Volume 8 Chapter 5 Part 7

「Yes, master.」

「Certainly, master.」

If they don’t become friends, it will be troublesome, since I want my harem life to be as peaceful as possible. I’m saying that for both their sake and the sake of my own mental health as well.
「You are so big and beautiful, as expected of someone my master chose.」

「Roxanne-san is amazingly beautiful as well.」

「Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you.」
Anyway, it seems that Vesta has successfully broken through the first hurdle on her way of befriending the other members of the harem, so if she manages to get along with Roxanne just fine, then she shouldn’t have any trouble getting along with Sherry and Miria.

「Excuse me. Master is an Explorer, right?」

While I was taking a short breather, Vesta asks Roxanne that in a hushed voice that was nevertheless loud enough for me to hear. Uhm, Vesta? If you’re curious about that, then why didn’t

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