives the items, she performs the Item Fusion without hesitation.

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