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Volume 8 Chapter 3 Part 2

This is looking to be the limit of what Sherry can achieve as a negotiator. That being said, even though Sherry herself claims to dislike brokers and middlemen, then I say that she has all of the makings needed to become an outstanding broker herself.

「Then I’ll be buying these two necklaces.」

「Thank you very much for your patronage. I made a good business today, so I think this calls for a little celebration. Alright then, the total amount to pay for the two necklaces shall be eighty four thousand Nars in total.」

And of course, when it comes down to the final payment, my thirty percent discount kicks in because I bough more than just one thing from him, resulting in the cutting of the price by the said thirty percent. You might say that me using that discount at literally every chance I get is unfair and bad for the

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