Volume 8 Chapter 4 Part 10

「Yes, desu. Fishing, desu.」

Miria answers me. The question now is: Will Miria really be content with fishing for the fish normally? Well, I just have to hope that she’s going to be on her best behavior. And besides, if she’s happy, then I’m happy as well.

However, whether she understands what fishing really means or not is also questionable.

* * *

Next morning, after we had our early morning Labyrinth-foraging session, we went to the library in the Imperial City after eating some proper breakfast.

My Item Box is filled with the items I picked up earlier in the morning, so it was definitely a worthwhile trip, but the only downside to it is that I won’t be able to sell any of those items since the counters at the Guild buildings are going to be closed for today.

I send Sherry off to the library after giving her one gold and five

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