Volume 7 Chapter 5 Part 8

「I get it, but even so, there might be no other way for us to…」


「Please let me handle it, master.」


In my personal opinion, even if it means that we are going to be laughed at and have people’s fingers pointed at us wherever we go, if it means that Roxanne gets to keep on living, then that is the price that I am willing to pay, but it seems that Roxanne herself is not going to have any of it.


「Your willingness to go along with my request id commendable, but before we begin, allow me to give you a final warning. Up until now, I have ingested up to fifty Dope Medicines as per the instructions of the elders of the Baradam household, so if you still want to come at me despite knowing that, then you better prepare yourself.」


「In theory, fifty Dope Medicines is the maximum amount that a single person can ingest in order to make themselves stronger. Once fifty Dope Medicines have already been ingested, taking any more of them is not going to have any more positive effects on the individual.」


Sherry offered some additional explanations to Sabo’s words. If what she says is true, then the theory that the Dope Medicine increases only your level without actually raising your stats in accordance with your level’s number might actually be to our advantage. But still, if he says that he already ingested fifty Dope Medicines, thus raising his level by fifty, then does that mean that before he did that, he actually raised his Beast Warrior level to Lv.49 by himself without any external help?


If that is really how it is, then I cannot help but to wonder: if they were to go through with yet another duel, would Roxanne have any chances of actually winning against him? Is she going to be stronger than him, or weaker than him due to the level gap that exists between them?


If we ignore all of the Dope Medicine that this guy injested and the fifty levels that he gained from it, then his abilities and stats should be at the level of a Beast Warrior Lv.49, which is still higher than Roxanne’s current Beast Warrior Lv.32.


However, even if his numbers are bigger, there is still one more thing to consider: if that attacks of that woman against whom Roxanne thought just now were not able to reach her half a year ago, then I think that Roxanne’s chances of victory would not be zero. After all, if she could avoid the attacks of a Beast Warrior Lv.29 while being a Beast Warrior Lv.6 herself at best, then now that she is a Beast Warrior Lv.32 she should technically have no problems repelling the attacks of a Beast Warrior Lv.49.


Alternatively, there is one more thing that we can do.


「Well, you don’t have to worry about it, Roxanne. I am going to deal with this one myself.」


「Uhm, master? While I am happy to hear that you are willing to go that far for me, I think that you should know that that woman was not kidding when she said that Sabo is one of the strongest warriors in the entire Wolfkin tribe, and his strength is actually pretty well known among our community and no one ever dared to question it before. I know that you are a strong fighter yourself, but this is the kind of opponent who would be pretty dangerous even for you.」


「Roxanne, I know that you are more than capable of taking this guy on by yourself, but if you did that, then I feel like that would be too easy of a win.」


Even though I said that just now, I think that allowing Roxanne to fight against this guy would be pretty bad. There is always a chance that he was above Lv.49 when he was ingesting the Dope Medicines and that some of them simply did not work on him. And while I still think that Roxanne would be able to somehow manage on her own if she was to fight him, the risk of her getting killed by this guy is too great for me to actually go and gamble it, therefore I think that the best course of action here would be for me to participate in this second duel myself.


「What! How dare you say something preposterous like that! I will not allow myself to be insulted like that!」


「Master, like I was saying, Sabo is a considerably strong warrior famous for his strength among the entire Wolfkin tribe, so I cannot allow you to put yourself at risk just for my own sake. If anything were to happen to you while you were fighting him, I would never forgive myself…」


「Roxanne. I appreciate you worrying about me, but trust me, it’s going to be fine. Like you said, I am not as weak as that woman and this guy were taking me for.」


「Ah! Y-Yes, of course, master.」


Roxanne still tried to convince me not to take part in the duel against Sabo, but I just ignored her.


I don’t want to lose Roxanne, and so I cannot take the risk of allowing her to participate in the duel herself. After all, Sabo killed that woman without even batting an eye just because he deemed her a disgrace to his household for losing and refusing to die while taking her opponent with her, so if there is even a shadow of a chance that he would win in a duel against Roxanne, then I am sure that he would not hesitate to kill her at all. That is why I have to fight him myself.


As for my own chances in a battle against Sabo, I feel like I can win against him, but I don’t know it it’s as certain as I hope it to be.


「The other Party appears to be strong, exactly like you say. That’s why I don’t think that can allow myself to have the luxury of going easy against him. But since he has already killed that woman in cold blood, do you think that there won’t be any problems for us if I end up killing him as a result?」


「Yes, if you do that, then I don’t think that anyone of the people who are gathered here is going to be holding that against you.」


「It should technically be all right since he was the one who declared his eagerness to have a duel after killing his own Party Member.」


Sherry and Roxanne gave their approval to my suggestion that I might just kill Sabo if I were to go all out in this duel. So even if I end up killing him, there won’t be any problems? Because the last thing that I want to be dealing with are more members of the Wolfkin tribe requesting to duel me for killing one of their strongest warriors.


「Do you accept the duel, then?」


「Yes, I do. Is it going to be a problem if I chose to fight with him myself?」


「No, it won’t be a problem. In accordance to the rules of the duel, the side that received the request for the duel from the challenger has the right to nominate the combatant who’s going to be representing them, and the challenger has no right to deny the representative, no matter who that might be.」


After Gozer walked up to us, I spoke to him about fighting against Sabo personally.


「As much as I hate to say it, I might have no other way but to kill him since I cannot afford to take this duel easy.」


「You don’t have to worry yourself about that. In a duel, one side killing the other is not an unusual result. Moreover, it is an expected one.」


「As I said, no matter how strong you are or what you might try to do or who you’re going to nominate as your representative, I’m not going to lose to you!」


Sabo shouted angerly. Oh, have I managed to struck a nerve?


「I don’t need a representative. After fighting the assistant instructor, it’s time for the master of the dojo to step forward and show what he’s capable of.」


「I have no idea what you just said. And I also cannot comprehend what is your reason for fighting me yourself instead of ordering one of your slaves to do it for you.」


「I don’t want to risk Roxanne losing her life. And likewise, If you don’t want to risk dying yourself, then I advise you to stop that farce of yours right now.」


「I don’t need to listen to your human bullshit.」


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