Volume 8 Chapter 2 Part 8

「Including the amber ores and considering the fact that there’s a lady from Catkin tribe with you, the total price of the necklace is going to be fifty eight thousand and two hundred  Nars.」

Isn’t that the same kind of excuse from a while ago? Yeah, the reason he gave me the thirty percent discount is same as the reason he gave for the original discount. So, was forty five thousand Nars really a reasonable price after all? Or maybe he did foresee my discount and quoted a higher price from the onset because of it?

Well, whatever the case may be, the most important thing here is that this necklace is not inferior to Roxanne’s and Sherry’s necklaces in the slightest, so they shouldn’t have any reasons to start arguing whose necklace was better or more expensive, thinking that it would have anything to do with me picking favorites.

「It’s good, isn’t it, Miria?」

「Yes, desu.」

「And this here small case for the amber ore, made in Talem, is a gift for our dear customer.」

I pay the necessary amount of money and receive the necklace along with the gifted case. Because I was the one who gave him the idea of using cases made in Talem, he gifts one to me as a form of tribute for coming up with the idea that’s going to expand his business and give him an edge over the competition in his line of business.

「Miria, keep the necklace on.」

「Okay, desu. Thank you master, desu.」

Miria bows to me and thanks me for buying the necklace for her. She seems to be pleased with it, so I consider it money well spent, even if that purchase just now went against my 「save as much money before the slave auction comes around」policy.

From Bode’s Adventurer’s Guild, we warped to Zabir’s Labyrinth.

I have become slightly depressed due to all of the MP that I had to spend in order to get us there, but it was nothing that a good old monster hunting couldn’t fix.

However, he Labyrinth of Zabir is not our destination, but just a relay point,  so we left it and went to Palmasque, appearing in the Palmasque’s Adventurers Guild.

「It looks like this your first time in Palmasque, Miria.」

Miria stands around curiously, looking out at Palmasque for the first time. Her cat ears are standing upright as she catches all of the surrounding sounds as if it was her first time visiting such a big city.

Honestly, it’s so cute.

「It is so white, desu.」

「The buildings, you mean? Yeah, they are white and beautiful.」

I put my hand on Miria’s head. While patting it, I lightly touched her cat ears.

「The sea, desu.」

「That’s right, Palmasque was supposed to be an island after all.」

I wonder if Miria can hear the waves, and smell the seawater with her Catkin senses? Or maybe it’s something only someone with a Diver Job can notice?

Or is it perhaps… that she can smell the fish, and that’s how she was able to tell that we are close to the sea?

「X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X.」

「Yes, desu.」

Roxanne tells Miria off for some reason, or something similar to that, judging by Miria’s sour and dejected expression. Maybe she told her that we’re here today to buy Palmasque Mirrors, not fish?

「I’ll leave it to you then.」

「I understand.」

「We’ll take care of it.」

「Yes, desu.」

I send off the three of them, and then I return to Zabir’s Labyrinth to recover my MP.

The amount of MP consumed for 「Warp」seems to have increased because the amount of Party Members who have warped together with me has also increased. I didn’t notice any difference while using 「Warp」for going to nearby places, but the difference was made obvious when we came to Palmasque, which has always been quite an exhausting travel destination as long as my MP was concerned.

Also, the very important question here is: How will we get home? Going straight from Palmasque back to our  house would probably be bad, so that’s why a relay point might be needed. I  also need to avoid the mirrors getting broken in a fight, so should I use the Recovery Medicine to get my MP back instantly?

While thinking about such things, I returned to Quratar to kill some time.

The thirteenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth can be used to replenish my Recovery Medicines, but I don’t go there, because going alone to such a high floor would be downright scary.

Instead,  I fought the Spice Spider Floor Boss on the third floor. Against an enemy from such a low floor, there won’t be much danger to me if I use Durandal. As for why I am fighting that Floor Boss in particular, it’s because it drops Pepper, and that spice is going to be indispensable if we want to continue to have such rich eating habits. There might be a better hunting ground for it, but I don’t need it that much at the moment, just enough of it to last me for a few of our next meals.

After filling in time for a while, I used 「Warp」 to get to Palmasque again. When I arrive in the Palmasque Adventurers Guild, the girls were already waiting for me.

「I’m sorry, did I make you wait long?」

「Don’t worry about it master, we just got here ourselves.」

Every one of them is holding a Palmasque Mirror in their hands. It seems they got them with no problems.

With that out of the way, we went to Zabir’s Labyrinth next.

「I’ll use Recovery Medicine to recover MP before we return home.  And since we have the mirrors with us, there’s no need for you to search for any monsters, Roxanne.」

「I understand.」

I stopped Roxanne, who was about to look for the monsters that we could fight. As I already said: this is just a relay point, so we’re not going to be here long.

After leaving Zabir’s Labyrinth, we went straight to our home in Quratar. I checked to see how I was doing mentally, and I noticed that I wasn’t all that depressed just yet. It was the right choice to make a stop at the relay point instead of going home from Palmasque. This level of MP expenditure is something that I can definitely tolerate. So you see, even if I still don’t have the perfect warping route figured out, then you have to admit that for someone as incompetent like me, I managed to do pretty well, right?

「We sold the raw amber gemstones at the usual price. The Palmasque Mirrors were also sold at the usual price as well.」

After putting the mirrors in the store room, Sherry gives me the details as well as the money that they had left from the purchase.

I thought that they won’t be able to sell the raw amber ore, so I had given them money for the mirrors just in case. Good to know that they didn’t have to use that money after all.

「Good. I wasn’t worried at all though, because I know that Sherry is a good negotiator.」

「There are also two orders for Amber Necklaces.」

「For the two of them?」

I’m happy to get orders. The Amber Necklaces have a considerable profit margin, so selling even one of them would be quite a good business, and you’re telling me that we can sell two of them? With that unexpected gift, I might not even need the White Magic Crystal anymore.

「When the merchant’s wife goes out for meetings, she puts on her amber necklace, and it seems to have attracted attention.」

So we basically turned his wife into a walking billboard, huh? Well, I guess a turn of events like that was to be expected. After all, I sold her a good quality necklace, and if you sell a good item cheaply, you will naturally attract more orders.

「Everything went according to plan then.」

Sherry’s eyes seem to be looking at me a little bit coldly, but other than that things have really gone as planned, to the point where the outcome was even better than what I initially expected.

「One order is from a lady who serves as a representative on the city council committee. She isn’t worried about the costs, and simply wants her necklace to be of the highest quality. She seems to be quite an influential person as well as the one who’s willing to pay a lot for something of high quality when she sets her eyes on it. The merchant’s wife says she’ll pay us thirty five gold coins for the necklace.」

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