Volume 8 Chapter 5 Part 6

After all, if these boots were able to fit Sherry with her small stature perfectly, then why wouldn’t they fit someone as big as Vesta, right?

「Okay, thank you for this gift then.」

Vesta bows to me and wears the boots exactly like how I instructed her to do. When she bends over to put them on, her ass easily reaches my chest.

Oh my god… are you perhaps trying to show off and brag about how long your legs are, girl?

I don’t know if she’s doing that on purpose of is she’s oblivious to what is happening, but nevertheless the sight of her magnificently plump butt cheeks right in front of me makes me act up with he desire to shove certain things up her ass, but I try my best to control those animalistic urges of mine and control myself.

Man, sometimes I really can’t shake off the feeling that I am still such a goddamn kid, huh? It’s not like Vesta is really bragging about her long, slim legs to me. It’s just that this is what my one-track mind is telling me she’s doing, but it’s alright. I’m an adult here, so I know where to draw the line and how to behave myself. And besides, there’s a certain way that an adult can handle another adult who’s trying to appear to them with their backside.

That’s right. I think that she’s going to be receiving a lot of spanking from me later.

「Well, shall we be on our way, then?」

「Yes, let’s. I heard that there is a famous Labyrinth located in Quratar. Even if it’s the current me, I should probably be able to hold out there on my own just fine.」

「We will be entering soon, but nor right now. For the time being, just follow me.」

「Okay, master.」

I add Vesta to my Party, and head back to the waiting room of the Merchants Guild. I could go back to the auction hall to watch the rest of the biddings, but I decided to pass on that opportunity since I don’t want to take Vesta there along with me so that other people could stare at her with their lecherous eyes. Also, the bidding for the young lady has most likely finished already, so there’s really nothing that is keeping me here any longer, so I might as well be on my way back home.

Since the auction is still ongoing, there are less people on the first floor. That said, there are still a few people left in the waiting room. All of them seem to be Adventurers. Initially I though that there might be entire Parties there, but then it dawned on me that something like that would not be good money-wise.

Since there’s an entrance fee of a thousand Nars for the auction, then the only members of the Parties that need to participate in the auction are Party Leaders, right?

Come to think of it, I always thought of Adventurers as masters, but now that I think about it, it wouldn’t be all that strange if there were also Adventurers who are slaves, too. It is more probable for an Adventurer to be a slave to a Wizard than a Wizard to be a slave to an Adventurer?

I thought of abandoning the idea since there are people around, but if I turned back now, it would seem weird and someone might start getting suspicious of me, so I recite the incantation of 「Field Walker」and use 「Warp」to get us out of there.

Thus, I return home through the wall of the waiting room while Vesta follows closely after me. It looks like she has managed to get inside the 「Warp」portal without having to actually lower her head.

「Oh, looks like you managed to go through it without bumping your head. That’s good.」

「Erm…. Well…」

Vesta has a troubled expression on her face. Earlier, after the contract has been finalized and all the formalities were over, I showed Vesta my Intelligence Card so that she knew that I am an Explorer and so that I could have a cover for using 「Warp」disguised as 「Field Walker」.

But now that we have come back home, it occurred to me that have I never gave it a thought when I used 「Warp」to go to the Merchants Guild. What would I have done if Alan were there inside the waiting room?
And even if I somehow managed to deceive Alan, I would have lost my winning bid on Vesta had the Slave Merchant, who brought her along, have been there because you have to show your Intelligence Card when the process of making a master-slave contract is being finalized.

Actually, before I even made the bid, wouldn’t I have remembered if I had passed by him before somewhere? Yeah, that would’ve probably been the case.

Damn, I had no idea that it’d be so troublesome for me to walk after having gotten used to travelling pretty much everywhere by using 「Warp」, but up until now I didn’t really have to think about it or worry about it since I don’t suffer much from the lack of exercise since I walk a lot inside the Labyrinths and have lots of sex pretty much every day.

「This is our home.」

I say to Vesta as we arrived, and at the same time, there was a creaking sound as the door to the house opened.

「I am back.」

It is Roxanne’s voice. Looks like she’s already came back from her day off, even though admittedly not much time has passed. It’s a shame that she’s already here, because if there was no one else but us home at the moment, I would have the perfect opportunity to enjoy my time alone with Vesta

but on the other hand, if Roxanne were to be back while we were in the middle of our fun, would that really be a problem?

「Welcome home, Roxanne.」

「Oh, master! It’s great to see that you’re here. I had a feeling that you might already be back home, so I hurried back as soon as possible myself.」

Roxanne comes trotting and greets me. What are you, a dog? Wait, a dog…? I mean, a wolf?

「Good timing, Roxanne. Since you’re already here, then let me introduce you two. Roxanne, she is Vesta. Starting from today onwards, she is going to be our newest companion.」

When Roxanne puts her luggage down, I introduce Vesta to her. Judging from the things that she bought, she seems to have just come back from a shopping trip

「Oh my, you are so tall. And you seem to be quite a reliable person.」

Roxanne says while admiring Vesta. Hopefully they will get along with each other.

「Well, I do hope to be of help during the battles in the Labyrinths. Please take care of me.」

「Likewise. It would be my pleasure to be working with you.」

「Vesta, She is Roxanne, the number one slave.」

「Number one slave? that’s amazing.」

Is it really that amazing? Because I seriously don’t get what might actually be so amazing about it.

「Even if you don’t always listen to what I say, be sure to at least listen to what Roxanne says, okay?」

「Umm, okay?」

「You don’t have to worry about anything, Vesta. Master is a really nice master, he never raised his hand on us even a single time. Even so, I don’t want you to become arrogant or trying to take advantage of him because of that, alright?」

「Yes, I’ll make sure to be on my best behavior.」

I see that Roxanne is employing that good old tried and true strategy of influencing troops in the military: a strategy that says that if the sergeant is extremely strict with the troops, then the commanding officer should appeal to them while wearing a smile. That means that if Roxanne is going to be strict with Vesta, then there is going to be no need for me to be strict with her instead.

The only downside to that tactic is that I have basically made Roxanne assume the role of a villain here against her will, but if everything goes well there shouldn’t be any need for her to keep playing the bad guy all the time, and her relationship with Vesta should be more along the lines of the relation similar to the one that Roxanne has with Miria.

But since she agreed to take on such a role again without batting as much as an eye, I am in Roxanne’s debt even more now.

「I hope you two will get along well.」

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