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Volume 8 Chapter 3 Part 1

Chapter 38: Negotiator


Current Levels & Equipment:

Master Smith Lv.32


Powerful Steel Spear


Hardened Leather Helmet

Hardened Leather Gloves

Hardened Leather Boots

Sacrificial Misanga

I deliver the third Palmasque Mirror to the Duke during the early morning break from the Labyrinth exploration.

I didn’t bring Roxanne with me again, of course. The last thing I want is to have the Duke ogle her with those pretty boy eyes of his, so she stayed at home together with Sherry and Miria.

While in Bode, I received the payment for the three mirrors, as well as one other thing: the order for three more mirrors. When that part was all said and done, I have returned home and prepared the Amber Necklaces again.

Before we go to buy more Palmasque Mirrors, we have to get our preparations done properly, after all. When all was said and prepared, I jumped to Bode’s Adventurers’ Guild and head to the Amber Merchant’s shop.

「Welcome, Mr. Customer.

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