Volume 7 Chapter 4 Part 3

「I understand. Let’s go with what you said, master.」


「Also, would it be okay for us to buy a shelf as well?」


「A shelf? Yes, I see nothing wrong in buying one.」


With this, we are going to have two items instead of just one, which means that the conditions for the procking of my 「Thirty Percent Discount」Skill are going to be met. And since the owner of the furniture store has the Job of a Merchant, then it means that the discount should be effective without any issues.


As the number of the members of my Party is going to increase, then the same will go for their luggage and eventually, their personal belongings, so buying ourselves a shelf is really going to serve as a preparation for having a place where my slaves could keep them all.


We could buy it the next time we would be out shopping for furniture, but then I wouldn’t be able to get my discount, which goes against my personal policy of always trying to get the discount whenever it is going to be possible.


Ideally, we should have gotten our hands on the shelf and then worry about getting ourselves a bigger bed, but it’s done now so there’s no pint worrying about the things that we cannot change. It’s too late now, so that’s done.


Men play it fair, always being open and honest about everything. And whenever trouble or setbacks occur, they are always going to be breaking through the front to confront those setbacks head-on, same as they do with doing their women! They caress them and shove it in from the front! Only cowards do it from the back! But there is nothing to be envious about here, oh no. That’s something that you just have to do yourself in your own way.


In the end, the matter of picking up the right shelf for us to buy has been completely relegated to the girls.


They are going to be the ones who will be using that shelf anyway, so leaving the choosing process up to them seemed like the most logical thing to do.


While being surrounded by Sherry from the left and Miria from the right, Roxanne’s group started looking over the shelves while trying to decide which one they are going to be taking with them. As for myself, I was more than content with just watching them from the sidelines without throwing my own opinion in. If I did that, my words would probably influence their final choice, making it my purchase instead of theirs.


As it was always the case whenever Roxanne was involved in buying anything, making their final decision took them a considerably long time, but once they have finally made up their minds, we purchased both the bed and the shelf and then we returned home. I was hoping that maybe Roxanne would gradually stop taking so long to make each and every purchase, but it seems that it still cannot be helped.


「Girls, I want you to stay here until the furniture arrives. And since we’re done with the exploration of the Labyrinths for today, then you may focus entirely on preparing dinner. In the meantime, I am going to head to Vale.」


「To Vale? As in…. to the Vale’ Slave Shop?」


「That’s right, but this time I’m not going to do that because I want to add another member to our Party already. Rather, I want to go there today in order to gather the information that are going to help us prepare for the next purchase. That, and I also want to thank Alan-san for giving me a letter of introduction to the Slave Shop in the Imperial City. Without it, Miria’s purchase would have been impossible.」


「I see. That certainly seems like a proper thing to do.」


Roxanne gave me her consent.


As for the number of Party Members, it is like I always said: the more, the better, especially now when we are progressing through the Labyrinths at a decently fast pace. The higher we are going to proceed, the stronger the enemies are going to be getting, so the expansion of our Party and the increase of our effective battle strength is more important right now than ever before.


Thankfully, Roxanne and Sherry are both perfectly aware of this. However, when I think about it, then it hasn’t really been all that long since Sherry came to us from the Vale’s Slave Merchant Shop, and surely I cannot expect to find beauties like Roxanne or Sherry literally every time when I go to that particular Slave Shop. That is exactly why I said that this time, I am only going to be heading there for the purpose of doing some information gathering.


The maximum amount of people that can be in a single Party is six. Because that is a limit that cannot be surpassed in any way, I cannot just go around buying myself more slaves left and right without really thinking such purchases true.


Yes, whoever I am going to choose as the next Party Member, I have to make sure that this is going to be a choice that I am going to make very carefully.


Well, I guess I could go visit th Slave Merchant in the Imperial City once again, but if I did that, then I am pretty sure that the only slaves that he would have had for sale would be the ones that are unmotivated, and even if they would be beautiful, the beautiful slaves that would be unwilling to risk their lives together with us in the Labyrinths are of no use to me at all. But if I go to Alan-san, then there is always the possibility that he might introduce me to the other Slave Shops in the cities other than the ones in Vale and the Imperial City.


Besides, there are also other things that I want ask him about. Like, for example, the slave auctions that the Slave Merchant in the Imperial City mentioned to me when we went there to buy Miria.


Alternatively, I could always try asking Sherry about it, but something is telling me that asking her about something like that would not make me score any positive points with her, so that’s what I want to ask Alan-san about it instead.


「Well then. I’m heading off.」


「Alright. Take care, master.」


「Take care and safe travel, master.」


「Take care, desu!」


After having the girls sent me off with encouraging words, I left the house and headed off towards my destination: Vale and its Slave Shop. I opened up the 「Warp」 portal on the wall and jumped to the Vale’s Adventurers Guild and headed off towards Alan-san’s Slave Shop.


While I was walking there, I noticed that neither the townscape nor the townspeople have changed since the last time when I was here.


「Is the owner in?」


I asked the servant who came to greet me when I knocked on the front door of the Slave Shop.


「Yes, he’s going to see you shortly. Please wait here.」


As per the usual, he told me to come inside and wait for Alan-san’s arrival in the usual waiting room with which I was pretty well acquainted by now.


「Oh, if it isn’t one of my dear customers. I hope life continues to treat you well?」


Before long, Alan-san finally made his appearance. He looked exactly the same as the last time when I saw him as well. There was literally no change in him at all. When he signaled me with his hand, I followed after him to the back room.


「The other day, I went and visited the Slave Shop in the Imperial City to which you have written me a letter of recommendation. I wanted to express my thanks to you for doing that for me, since thanks to that I was able to obtain a new valuable slave for myself.」


「Ah, yes, I think that I have heard from him that he managed to make a successful transaction with you and that in the end both parties of the deal emerged from it it thoroughly satisfied.」


Oh, so the Slave Merchant from the Imperial City was satisfied with the result of our deal, even though he was forced to give me so many discounts thanks to my Bonus Skills? If it really is like that, then I guess the inhabitants of this world have no way of knowing that I have used a Skill that caused them to give me a more beneficial offer thanks to which they lost a portion of the money they would normally get, it seems.


Well, if that is how it is, then that’s better for me.

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