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Volume 8 Chapter 3 Part 7

Luke exposes the truth about The Holy Spear situation. So that’s it, huh? The Baradam family tried to bite more than they could chew, and now that they tried to outplay everyone, nobody is going to bid on it as a result, which means that the successful bid is going to be made at a low price to deny them the profit from the selling of it.

I already knew that brokers were nasty, but this is on a whole other level. Now I realize more than ever that it wouldn’t be good to make them angry at any circumstances.

Maybe it’s Luke’s way of giving me a warning what is going to happen to me if I do something selfish that I am going to ultimately regret.

「Then, the first lowest bid will be a successful bid.」

「That’s right. Or if the starting bid is going to be too high we might

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