Volume 8 Chapter 4 Part 7

However, it is generally agreed upon that it is a word that is being used to describe the act of worshiping or deifying someone, and the ones who worship and deify someone are called worshipers. And when you stop to think about it for a moment, worshiping their lord can be said to be an essence of a being a Knight.

I take a Mabream out after teaching Roxanne the Skill incantation, and we continue to hunt until we eventually get two Whole Fishes.

「Here, desu!」

Miria brings the two Whole Fish over to me while literally beaming with happiness. I receive the fish and put them in my Item Box.

「Alright. With this, we have our two Whole Fish just like we planned. Let’s move on to the Boss Room now then, shall we?」


Roxanne says as she walks ahead of me.

Ah! I know the location of the Boss Room. I know it…

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