Volume 8 Chapter 4 Part 11

「Also, you might want to have a basket with you while fishing, and it would be convenient if you also had a colander when you catch a fish so that you could store them easily. Both the basket and the colander are available right here, of course.」

While Miria was checking the fishing rod, I go to check the basket and the colander that the shopkeeper was talking about out.

Both of them are skillfully made using wood. Since there is no plastic in this world, the wood processing technique has advanced quite a bit I see.

「It’s okay, desu.」

When I return with a basket and a colander in hand, Miria passes the fishing rod back to me. With this, everything seems to be done in here.

「Do we have everything here? Then, can I buy all of these?」

「Thank you very much. Let me see… as a customer who’s fishing for the first

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