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Volume 8 Chapter 3 Part 8

「So this is an auction?」

There isn’t really any difference with auctions back on Earth, despite all of my worries before. Internet auctions aside, I only known them from TV, and even then I only saw like a handful of them, but since their purpose is the same, then of course they would turn out to be similar.

「The next item today is the Coral Skill Crystal. Its authenticity has already been confirmed by the Merchants Guild. The starting bid is thousand Nars.」

The next seller shows up and puts the Skill Crystal on the table.

The price increases in hundreds from one thousand Nars again, and then it finishes. That same procedure has been repeated several times.

「All the people in the hall have probably participated now, so the bidding should start getting serious from here on out.」

Luke whispers to me.

Bids increase by ten percent for the starting range of thousand Nars. There

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