Volume 8 Chapter 4 Part 11

「Also, you might want to have a basket with you while fishing, and it would be convenient if you also had a colander when you catch a fish so that you could store them easily. Both the basket and the colander are available right here, of course.」

While Miria was checking the fishing rod, I go to check the basket and the colander that the shopkeeper was talking about out.

Both of them are skillfully made using wood. Since there is no plastic in this world, the wood processing technique has advanced quite a bit I see.

「It’s okay, desu.」

When I return with a basket and a colander in hand, Miria passes the fishing rod back to me. With this, everything seems to be done in here.

「Do we have everything here? Then, can I buy all of these?」

「Thank you very much. Let me see… as a customer who’s fishing for the first time, the total amount to pay will be five thousand five hundred Nars. I will also add a bag and a tackle box to put the fishing rod in as a special service.」

The clerk gives us a bag and a tackle box for the fishing gear. As for the price though, I’m well and truly confused. If I take it as daily food expense, it seems high. However, is it still high if I take it as an equipment?

Well, at the very least, my thirty percent discount was effective, at least.

「That’s bad.」

「Bad, desu.」

Miria gently pulls my arm and says in a low voice. Did my feeling bad made her feel bad, too?

「It’s fine, Miria, you don’t have to worry.」

I place my hand on her head and pat her gently. I thought it would cost a gold coin when I heard it was a hobby of nobles, but luckily foe me that wasn’t the case, so it’s a satisfactory result.

Miria holds the fishing rod and the box while Roxanne holds the colander as we leave the store. I hold onto the basket.

「Thank you, desu.」

「I hope you get us a good catch with this.」

「Good catch, desu.」

Miria’s eyes show intense determination. The only thing I want from you is to not jump into the sea to catch fish if you fail with the rod. Well, Roxanne seems to have given her similar warning already, so it should be fine. Even if she doesn’t listen to what I’m saying, she will be sure to follow Roxanne’s orders.

We go back to the wall behind the library in order to Warp. Our destination is Hafen village in the Harz Duchy. Whenever I think of a seaside, this is the only place that comes to my mind. Palmasque seems to be surrounded by sea as well, but I’m not sure about it since I never went out of the Guild.

It isn’t morning yet in Hafen. Is it still the holiday here or has the holiday already passed? The holiday is between spring and summer. In short, it is something like the summer solstice.

The day’s activities should start earlier in this part of the north than the rest.

I take a look around. The elf Village Chief Lv.5 is here.

He’s the same Village Chief from before. I approach him to talk.
「Excuse me, is it okay to do fishing around here?」

「Yes, it is permitted to do fishing anywhere around here. The seashore further down seems to be quite a good point. The people who did fishing there before managed to get quite good catches quite often. Because it’s a rocky area there, it is difficult to setup a net, but on the flipside, there seems to be a lot of fish.」

「Further down? Let’s go then. Thank you for telling us.」

I follow the Village Chief’s instructions, and reach the shore shortly after.

There is no possibility to lay waste for this fishing ground, so I can understand the reason why it is hard to setup a fishing net around here. Usually, in the places where you can move around freely there will be no fish, making this point not bad at all.

The shore has a large number of reefs. It really is a good point for fishing. Miria is looking around with a serious expression. She runs to a rock, and looks into the sea.

「There’s so much fish, desu!」

Satisfied, she comes right back to us.

「So, are you going to be fishing here, Miria?」

「Yes, desu.」

I am still concerned about her, but because it’s the holiday today, I should probably let her do what she likes.

I call Roxanne over, and leave all the fishing gear in Miria’s hands. I also put a Leather Helmet on her.

「Wear this just in case, I’m giving you five silver coins. You can buy whatever you may need from that village over there if the need arises.」

「Thank you, desu.」

「I will pick you up in the afternoon. Don’t go too far from here, and make sure to steer clear of trouble.」

「Yes, desu.」

I entrust Miria with the fishing gear, and leave her there. I then go to the small forest located close to the shore. From there, I should be able to get us back home without anyone interrupting us, so I cast 「Warp」on one of the trees to create a portal that’s going to take us back home.

「Will she be fine on her own?」

「I think it will be alright. There should be a few members of the Beastkin tribe in the village who should be capable of speaking the Bana language, so if she runs into any trouble she should be able to ask them for help.」

Ah, that reminds me that even though she cannot speak any other language than the Bana language, she somehow managed to hold a conversation before with that one lady at the fishing village. So, will there really be no problem? However, Miria knows the sea better than the rest of us, so she technically should know what she’s doing.

「And Roxanne, here. I will be giving an additional ten silver coins.」

「Umm, additional funds just for me? Are you sure that is really okay?」

「Absolutely. Since Roxanne is my number one slave, you are always going to be special to me.」

「Yes! Thank you very much. Master!」

I hand ten silver coins to Roxanne. In Roxanne’s case, it is not necessarily a waste since she will be shopping. She will surely buy clothes for Miria, too, this time, so it was the logical thing to do, and it also should have landed me a lot of points with her too.

Roxanne accepts it with a smiling face.

Apparently, the auction participation fee is thousand Nars. And it is about time for me to finally go to the auction hall, since there is a possibility that the participation fee will not be confirmed until I go to the auction hall itself and receive some kind of written confirmation.

「Well then, I am off.」

「Yes, have a good day, master. Make sure to find us a good Party Member. I will leave it to you then.」

Roxanne has already accepted my plan of expanding the harem, so I will have to take full advantage of her words, since I have such a good memory and all.

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