Volume 8 Chapter 5 Part 6

After all, if these boots were able to fit Sherry with her small stature perfectly, then why wouldn’t they fit someone as big as Vesta, right?

「Okay, thank you for this gift then.」

Vesta bows to me and wears the boots exactly like how I instructed her to do. When she bends over to put them on, her ass easily reaches my chest.

Oh my god… are you perhaps trying to show off and brag about how long your legs are, girl?

I don’t know if she’s doing that on purpose of is she’s oblivious to what is happening, but nevertheless the sight of her magnificently plump butt cheeks right in front of me makes me act up with he desire to shove certain things up her ass, but I try my best to control those animalistic urges of mine and control myself.

Man, sometimes I really can’t shake off the feeling that I

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