Volume 8 Chapter 4 Part 8

Or perhaps, it’s suddenly going to turn out that it can bend its tail fin up to a ninety degree angle?

Wielding Durandal, I approach it carefully in order to confirm my conjecture. The tuna then charges at Roxanne, who twitches in surprise. The tuna’s charge then comes to a stop.

While Roxanne was trying to regain her breath, it prepares for yet another charge.

Was… was that previous charge of it a feint? Nevertheless, Roxanne maneuvers the upper half of her body and dodges it.

During the exchange, Roxanne manages to connect her Estoc with the tuna’s body. Although it used a feint, it couldn’t see through everything that was coming towards it.

When the monster comes to a stop after its exchange with Roxanne, I hammer in a 「Rush」to its side. The Black Diamond Tuna then convulses and drops down. It’s lying on the ground, and now that it just lays there,

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