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Volume 8 Chapter 2 Part 3

「Understood, master.」

「Please be careful on your way there.」

「Okay, desu.」

If my assumptions are correct, then Luke must have already told the Duke that he has passed his message on to me, which means can no longer afford not to go to Bode to explain what happened. And even if I’d be able to delay it, I’d never be able to get away with not explaining myself completely….. but wait, if I do try to delay it as long as possible, then maybe the Duke’s memory is going to get a little hazy and he actually forgets some of the details? So then, should I go tomorrow? Or maybe even the day after tomorrow?

「Are you not going, master?」

Noticing my indecisiveness and hesitation, Sherry asked that of me.

「I’m going, I’m going. I just have to prepare myself, that’s all.」

「Oh, is that so?」

Somehow, Sherry’s voice felt even colder than usual. Also, her eyes.

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