Volume 8 Chapter 4 Part 2

However, annoyingly enough, these two decided to follow after me to see me off, even though I prefer to use 「Warp」 in peace when no one’s around to interrupt me or stare at me.

Anyway, I recite the incantation of 「Field Walker」out loud but think about using 「Warp」and then step through the portal.

「Sherry, fuse this together right away, please.」

After taking the items needed to make the staff with 「MP Absorption」 out, I call out to Sherry who was in the middle of preparing dinner. If it’s Sherry, the 「Skill Crystal Fusion」 should be easy as pie for her, and she should have no trouble at all wrapping this entire thing up before dinner.

I put the Scissoresque Carnivorous Plant Skill Crystal, the Kobold Skill Crystal and the staff with an Empty Skill Slot on the table.

「Are you sure about the Skill Crystals? Are they the correct ones?」

「Yeah, it should be perfectly fine.」

「I’m just saying, but do I need to remind you that if the fusion fails, you won’t be able to get the Skill Crystals back.」

I was of the idea that she no longer feels uneasy about 「Skill Crystal Fusion」, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Even the limitless sand may vanish from a beach one day, but apparently her worries will not.

「You’re onboard a large ship. Sherry, don’t worry.」

「I have been doing this casually until now, but…」
「You don’t need to tell me. My memory is still in pretty good condition, you know?」

Sherry takes a seat and reluctantly picks the staff up in her hands. She then performs the 「Skill Card Fusion」.

「Ooh, it’s a success. As expected of Sherry… no, I guess I should say as expected of my memory. See? It’s still in a pretty good shape.」

It doesn’t mean that my memory was used, so, don’t look at me with questioning eyes. Or was my memory actually used, perhaps? Yeah, I used it. I definitely used it. If my memory serves me right, then I will always use it to my own benefit.

「Thank you very much. It’s possible, though, that a different Skill might have been attached to the staff.」

Still having doubts, eh? Had Roxanne praised her in my stead, it would have been a different case, I’m certain of it. Unfortunately, she’s in the kitchen, not here, so Sherry has to contend herself with my words. I praise her myself because there’s no other option, and receive the finished wand from Sherry. Of course, 「MP Absorption」Skill has successfully been attached to the staff.

The name of it is… Soul Sucking Staff, huh? Quite an exaggerated name, if I am to be honest.
I returned to the Merchants Guild with the Soul Sucker Staff in hand. When I do that, the two brokers were still waiting in the waiting room.

They look relieved when they see me holding the cane in my hands.

Were they worried that I wouldn’t come back? Or maybe they were thinking that I was going to run away now that the other guy requested to have the staff as soon as possible? In any case, I can see that they were very concerned. Seriously, who do the people that I know in this world always seem to be worried about every little thing like its some kinda huge deal.

It took me a little more time than I would have liked since I had to get Sherry to fuse it, but that was something that I could do nothing about, so they might have thought that I really I ran away because I didn’t have the staff with 「MP Absorption」 immediately when they asked for it.

Gentleman, you can relax. I’ve got Sherry do it for me so it’s fine, you don’t need to think anything bad about me and jump into baseless conclusions.

「Sorry for the delay. It took me a little time to find it.」

「It’s all right. Let’s go back to the meeting room now.」

We went back to the meeting room, and I passed the Soul Sucking Staff to the Weapons Merchant. He then recites the incantation of a weapon appraising Skill.

「This certainly is a Soul Sucking Staff. There’s no doubt about it.」


There can’t be any doubt since I just made it and confirmed that this is the item in question with my own eyes. But for the sake of going along with my earlier story, I feigned surprise.

「The name of a weapon with 「MP Absorption」 becomes Soul Sucking Staff.」

「Soul Sucking Staff? Alright, I’ll remember it. I have a good memory for names after all.」

「It’s in good condition too, not even a scratch on it. There’s nothing that would hinder our business, so here.」

The man recites another incantation and opens his Item Box. He takes The Holy Spear out of it. I can see that it is the same one with the five Empty Skill Sots in it that I have seen during the auction. So he haven’t swapped it after all.

「How shall I confirm the authenticity of this Holy Spear? I don’t want to risk getting a counterfeit item since I am a broker. If you’re fine with it, then I can call for an acquaintance of mine who’s also a Weapons Merchant.」

Luke makes a suggestion.

I know that it’s the same Holy Spear from the auction because of my 「Identify」but normally someone wouldn’t know that and would have to seek others who could appraise the weapon for them. Do I have to confirm it this time? Do I not have any other choice here? There is a Weapons Merchant right here, but since he’s on the seller’s side, I guess that makes him ill-suited for the purpose of checking the weapon out for us?

Luke says that he can ask one of his acquaintances to perform the appraisal, but can that acquaintance of Luke’s even be trusted? After all, that acquaintance might be conspiring with the seller against us. And since Luke himself is a broker, then we mustn’t forget the other possibility here: that these two brokers might actually be in kahoots against me. The doubts are pretty much endless!

「There’s no need to go that far. There’s no mistaking that shape and shine. This is definitely The Holy Spear I desired after seeing it in the auction hall. My memory in regards to the things that catch my attention is quite good after all.」

「I don’t have a problem with it, but are you really sure it’s alright?」

「You checked it yourself after you bought it, right?」

I ask the man directly. When he bought it from the Baradam family’s representative exhibitor, he was asked to go with him to the back of the auction hall so that they could confirm the weapon’s authenticity for themselves, and that is probably when he must’ve used 「Identify Weapon」on it.

After he bought it, and Luke spoke to him, there would have been no further opportunities for him to go and make contact with the Baradam family.

「Of course.」

「Then there’s no problem.」

I received The Holy Spear from the other broker. Her it is at last! The Holy Spear with five Empty Skill Slots in it! It’s finally in my hands!

It’s annoying having to do so in front of them right now, but with no other choice I used the incantation when I opened my Item Box so that I could safely store The Holy Spear within it.

The man also put away the Soul Sucking Staff into his own Item Box.

「I am sorry for my somewhat pompous attitude. I was quite impressed with the way you handled yourself. You weren’t surprised when I checked the weapon at all. Quite splendid. I was part of a good trade.」

「You think so?」

I knew that he was a Weapons Merchant because I saw that with my 「Identify」. Should I have been surprised when he suddenly checked the weapon, since that’s probably how any other person would have reacted in that situation? He is such a petty broker.

「Well then, now that our business is concluded, I am going to take my leave.」

The man says his goodbye to Luke and then turns to leave.

「Oh, one more question before you go. Did you have the Scissoresque Carnivorous Plant Skill Crystal and the Kobold Skill Crystal?」

「Those Skill Crystals? Why yes, I do have them.」

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