Volume 1 Chapter 5 Part 5

「…..That may have been stretching the flattery a bit too far. 3 points. 」

Yoshiharu thought to himself that it really was in the spur of the moment, but it was also befitting of Nobukatsu.

「H-Hmph. Well, it’s fine, I guess. Then, from now on you are Tsuda Nobusumi, Kanjuurou. 」

Kanjuurou is Nobukatsu’s childhood nickname, for the uninitiated.

「Thank you very much, sister! 」

Having been called once more by that name by his elder sister, Nobukatsu… no, Nobusumi was happy beyond belief.

「D-Don’t get ahead of yourself! If you oppose me once more, no matter what anyone says, I will kill you! Do you understand me?! 」

「I won’t oppose you ever again! I won’t ever forget the love I received from you! If it’s for you, I will even gladly lay down my life! 」

「…..Gross…..! G-Get trained as a military commander under Katsuie for some time! You are too weak as of now and won’t be of any use to me if you won’t improve! 」

「As you wish! 」

In order for Oda Nobukatsu, now called Tsuda Nobusumi, to serve as a military commander under Nobuna in the future, he had become a subordinate of Katsuie. As for Nobukatsu’s retainers who were responsible for instigating him to stir rebellions against Nobuna, for a while they would be put under house arrest, and after arrangements of their transfer were finalized, they will be taken away from Nobusumi in order to perform other jobs.

And so, the incident of Nobukatsu rebelling against Nobuna had been settled. With the tension gone, Katsuie let out a long sigh, and Niwa Nagahide proclaimed with a smile: 「With this, the case has been settled, 93 points. 」as gazed at the sight of Nobuna trying to hide her embarrassment by kicking her younger brother.

By the way, Yoshiharu had been forgotten in between everything that was happening, and was still frozen in the pose of seriously trying to stop the sword that Nobuna had swung down on him with his bare hands and saying:

「It still isn’t settled! Someone, take the sword away from Nobuna’s hands!!! 」

That’s Nobuna for you. Even though she was kicking her younger brother with her foot, she would not let go of the sword that she wielded in her hands in order to punish Yoshiharu.

* * *
That night, Yoshiharu returned to the five leaf aralia tenement and started picking out the leaves from the hedge on his own. The hedge was more or less gone now, but there was still barely around 1 cup of soup’s worth of leaves left on it.

However, there was no sign of Inuchiyo in the Maeda house next door which was now clearly visible without any hedge in between the two houses to give their tenets even the slightest bit of privacy.

(I wonder what Inuchiyo is doing right now. We have to hurry up and inform her that the clan’s internal rebellion issue has been settled.)

Yoshiharu thought to himself. And then…

「Damn, it seems I am going to become homesick. It’s lonely without Inuchiyo here. 」

He then howled into the night sky:

「Goemon, hurry up and bring back Inuchiyo! 」

However, there was no reply. It seems that Goemon is out of Kiyosu due to some other work she needed to take care of.
「Well, since she’s taking care of her followers as well, she sure is a busy one…..she also may be collecting information about other countries. 」

Giving up and returning to his room, there were visitors who had entered his room and were already waiting for him.

Firstly, there was Nene of the Asano house opposite to his, who had come after finishing her own chores for the day.

「Monkey-sama! I heard you admonished Nobuna-sama this time! No matter how many lives you have, that amount will not be sufficient if you keep throwing them away like that! 」

While scolding Yoshiharu, she was taking out the boiling soup from the pot with a wooden ladle.

「Monkey, you are way too disrespectful towards Nobuna-sama! I-In reality I really want to behead you, but I will overlook it this time only in light of what you managed to achieve with it. 」

Even Katsuie who had a different social status than him had come over to visit. She was also dressed in a yukata, not in her usual set of armor.

For a moment, Yoshiharu started staring at her bountiful breasts trying to spill from beneath her clothes, and the next moment he knew it, he had received a straight punch to his face from an enraged Katsuie, who put all her might behind it.

Using his natural talent, he barely managed to twist his neck and avoid suffering any kind of serious damage, but there was no doubt in his mind that he must’ve still received some shock, because his head was shaking

「Hey, Monkey-kun. I bought the Nagoya speciality ‘Uirou’ as thanks for what you did for me. Be thankful for it, hahaha! 」

Nobukatsu, or Nobusumi, as he was now called, had also dropped by without even being called. He was wearing a lot of flashy clothes that made him look like a dandy and was firmly seated on the seat of honor as if it was the most natural thing to do in this scenario.

「Monkey-kun, to common people like you this may be a rare kind of delicacy, but Uirou is too tasty to share it with others! It’s sweet and melts in your mouth, and furthermore, the aftertaste it leaves in it is refreshing. I swear that I will someday make this Nagoya speciality popular all over Japan! 」

An image of Inuchiyo being given Uirou by Nobuna who was feeding her like a pet flashed in Yoshiharu’s mind for a brief moment.

「Uirou, huh….it was Inuchiyo’s favourite food. 」

「Now, it’s time to make a toast for the Oda clan that has finally become united as one! 」

「Huh, Nobusumi? Aren’t you still the age of a middle schooler? Isn’t it too early for a brat like you to drink alcohol?! 」

「Huh? Middle-schooler? That’s not what I changed my surname to. My surname is Tsuda now, not middle-schooler! 」

「Well, I guess it’s fine then. After all, this is the Sengoku era. 」

「Cheers! 」

Nene said and raised her hands high in celebration.

「D-Don’t become arrogant just because you became close enough with Nobusumi-sama to have Uirou together with him! I-If you start looking at the girls of the Oda clan in a lecherous way, I will kill you then and there! 」

It seems Katsuie is the only one still left with a grudge against Yoshiharu. But this time, it was clearly her fault for coming to visit him while wearing a yukata that accentuated her feminine charms. Maybe it was because of that, but whenever Yoshiharu was peeking at her chest now, every glance felt at least 10 times more perverted even to him. As a result of that, the good opinion of him she formed after the Nobukatsu incident, the one of him being「A guy who shows unexpected promise 」 did a complete one hundred eighty and returned back to her original opinion that he is only someone who stares at her breasts all the time, therefore he must be a monkey after all.

She also thought that that the attitude he was displaying towards Nobuna was nothing short of scandalous. In her opinion, if anyone were to look at the way he interacted with her, no one would be able to tell that they’re actually a retainer and his daimyo.

After that she had tried recommending to Nobuna 「If you can’t think of any way to discipline him, it would be better to just execute him. 」 but Nobuna simply replied 「If he was a human, I would have executed him, but since he’s a monkey who came here from the Monkey Kingdom called Future or whatever, there’s no point in getting angry over anything he says or does. 」. And with those words of hers, the discussion of that particular topic was over.

That too, was annoying for Katsuie.

(T-That damn Monkey, he’s definitely being favored by Nobuna-sama! T-That’s why he can say the things he does and she doesn’t get angry at him! Or rather, if he really was just a regular foot soldier and did something like that, there would be no place for arguments and he would’ve been executed without any questions asked!? Kuuh!!! This is all so incredibly vexing!!!)

To explain the situation in other words, Katsuie was simply jealous that Yoshiharu was theone getting all of Nobuna’s attention and affection for himself instead of her.

「Anyways, if I too was selected as Nobuna-sama’s retainer, I could have been fed Uirou straight from Nobuna-sama’s hands with a 「Say ahh~~ 」every single day… urgh, I am so pissed off that I think I’m going to drink through all of my vexations tonight! Hey, Nobusumi! Sake, give me Sake! 」

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