Volume 8 Chapter 5 Part 11

「Wah! Is… is it really okay for me to do that?!」

「It’s fine, because it’s master that we’re talking about.」

Is Roxanne really trying to persuade her like this? Because I don’t even have the energy to follow her up anymore.

「Since we enter the Labyrinth pretty much every day, we need to take care of our health and always have all the energy that we can, so you’re expected to do the same. Taking the proper care of your own health is important for a healthy and long life, after all.」

To escape from this matter before it grows needlessly complicated, I go inside the Adventurers Guild, cast Warp, and return home.

「All right then. Since we’re already back home, then why don’t we go to the Labyrinth for a little while?」

「Go to the Labyrinth? Right now?」

Roxanne asks me when we arrived at home.

「Yes. I know that it might be a bit soon,

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